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Analysis of Chinese animation youth groups and lack of talent

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[Abstract] this paper works through the examples and influence of Chinese animation, analyzed the development present situation and the development trend of Chinese animation Chinese animation, analyzes the causes of youth and the lack of talent, and the resulting consequences analysis.Finally, aiming at the existing problems of Chinese Youth Animation, in combination with the practical needs of China in urgent need of the development of cultural soft power, how to formulate new policies of the animation industry, cultivating young talents of Chinese animation industry and accelerate the development of Chinese animation industry, puts forward the Countermeasures of youth.
[keyword] the Chinese animation industry animation animation talent youth group

Global economic integration makes more and more close integration of national culture.The Chinese government vigorously promote and enhance the cultural soft power, and strengthen the cultural construction and investment in many aspects.As a new culture of animation, has a very broad prospect.Research shows that: there is a big gap between the animation industry in China and other country of culture, such as "Cartoon Kingdom" in Japan, four times the animation products annual exports equivalent to one of the country's annual steel output.Thus, the animation plays an important role in the field of culture.
The development of animation industry, one of the core content is the development of animation industry.After the late nineteen eighties, television as a medium, is in the Chinese popular trend, animation market also turned the TV series market.The animation market led the development of related products and animation culture, has also led to the rapid development of animation industry.However, the Chinese animation industry still faces enormous challenges, lack of youth development and serious young tendency to contain China animation.Therefore, as soon as possible on the Chinese animation youth groups lack of systematic research, to find countermeasures.

1 Chinese animation development of
The birth of Chinese animation began in 1926.Influenced by the American animation art, the WAN brothers produced China's first animated film "studio scene".In 1941, the animated feature "Princess Iron Fan" in the WAN brothers hard creation completed and released, get great welcome Chinese and Asian Chinese audience.In 1956, Qian Jiajun captured China's first color cartoon "crow why it is black" won first prize in foreign countries.In 1957, Shanghai art film studio was established.In 1957 - 1966 years, Shanghai animation film factory production of high levels of cartoon frequently won the international animation festival.Puppet animation "Peacock Princess" paper-cutting animation "," pig eating watermelon, wash painting cartoon "Little Tadpole Looking for Mom" outstanding works, are derived from the Chinese traditional arts, was a great success.In addition, there are thorough "havoc in heaven", from the opera, in the show, on the background, music, etc., are revealing traditional Chinese flavor of the one and only, reached a hitherto unknown achievement, still regarded as a measure of Chinese art quality standard, pay more attention to the international animation industry.
After the reform and opening up, China's animation industry has entered the second period of prosperity."Na Zha make the sea", "snow child", "nine color deer" and other animation is one of the outstanding works.90 years later, the traditional ways of making the domestic animation impact, digital production means replaced the previous manual drawing style, greatly improving the production efficiency.The diversified development of each animation enterprises, the animation production increased; various professional talent into the industry, production technology has greatly improved than before.Chinese animation to industrialization, the main works include "beta", "Shuker and Haier brothers", "big head son and father", "young heroes" [1].
Although the Chinese animation has been a good development, but at present the Chinese animation industry is facing a difficult situation.Investigate its reason, one is production increased, but the Chinese animation industry has gradually lost its own characteristics, coupled with the influx of foreign cartoons, quality and not with foreign animation product competition.Secondly, younger age groups, Chinese animation, leads to severe loss of youth and talent, has become the deep-seated reasons that restrict the development of Chinese animation industry.

2 Chinese animation youth groups and the lack of qualified personnel and
The United States and Japan on youth animation are given a clear definition.But so far, there is not a complete definition of Chinese youth animation.In view of the special situation of our country, we have defined it as: produced by the China youth groups, the target audience generally in the age above 13 years old young people, in the quality, depth and breadth of relatively mature animation.According to a survey of 500000000 people, China direct consumption of animation group, 13 years old of the following groups accounted for about 11%, people aged 14 -17 years of age accounted for about 59%, and over 18 years of age group accounted for about 30%[2].Therefore, teenagers have become the main body of the animation industry consumption, and youth groups animation is the main driving force for sustainable development in the future of Chinese animation.The cause of Chinese youth groups and the lack of talents are in many aspects, there are:

2.1 industrial policy and industry chain is not reasonable
First of all, there is no scientific animation classification system.Animation classification system mainly refers to the different audience animation works, be distinguished according to age of the system.It is for the protection of children of all ages, maintain the audience's rights and interests, enrich people's cultural art demand, has the important meaning to the development of animation industry.Many countries in the world have established a classification system animation, the Japanese animation industry has formed a grading system detailed, segment according to types of consumer groups of gender and age on the animation.Including: ordinary level, "PG-12", "P-15", "P-18".The classification system of the security, the Japanese anime to flourish.In contrast, most people in China there is a misunderstanding of the animation, it is cartoon just for kids.In practice, review authority as a "gatekeeper", must be on the broadcast animation content strictly review.Because our country has no classification system, makes the animation works standard is difficult to measure, youth animation creators cannot grasp the content scale, leading the work target audience and the actual audience have severe dislocation.
Secondly, the main function of Chinese media restrictions.Chinese media function mainly lies in the propaganda, cartoon theme and purpose have been preaching tendency, content is relatively simple and naive, directly cause Youth Animation talent and audience erosion.In fact, whether it is in the school to accept the exam-oriented education of teenagers, or go into the society of young people, without exception, to withstand the tremendous learning and work pressure, but they can not have more close to life, light entertainment and meet your taste animation works.
Third, the investment side of the media literacy is not enough.As we know, there is no source of funding, the animation is impossible.Investors largely determines the creative animation, towards, and even the plot and details, and the young creative personnel in general can do, the funds can not be self-sufficient so they do not have the right to choose.Now most of the domestic animation investors do not understand the animation, often make the wrong understanding and decision of the domestic animation.If not in accordance with the investment decisions, who also could not survive.
Finally, the development of the lack of domestic animation industry, the market mechanism is not perfect, not on the scale issue, and not pay attention to the development of derivative products.In fact, the animation from production to spread to the development of derivative products, is a complete industrial chain, and formed the unique profit model.According to the international practice, the animation market is divided into three levels, including their own cartoon broadcast market, related books and audio-visual products market, as well as the image of the derivative products.Among them, the last level cycle longer than the first two levels, the market reaction is more far-reaching.The United States of America in the early founding of the industrialization operation, Disney company produced the animation and derivative products, including derivatives of the tourism industry, the commercial is a very successful example of [3].Thus, commercialization degree determines the social influence in some extent.However, the purchasing power of groups is always young, but the degree of commercialization of China's animation and low, mainly for children, so little of their social influence, cannot let the whole society to realize the importance of youth and animation, natural talent to lose interest in local animation.
The 2.2 creation and talent to limit
First is the absence of youth culture in china.In modern times, Chinese mainland lack their own youth culture.Although now has entered the stage of rapid development, but the lack of or reflected in every aspect of social life.Youth group has the particularity, the youth was sandwiched between children and adults in the two groups, in an awkward position.They neither like children vulnerable, protected by the whole society, is not as strong as adult, has the absolute right to speak, have been free in the thinking and values shaped between savagery.Hongkong martial arts culture is very developed, like cartoon
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