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Management of the two stage of Independent College under the post appointment system

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[Abstract] post appointment is the core of the reform of personnel distribution system, is the result of the internal requirement of the development of higher education.Independent college as a new education model, has been widely recognized by society, with its development, the two level management be imperative.In this paper, analysis and research of the two levels of management of the post appointment system of independent college.
[keyword] independent college employment level two

The teacher appointment system is the result of the internal requirement of the development of higher education.In the condition of post appointment system, the need to strengthen the teachers in Colleges and universities through the establishment of a scientific management system management, improve the efficiency of management, mining potential of teachers, enhance the vitality of the whole school.In recent years, with the development of independent college, with "two levels of management, grading appointment; set up posts according to needs, to the post appointment; competition, hire Gang accountability; to post salary, and gang excellent reward; to emphasize the subject, respect personality" as the main characteristics of the system of post responsibility is gradually becoming the employing system College of fundamental.And the two level management along with the reform and development of higher education deepening, as one of the important measures are put into practice, and become a kind of trend.

The necessity of
With the reform and the development of independent college, both the number of students, teachers and professionals have significant growth, the scale of the college, a management system is difficult to adapt in management, amplitude and monitoring efforts, easily lead to low efficiency of management, it becomes the bottleneck of the development of the college.In order to improve the efficiency of management, the benefit of running a school, must solve the dynamic mechanism of the development of independent college problem.Its core is through reducing the management focus, decentralization of management rights, adjust the span of management, normative management behavior, College of education resources to integrate and optimize the configuration, form the College - branch of two levels of management, establish the macroeconomic regulation and control, Institute of central high school in the management and operation mechanism, to promote the integration and development of discipline organizations at all levels, stimulate the vitality of.Employment, according to the college's employment way, combined with its own characteristics to formulate branch branch post implementation measures, with the construction of a good quality, reasonable structure, the overall optimization, innovative consciousness and innovative ability of teachers, teaching order, to encourage the teaching features, promote the reform of teaching, improve teaching quality, complete the social services, the positive development of scientific research.

2 basic principles of
2.1 two level management, grading the appointment of
Post the implementation of College (Department) level two, branch management, through the reasonable authorization settings, personnel, the use of funds on the job and classification management, strengthen college in personnel allocation of funds, the proportion of the goal post structure, and job requirements macro-control adapter, enhanced branch (Department) according to the practice of running micro power management, personnel, further mobilize the enthusiasm of primary school.
2.2 on-demand Shegang, post appointment in
Institute through employment gradually establish and perfect the mechanism to determine the proportion of amount and structure position according to the development goal of college and the units in the school level and the school benefit, optimization of human resource input and output efficiency, outstanding job target and output results guide, promote the school record the characteristics, level, development steadily toward more high level.
The 2.3 competition, hire Gang accountability
The process is the process of post appointment, strategic target task decomposition and implementation.Post appointment to a post responsibility as the guidance, adhere to the principle of openness, equality, competition, preferred, clear requirements, strict standards, competition for posts, Ningquewulan, reasonable flow, enhanced by system dynamic.
2.4 to post salary, and gang excellent reward
Improve the personnel and funds management and distribution system is an important content of employment, through the establishment of strengthening the post, dilute identity, giving priority to efficiency, incentive mechanism responsible for consistent, the progressive introduction of the allocation method of payment, according to the position according to the task, according to the performance of equal pay for equal pay.
2.5 emphasized the subject, respect for individuality and
In the teaching, scientific research, social services and education based on the appropriate requirements, encourage teachers to conduct self choice, self design and self development based on individual strengths, realize the organic unification of college development and employee occupation career development.

3 posts set
According to the Institute of nature of the post is different, and the job is divided into teaching and research work and management service post two series.
(1) teaching and research work are directly engaged in the teaching work of the full-time faculty position, divided into three categories ten.The A1 (Professor), A2, A3, A4 Gang as a key post, B1, B2, B3 gang for branch hired key posts, C1, C2, C3 as a basic position of gang.A, B, C three kinds of post structure of macro control the ratio 1:3:6.B Gang generally employed for three years, C Gang end for three years in a retainer or a retainer.In addition, close to the retired teachers, teachers and other special circumstances according to the relevant provisions of the implementation of the school.
(2) management service jobs including college administration and teaching assistant (full-time professional and technical personnel engaged in books, archives, educational technology, experiment, network, information and other teaching aids series work) two categories, two class seven grade.The M1, M2, M3 gang for key positions (middle-level cadre post), M4, M5, M6, M7 Gang based post.
(3) the enterprise staff.4 post appointment organization setting
College established post setting and appointment of leading group, the main functions are:

(1) for overall leadership of post appointment;

(2) according to the college work need to decide the set of two institutions and to determine the responsible person (middle-level cadres) and post level;

(3) to determine the list of teaching and research staff and a post grades.
College established post setting and appointment Committee, the work in the school of post setting and appointment under the leadership of the leading group, the main functions are:

(1) through the review of the two units set up positions and employment schemes of
(2) for the two units of the teaching and scientific research of a post recruitment.Committee Office in the organization and personnel department.
Level two unit was established two levels of post setting and appointment Committee, main functions are:

(1) set and Recruitment Scheme of the various positions of the
(2) the unit key positions to planning to hire staff recommended list of post setting and appointment Committee;

(3) the completion of this unit in addition to the key post outside all kinds of personnel appointment.

5 post appointment
(1) set up the post.
Tier two units based on the number of various positions of post setting and appointment Committee issued, integrated development planning and task, research to determine the units position, job responsibilities and post qualification.Teaching and scientific research of a post, by the school request unification posts and responsibilities and job qualifications, each branch on the basis of this follows "a gang a responsibility" principle refinement of A post responsibilities.B, C class position, according to the school issued by a branch of the number of Posts set their own levels the number of posts, job responsibilities and post qualification.Management service jobs in principle according to the current post number setting position, make two units responsible for the duty on the basis of the present.
(2) open recruitment.
By two units will be setting positions within a certain range of open recruitment.Teaching and research a post which open recruitment by the school of post setting and appointment Committee Office within the hospital.
(3) develop.
Job performance and ability of each level two post setting and appointment Committee candidates on the audit, review, determine voting by secret ballot the job plans to hire candidates, teaching and scientific research of a post which is set by the branch post and appointment Committee proposed to take the list of school post setting and appointment committee discussion, finally determined by the College of post setting and appointment of leading group.
(4) announcement.
Key job plans to hire candidates and job performance by the school of post setting and appointment Committee Office within the hospital publicity for 3 days; key positions and job plans to hire candidates and job performance by the recruitment unit publicity at the unit for 3 days.
(5) the appointment.
All posts appointment authority to appoint, signed letters of responsibility and post appointment letter.
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