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On the incentive mechanism in human resource management

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[Abstract] the human resources are the strategic resources of modern enterprises, are also the key factors for the development of enterprises, and enterprise employees incentive mechanism is one of the important contents of the human resource.Enter since twenty-first Century, with the international economic integration is the more intense market competition, which pose a severe challenge to the enterprise.Only the establishment and use of incentive mechanisms of good, can make the enterprise is in the invincible position in the fierce competition in the market.However, in the practice of enterprises in employee incentive mechanism exist many problems, this treatment countermeasure to improve the incentive mechanism, to improve the enthusiasm of the staff, to create more wealth, to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, promote social and economic development of the objective.
[keyword] human resources management staff incentive mechanism of
Human resources are strategic resources of modern enterprises, are also the key factors of enterprise development.Incentive mechanism is the important content of human resource.The so-called incentive mechanism, is in the management activities according to the psychological changes, internal power application ways to start people, motivating employees, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, so that employees strive to complete the task of the organization, to achieve organizational goals while achieving their own needs, and make them active and creative permanent maintain and carry forward.Enter since twenty-first Century, with the international economic integration is the more intense market competition, which pose a severe challenge to the enterprise.In recent years, enterprises pay more and more attention to the incentive mechanism, and try to carry on the reform of the incentive mechanism, and gradually establish a set to suit the characteristics of enterprise incentive mechanism, and achieved good results.But should see, many enterprises also left some "sequela" such as: incentive mechanism is lack of flexibility, distribution policy lags behind etc. some misunderstanding, need for improvement.This paper analyzes the mistakes of incentive mechanism of enterprises, puts forward the incentive mechanism must be set up "humanist" incentive idea, should use many kinds of incentive mechanism, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, improve the efficiency of management of the enterprise and other methods, measures.
At present, the misunderstanding of the incentive mechanism of enterprise that mainly has following several points:
(1) the lack of incentive mechanism of science, fairness, pertinence, long-term, monotonous incentive.Our enterprises to adopt incentive mainly in the form of wages, bonuses, annual salary system, stock option etc..Salary, bonus is the basic form of payment for commonly used, the incentive intensity is very small.Basic salary and annual salary system in the proportion of larger, risk salary is low, not up to staff strong incentive.In addition, the incentive mechanism establishment is lack of scientific, fairness, for long-term sex.Incentive mode is single, only pay attention to material incentive, spiritual incentive and ignore the strong role.Incentive effect is seriously affected.
(2) incentive mechanism is lack of power, lack of execution.Many enterprises due to lack of motivation, not fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff work.The incentive objects not with his effort considerable rewards management system, generally too low compensation level of employees, can not reflect the staff's responsibility and value, and the most part is the monetary rewards.Many talented managers and backbone staff to create huge profits for the enterprise, but the pay is very low, a serious imbalance in work and income.Or a big, more or less, do it or not a kind of a kind of "equalitarianism serious phenomenon, incentive shoot at random, did not get a good effect.
(3) the incentive mechanism of incentive to ignore, motivate incentive objects.Demand of people from low to high a level of distribution, to meet the high level requirements are more obvious incentive effect, and high levels of demand is particularly important for enterprise employees.Our country enterprise management level is not high, a lot of enterprises lack of the necessary modern enterprise management theoretical knowledge and practical experience, the lack of a correct understanding of the staff of life, without considering the difference of employee needs, in the incentive not level, regardless of the object, regardless of time, only the overall goal of not need hierarchy the incentive effect, cause and expectations far.
As the saying goes "depths of incentive management".The use of incentive mechanisms quality is an important factor that decides the enterprise prosperity and decline to a certain extent.Only by establishing and effective use of incentive mechanisms, in order to give employees from "want me to do" into the "I do", to attract talents, retain talents, enterprises can develop for a long time.
This paper believes that from the following aspects to employee incentive mechanism:
(1) change the incentive mechanism concept, establish "incentive mechanism employees people-oriented" enterprise.
In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises must change the traditional concept of incentives.Construction of enterprise employees incentive mechanism to change the incentive idea, set up the "human-based incentive mechanism".Truly caring for people, respecting people, create the conditions, promote people all-round, incentive system to enterprise quickly on the right track.Through the analysis of different types of people, they will need to organize, classify, collect and incentive related information, a comprehensive understanding of the needs of employees and the quality of work, constantly according to the changing conditions to develop appropriate policies and targeted incentives.To introduce a set of recognized by most people, scientific, fair and reasonable, transparent, effective incentive mechanism based on widely solicited the views of staff, let the staff to display their talents in the open environment of equality, stimulate staff's sense of competition, give full play to the potential.Maximize the enthusiasm of the staff.After establishing the incentive mechanism, we must improve the performance appraisal system and matching, in order to make the two complement each other.And pay attention to the strict implementation of long-term adherence.
(2) considering the employee's individual difference, the difference of the principle of incentive
Incentive is designed to improve the enthusiasm of the staff.In the formulation of incentive mechanism must take into account individual differences.Each employee's thought, character, knowledge, education, moral standards are different, differ in thousands of ways, enterprise employees incentive mechanism must face up to the individual difference, difference.Staff awareness of young and strong, relatively high on all aspects of working conditions and other requirements, therefore "job-hopping" phenomenon is serious; and the middle-aged employees because of family reasons compared with the status quo, relatively stable; higher educated people generally pay more attention to the realization of self-worth, including material benefits, but they care more about the spiritual aspects of content, such as working environment, interests, working conditions, and the degree is relatively low, the primary focus is to meet the basic needs of.Between the management and general staff needs are also different, so that enterprises in the formulation of incentive mechanism must take into account the individual difference characteristics and employees, in order to receive the maximum incentive effect.
(3) the establishment of enterprise and employee incentive communication mechanism of
Enterprises should pay attention to the incentive effect of feedback, establish communication mechanism in all aspects of the enterprise internal, between management and leadership of the Department, department leaders and ordinary employees, managers and ordinary employees, the general staff of the multi-level dialogue mechanism, so that employees will feel trusted and respected feeling, consciousness to management willing to listen to them; they do everything is concerned, so as to strengthen the understanding between managers and employees, mutual respect and affection.The staff will effectively motivate yourself.
(4) the training of the staff self-motivation, occupation career development of staff incentive.
Occupation development as the internal incentive factors, has great inspiration for employees.To arouse the employee self-management and self-motivation consciousness, make employees aware of the enterprise to the space for the development of their own, they should consciously responsible for their own development, work independently assume responsibility at the same time, take responsibility for their own development independence, motivation and improve their.Let the employees have the right to their own business within the scope of things, and to grant them their responsibility for decisions and action right, such as: participation in enterprise management and decision-making rights, make the worker individual interests and the interests of enterprises closely together, work and pull together, common struggle for enterprise development.In this way, employees will have a sense of responsibility to the work, will also improve themselves in the work, continue to encourage their.Enterprises should fully understand the staff's individual demand and occupation development will provide for the requirements of the promotion, the way for the sustainable development, personal development and enterprise staff to get the best combination, so, they will be happiness within at work, love their work, make every attempt to do best.Have a certain ability of the staff, to give him a play to the space, let him take all the potential, to achieve the maximum incentive effect.
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