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Thinking of promoting the development of enterprise personnel and labor management

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Abstract] the talent is the soul of an enterprise, the loss of talent will make the development of enterprises remain stagnant, the personnel and labor management relations to a future of enterprise.In this paper, the following strategies on the development of personnel management for the enterprise's future, the hope can make the enterprise get the normal operation, the development of better.
[keyword] personnel and labor management enterprise

Continuous differentiation of social structure, division of labor cooperation system society increasingly developed, the great role of human capital in the creation of social wealth is obvious day by day.How to make good use of talents has become one of the key factors for the development of enterprises.Personnel management work related to the implementation of personnel management, each and every one of the vital interests of employees and enterprise cash and policy.In today's highly competitive market, and constantly improve the level of management, which requires the labor management personnel can't we institutions remain at the original level, to gradually improve the labor department's work quality and efficiency.Therefore, to promote the enterprise personnel management strategy has become an arduous task to brook no delay in enterprises.Only the right to the personnel and labor management, enterprises can be stable and orderly operation, enterprise staff's interests will be protected.

1 to improve the labor management personnel quality
(1) the labor management staff should try to take some can improve their ability of advice.Growth of professional and technical quality, continuous improvement of working methods to improve work efficiency.
(2) there is a strong resolution is not ability, dare to stick to principles, in strict accordance with the policy.
(3) to continue to emancipate the mind, keep pace with the times, adhere to the important thinking of serving the people put one's heart and soul into the.
(4) improve staff training and education, improve the overall quality of staff and workers.Education and training must characteristics and management method of development goals, the same unit of the production and business operation closely, make clear the training target, to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, learn in order to practise.

2 create a labor management working environment of
A manager is only really aware of the importance of talents, the implementation of "human-centered" management mode, in order to provide help employees realize self value and the target of organization environment, to attract and retain talents.Nurturing a unique corporate culture, to create a harmonious atmosphere in the community.It can make the employees to establish common values and behavior criterion, the formation of a strong cohesion and centripetal force in the enterprise.Labor management construction should focus on doing the work in the following aspects:
(1) to enable enterprise talents with the sense of achievement in work.Since the enterprise to reuse talent, it should be granted the certain power, given its considerable responsibility.More enterprises are to personnel responsibility, more is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the more can stimulate staff's sense of responsibility.At the same time, enterprises should pay attention to talent work give the full affirmation, let employees get satisfaction from their work.
(2) to make the core talents with the sense of belonging in the enterprise.Therefore, enterprises should build effective communication channel with employees.Let employees know business philosophy, operation status and existing problems of enterprises; at the same time to let the personnel involved in major decisions.Thus, employees feel they are masters of their enterprises, not only to act in accordance with the employees, so that employees identify with the enterprise's core values and business philosophy, in the sense of identity and belonging, inspire employees greater enthusiasm.
(3) to let the professional talents with the sense of mission in the work.The research project needs to be designed and dedicated professionals who have great originality investment planning, have unique insights, the professionals involved in scientific research projects, let it be in the completion of their vital interests of enterprise development, the sense of mission.Such development space for employees of the company bigger and perfect stage, and more likely to inspire staff potential, mining more talents to the development of enterprises to a new level.

3 insist on labor management use the belief of
(1) must establish the thought of "people-oriented"

"Respect knowledge, respect talent" to the needs of the units of talent, talent, retain talent and develop stable use of personnel measures, attention should be paid to keep people, keep people policy mechanism, cause to keep people, keep people feeling and treatment to keep people, do people stay, using, giving full play to people's positive and creativity, potential talent to play, to make contributions to the reform and development of the unit.
(2) the positive practice, make the allocation mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of staff.
The distribution of interests has always been the focus of attention, but also arouse worker enthusiasm, creativity is the most direct, the most effective means of.Therefore, to seize the opportunity, actively practice.Especially in the implementation process of special pay system, the distribution and the economic efficiency of enterprises together, work achievement and contribution and workers from the industry, and investors in the investment combination, establish a scientific, to adapt to the socialist market economy system and modern enterprise system of distribution according to work, distribution according to contribution as the main body, allocation mechanism in other ways of distribution, with the effective distribution mechanism of real life business.
(3) to mining, active participation and stimulate professional talents.
Exploration and innovation of the development and utilization of human resources has become a new economic growth point.The domestic and foreign advanced enterprises attach importance to human resources development and utilization, which is an important part of the labor management.The development, utilization and management of human resources, is to insist on people oriented principle, to explore the use of a series of measures of human resources planning, performance evaluation, salary management, employee motivation, training and development to improve labor productivity, create enterprise brand, market and enterprise benefit.One is the mining of existing staff potential, two is a small stand for, recruitment needs professional.
(4) actively, improve labor management ability of
In practical work, we often encounter some problems not directly apply policy to solve.At the grassroots level, due to lack of talent, some type of operating personnel frequently change, leaders at all levels relative flexibility in the use of the people is.Usually found in security group sampling process are violations, technicians, maintenance station the discipline I should make the corresponding punishment, in the course of time, the spirit of pipe production must be safe management principles, technicians will arrange inspection and acceptance of work at the same time, arrange the inspection and acceptance of work safety, to create a "safe production" cultural atmosphere, is everyone's responsibility.
The human resource management is a collective preparation.On the base, a labour member to manage a lot of things, in addition to labor and social security work, but also a part-time safety management, personnel work and travel to fill etc..This requires the labor personnel should not only adhere to the principles, and to rationalize the review procedures.The financial department of the first sign must be signed and submitted to the competent leadership.It can not only reflect the business spirit of collaboration, and can avoid a lot of contradiction.4 to improve the harmonious labor management system
(1) improve the labor contract, so as to ensure the rights and interests of the workers' health and safety.
Labor contract, is the basic principle of enterprise and employee, both parties must comply with the law, is to ensure that the interests of the parties.In the modern enterprise management, labor contract is the basis of.Due to business development in the outer, rely on the local human resources to a certain extent, so the staff job training and probation is can hardly be avoided.Effective signed labor contracts is the basic guarantee to ensure the interests of the parties, so that the effective constraints fundamentally to enterprise and worker, easy management.
(2) the establishment of rules and regulations, make the reform of labor system more perfect, more scientific
The establishment of a sound development of talent mechanism, establish the introduction and training mechanism, the introduction and training of the units required, high-quality, innovative spirit and innovative ability of the management personnel and technical personnel; through the incentive mechanism to encourage those who have innovative spirit and innovative ability and has outstanding contribution to the talents, encourage talents.The establishment of rules and regulations to make labor structure more advanced.Subjective initiative and creativity to mobilize employees, improve labor productivity, and promote the economic benefit.And can make the surplus personnel dominance, according to the reasonable flow of its expertise, make labor force allocation more reasonable.In the future, should further explore the whole system shunt, restructuring, employment forms, distribution system reform and price levels of labor market integration, new ideas, new methods and new measures, focus on implementation, constantly sum up experience, so that to improve the efficiency of work standardization system.
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