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To promote the reform of personnel system in Colleges and universities, to promote the innovative development of colleges and Universities

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[Abstract] the university human resources are important resources for the sustainable development of colleges and universities, only to strengthen the management of human resources in higher education, improve the quality and level of management, to drive forward the continuous development.Necessity of strengthening the human resource management in Colleges and universities recognize under the new situation, the correct analysis of the human resources management in the problems and shortcomings, and strive to improve the quality of human resource management in Colleges and universities, a solid foundation for the sustainable development of University.
[keyword] university personnel system reform and innovation of human resource management in

The administration of university has been criticized restricting the development of universities, administrative agencies have become schools leading department, university internal resource allocation, to control administrative system almost entirely by administrative officials leading the university internal competition, leading to imbalance and unfair phenomena have occurred.To reverse the judgment of value and value orientation of the deviation, reform must promote the reform of university personnel system, which is the most important resource allocation problem with it, in essence is the problem of human resource distribution.The reform of college personnel system is the source of power to promote the innovative development of colleges and universities, is the fundamental guarantee for sustainable development of school.The sustainable development of universities, depends on the human resources management status and role in the management of colleges and universities played.

Strengthen the management of human resources in Colleges and universities the necessity of
1 under the new situation
Modern management theory, management of people is the core of modern university management; modern behavioral science school of thought, management of the primary problem is how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the initiative to stimulate people's.Can say, human resources management is the core status in the modern management of colleges and universities.Strengthen the management of human resources in Colleges and universities, strengthening the university personnel system reform, has the extremely vital significance to promote the sustainable development of University:
(1) is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of colleges and universities.Continue to strengthen the personnel allocation and internal management system construction, to promote the school to career development, mobilize the staff's enthusiasm and creativity, has a role in guiding policy.The guide is banner, more that motivates us to forge ahead.Through the reform of the personnel system innovation of University, establish the concept of development of the new, it will promote sustainable development of colleges and universities.
(2) to arouse the enthusiasm of the staff.The management of colleges and universities are true to life, thoughts, feelings, which determines the management of human resources in Colleges and universities to personnel management as the core must be managed to create a suitable for their required work environment, policy environment and system for university faculty and staff, so that they can actively to individual potentials to the full, to contribute their strength for the school development.
(3) to establish the modern university management system.Improve the modern management level of colleges and universities, the most important thing is to improve the quality of the teaching staff in Colleges and universities, focus on strengthening the development and utilization of human resources in Colleges and universities.It requires universities must be designed for college faculty and staff development personnel management system, improve the staff's education and training work, so as to realize the transformation of the university management from traditional management to modern management.

2 the human resources management status of
After a long time of accumulation of experience, especially since the reform and opening up, the human resources management of colleges and universities in China have been greatly improved, but there still exist some problems of human resource management in Colleges and universities.
(1) behind the idea of human resource management.The human resources department of colleges and universities have not completely get rid of the old system of personnel administration traces, human resource management and the phenomenon of university development strategy has not been fundamentally changed.At the same time, most of the human only as a kind of resource, human capital has not been truly value, use efficiency is not high, talents and young teachers is low in general, unreasonable distribution system of the phenomenon still exists; the school of social, shall be made by the social burden of work is not separated from the school, take up too much of the school system and funds, meanwhile, did not give full play to the talent exchange center and talent market, to hire more staff management is not in place.
(2) the lack of scientific and efficient salary incentive system.With the deepening of reform, the more and more emphasis on material incentives, but there are still some problems, especially for the material incentive and constraint mechanism is not reasonable, can not fully reflect the individual's performance and contribution, can not fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of University faculty.Due to the lack of a kind of scientific and in cadre management to facilitate the operation of the assessment of cadres, it is difficult to make a evaluation fair, accurate, and not really break the status quo of the tenure of office cadres; in the implementation of appointment of professional and technical posts, due to higher schools to expand enrollment in recent years, the quantity and quality of teachers are relatively insufficient, so many colleges and universities still follow "inertial running Title Assessment of teachers", but not the real "teachers post appointment"; government tendency of the management mechanism, organizational overlapping, non - teaching staff ratio is too large, overstaffed, hasn't really changed identity management to post management.
(3) the lack of scientific and reasonable employment mechanism.Due to the bondage of traditional ideas, many universities have not really appointment system in the employment mechanism, the lack of effective mechanism of post setting of open recruitment, equal competition, preferred employ, strict examination, contract management.For teachers, professional and technical personnel of the post engagement system, the administrative personnel appointment system, for industrial development and logistics personnel full implementation of the labor contract system, to hire more staff to implement the guard shunt, on the assessment of unqualified staff to defer employment, dismissal, dismissal system has not really established and implemented, play to some extent, restricted the enthusiasm of the staff, the staff initiative and creativity.3 efforts to improve the level of human resource management in
(1) to create a positive excellent college culture.As the power source of the core competitiveness of colleges will be hitherto unknown attention.University culture is a kind of soft power, and leave it, you will lose the sense of direction and the vertical center of gravity.On the University, to the pursuit of long-term development, it must have a long power, can guide the university through the life cycle, which is the core value concept system of colleges and universities.The core value concept as the cultural spirit level, points out the existing significance and fundamental purpose, determines the direction of University efforts, catalyst and propeller core competitiveness in Colleges and universities.A strong core competitiveness of universities, colleges and universities behind must have unique culture as support.In order to realize the sustainable development, spirit and core value of first to the concept of sustainable development of university faculty and staff, condensed the wisdom and strength of the core values.
(2) establish a correct concept of human resource management.Absorb the advanced management ideas, improve the socialist market economic system and human resources management system, innovation of mode of human resource management, the core objective is to activate the human resources.Only by following the principle of modern human resources management, respect the staff individual needs, to establish responsibility, set the position selection to see performance, management system, salary market, social security, organizational goals and personal values consistent with the human resource management pattern, can achieve the protection, retention, motivation, training, making good use of talents. The real goal, to lay the foundation of human resource management as well as to enhance the core competitive advantage.
(3) establish a scientific performance appraisal system.The assessment as the basis, establish "could be," incentive mechanism of competition, encourage teachers in business studies assiduously, refine on, to improve the academic level, perform their duties.An important part of the performance appraisal is the performance management, and is an independent management system, in the basic position of performance management system.The performance appraisal is to work after a period of time or work is completed, according to the performance standard, adopting the scientific method, fulfillment of the inspection and evaluation of university faculty and staff on their duties, the development of college faculty and staff individual, the university faculty evaluation of the work, and the evaluation result feedback to the person, to determine whether they are qualified, and serve as the basis of human resource management.The rating scale method and target management method for quality evaluation and performance evaluation.At the same time, to take regular and irregular, the qualitative and quantitative methods of assessment, especially on young backbone teachers and academic leaders of the assessment, the real establishment and distribution system tasks, relative performance, of a good human resource base for the development of universities, and further stimulate the development of vitality, and enhance the power of the sustainable development of universities.
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