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Analysis on the present situation and reform of human resources management in Colleges and Universities

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[Abstract] university human resource is the most important resources, is the core factor to determine the long-term development.This paper describes the meaning of human resource, characteristic, carries on the analysis to our country at present the university human resources management present situation, and put forward the appropriate reform measures.
[keyword] university human resources management reform of

1 the human resource management of
1.1 the human resources management the connotation of
Human resources refers to a certain range of the population have labor ability, skills and knowledge of sum.The human resources of colleges and universities range is wide, is engaged in the teaching, scientific research in Colleges and universities, management and logistics services and other aspects of the work of the staff is the ability, skills and knowledge of sum.Human resources management of colleges and universities is professionals on Colleges and universities from recruiting, training, promotion, transfer, evaluation until retirement in the management of the entire process, its purpose is through scientific management, seeking the staff and coordination between teachers and students, staff and education, social environment between the adult fitness, promoting it, give full scope to the talents, things competing power effect.
1.2 human resources of the university characteristics of
1.2.1 with higher cultural quality, abundant
The task of higher education of higher education is decided by the workers must be made by qualified personnel to serve; and the good study condition and atmosphere, and promote continuous improvement and improve the quality of workers in the field of education.Therefore, colleges and universities become the high-end talents of all fields in place, is rich in human resources.
1.2.2 strong subjective initiative
The teaching and research group itself has the very strong independence and self-awareness, largely to enjoy freedom in terms of time and willpower, educators can give full play to the subjective initiative.
1.2.3 labor value is fuzzy
The academic workforce, as it is difficult to eight hours working time units as strict orderly in order to management.University Teachers' work values into development value of economic value and the realization of the cycle is very long and not directly.

1.2.4 resource sharing
University Teachers' working schedule is very flexible, with a university teacher's knowledge, skill, ability and physical strength can be a number of units total and repeated use, many units of personnel to "not for all, but to use" concept.Therefore, the university human resources can be shared and shows strong liquidity.At present, the flow of talent show "one-way flow of people to move", it will speed up the "two levels of differentiation", caused in part by the human resources in Colleges and universities of saturated and waste of resources, and the other part of universities due to lack of human resources and remain stagnant.
The important role of
1.3 University Human Resource Management
1.3.1 human resources management in Colleges and universities is conducive to the improvement of the competitive level of
In the new century, the internationalization of higher education, the market under the background of the development of human resources, competition is increasingly fierce.The implementation of human resource management in Colleges and universities, strengthening the construction of teachers' team, establish and improve the talent cultivation and distribution mechanism, can improve the quality of teaching staff and the level, attract and retain talent.Each work in Colleges and universities should rely on a person to complete, coordination and development of teaching, scientific research, logistics management, overall quality depends on the staff, coordination degree depends on the people, appropriate depends on the degree of personnel and post.Therefore, the management of colleges and universities, are built on the basis of human resource management.
1.3.2 human resources management in Colleges and universities is do a good job in the basic
Each faculty has its work, through the human resources management and personnel engaged in the work of organically into categories, they are interrelated, interdependent relationship, form the benign interaction, the division of labor and cooperation.Good administrative and logistic service can promote the development of teaching and scientific research, further development of teaching and scientific research and put forward higher requirement of administrative management and logistics services, promote the administrative management, service work to a new level.
1.3.3 university human resources management can promote the reform of higher education and
Major decision development goals, school orientation, management mode, discipline construction, need to strengthen guidance in human resources planning, performance management, compensation management and other management.Emphasis on human resources management is the reform of colleges and universities, and is a positive factor to mobilize the masses of staff, but also improve the important guarantee of education quality and school benefits, the overall level of.Analysis of the current situation of university human resource management 2
2.1 of the concept of human resource management awareness backward
Human resources management in Universities in China is built on the basis of the traditional planned economy, said to be in the very great degree of labor and personnel management, human resource management is not the true sense of the.In recent years, although universities in talent introduction, personnel, incentive and other aspects of a number of useful attempts, but so far there is still the traditional selection, management of human, shadow.Without the development and management of human resources as a basic point of the development of the strategy to consider.On one hand, human resources development and the management system and mechanism is not sound, the lack of overall development of human resources, is the implementation of the "head" direct management, market allocation function is not fully played out.All kinds of talents is also difficult to achieve reasonable configuration, the real reasonable use, the value law and competition law has not been effectively introduced, human resources development and management of the lack of scientific and effective performance appraisal and evaluation system, resulting in the talent does not stay phenomenon.For example, from 1978 to 2000, China had 580000 young people to study abroad, only 150000 had returned, most of them are teachers in Colleges and universities.
2.2 of the faculty management planning
relative insufficiency
From our country university situation, quite a number of universities have not established a scientific and rational human resource management system, in the human resources management is still not completely out of the planned economy idea, still can not fully adapt to the new era of the requirements in the form of human resource management means, on the.Some universities have not really aware of the staff of university development and the role of.On staff training can not meet the needs of the development of the subject and the cultivation of innovative talents.At the same time, the human capital investment channels for a single, human resource development mainly depends on the job training and field into practice, for most of the staff have not yet established the job target incentive.This situation reduces the marginal efficiency of capital, it is difficult to adapt to the sustainable development of University and faculty itself.
2.3 performance appraisal system is not scientific
Performance appraisal is the core content of modern human resources management, but also the important means to effectively mobilize staff enthusiasm.The performance evaluation is difficult to determine the evaluation standard, excellent performance is difficult to assess, denengqinji content quantitative difficulty.Some performance evaluation setting rules too, does not conform to the rules, the results did not eligible qualification, in order to comply with the provisions of the evaluation system settings, staff personnel toward a goal, severely limit the talent to play the initiative.At the same time, the lack of key performance index assessment, management level indicators such as the lack of teachers' teaching quality and management.But the content and requirements of evaluation changes every year.This change was found at the end of the year, the staff is very difficult to adapt to this change.Especially in some colleges and universities because of the conditions, but also some staff, not know what course to take.This will give the performance evaluation more difficult, to some extent, dampened the enthusiasm of the staff, is not conducive to healthy development of higher education.
2.4 the efficiency of human resource allocation and low
At present, the mechanism of university human resource allocation is relatively weak, focus on planning, ignore the market allocation.Because human resource allocation is unreasonable and the low efficiency, resulting in various levels, all personnel allocation is unreasonable, the imbalance phenomenon: the internal structure of full-time teachers are not reasonable, some teachers professional counterparts; and university management mechanism more personnel than work available, inefficient state has not been fundamentally changed.The general existence of teachers and excess high-level talent lack, especially lack of creative young talents; young teachers' burden and senior professor idle; research type teachers lack of teaching teachers surplus.In addition, a number of new professional and public basic course teachers, teachers overload, lack of talents.
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