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With the market and the employment as the guidance, construct the training mode of "order type" Talents

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[Abstract] a market economy under the conditions of occupation colleges, should adhere to the market and the employment as the guidance, according to the needs of the market do a good job of professional construction and courses construction, strengthen the cooperation with enterprises, construction of training mode of "order type" talent, realize the "production, learning, practice" coordinated development, increase the employment rate of graduates, health in order to promote the development of the school.
[keyword] employment market order training mode system development of

Occupation education under the condition of socialist market economy, the most obvious characteristics of target is undoubtedly to the market and the employment as the guidance, according to the demand of the market to their own market, establish extensive contacts with the market channels, the graduates can be welcomed by employers as its purpose, to accept the market test as the standard.Zhaoqing Science and Technology Polytechnic, firmly grasp the market demand change in the long-term educational practice, enterprise, industry demand as the guidance, to explore "approach and practice of talent training model of order type", the employment rate for ten consecutive years to reach more than 98%, will greatly promote the development of college.

1 to establish the "system
culture order type" Talents
Occupation education focuses on practical, personnel training should be oriented to the market.Therefore, occupation school to establish a close cooperative relationship with enterprises, formulate the personnel training plan according to the needs of enterprises, which lays the foundation for the "order" training.Since the founding of the Zhaoqing Science and Technology Polytechnic.In order to make the talents to meet the needs of the market, sent to the Pearl River Delta region through the extensive investigation, visit the factories and mines, enterprises, companies, unit of choose and employ persons, gathering information, and actively seek to establish a "partnership with order" talent cultivation.Through the efforts, the national famous microwave oven manufacturer -- Galanz Group, the famous home appliance production enterprises -- Konka Group, Kelon Group, Asia's largest textile printing enterprises - Dongguan Yongjia group and other large enterprises have signed the agreement with school personnel training.The institute makes full use of these enterprises of advanced technology, equipment and talent advantage, has set up students' training and the "Double Teachers" training base, on the other hand, employ senior technical and management personnel of enterprises to carry out lectures or to the school.College of the professional set up by the enterprise line of senior technical staff as "steering committee", based on occupation function analysis, enterprise development research, its validation in the "order" training objectives and guiding role of talents cultivation scheme.It breaks through the traditional "closed set professional" mode.
In 15 years, constantly pay attention to research and solve new problems in the work of graduates' employment, and gradually establish a "order type" occupation education system and mechanism, to build a flexible and open "order type" talents training mode, employment of graduates has achieved satisfactory result, for 15 years, the employment rate of graduates has been to maintain more than 98%.Mould design and manufacturing, vehicle inspection and repair, numerical control technology, preschool education professional students, generally in the graduation is half the time it has been the employer hiring an empty.
The school also established the flexible educational system, with "1 1", "2 1", "2.5 0.5" and so on the many kinds of running modes."1 1" is for a training mode of professional practice of secondary school students, school system for 2 years, the theory of learning in school for 1 years, 1 years in the enterprises to participate in training; "2 1" is for secondary school students the training mode, educational system of 3 years, 2 years in the theory and practice of curriculum, 1 years in the enterprises to participate in the training; "2.5 0.5" is for the students of higher vocational education training mode, practice 2 and a half years in school and the theory of curriculum, training in enterprises to participate in the first half of.With the "production, learning, practice of" cooperative education system and mechanism of continuous improvement, scientific research ability in the teaching of the teacher's unceasing enhancement, the students application ability and knowledge quality was improved greatly, enhances the graduate employment competitive advantage, and laid a good foundation for the creation of training mode of "order type" talents, out of an occupation education characteristics of the road.

Practice effect of
2 "order type" talents cultivation
"The most striking feature of the training mode of order type" talent, is the recruitment and employment integration, realize the "production and marketing" link.Institute in the school 15 years of practice and gradually formed a "Order-training" school characteristics, for the city of Zhaoqing and the Pearl River Delta of the employing units trained more than 25000 outstanding graduates.Due to the solid basis of professional knowledge, strong practical ability, can graduate jobs, work can be competent, many graduates have become the employer management and technical backbone, making contribution to the economic development of Zhaoqing and the Pearl River Delta region.
With the sustained rapid economic development, a large number of foreign investment, private enterprises, processing enterprises emerge, promote the demand for skilled workers.This provides more employment opportunities for the occupation school students, also provides a huge space for the existence and development for the occupation school.So far, the college has with the national famous microwave oven manufacturer -- Galanz Group, the famous home appliance production enterprises -- Konka Group, Kelon Group, Asia's largest textile printing enterprises - Dongguan Yongjia group and other large enterprises have signed a training agreement.There are a large number of enterprises and the school signed a training agreement, not only solved the problem of employment of students, but also provides a broad space for students to practice and training, but also for teachers of field investigation and training the students to provide a convenient, mobilize the enthusiasm of people with three units and students' school.2009 come unexpectedly financial crisis swept the world, a lot of factories, enterprises with the National People's Congress is greatly reduced, but our hospital because of the implementation of the "order type" training mode, the students' practical ability, graduates are the vast majority of enterprises are welcome, graduates overall employment rate reached 98.89%.As the economy picks up, China's economy has accelerated the pace of recovery, the 2010 session of the graduates employment situation more than 2009 graduates a lot better.At present, most of the graduates have been the basic implementation of the receiving unit, school to graduate first employment rate reached more than 90%.High employment rate shows the quality of the school and the school strength, but also won a good social reputation.In 2004 December, the school has won the "national advanced non-governmental organizations" and "Guangdong Province advanced non-governmental organizations," the title.From the beginning of 2005, the Institute for 5 years in the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and the situation of investigation and Research Center completed the "Guangdong Private University Competitiveness Evaluation and analysis" research results, among the "top ten private universities in Guangdong" top 5.
The school also with the "order" training units jointly set up management organization.In the training process of education, the college and the employing units in the teaching plan, curriculum and textbooks, student management, teaching supervision and training, catch condominium together, mutual coordination and communication, to ensure the quality of personnel training.
At the same time, through the investigation to the employing unit, school "order type" talents training mode is more close to the actual production.The measures for the implementation of college teachers in-depth business research, the annual use of holidays teachers field investigation plan, with the problem out, come back with the results.New technology, new equipment, new methods, new technology into lectures or textbooks, teachers are aware of the professional production, technology and equipment level, so that the "order type" students for the post demand learning, before mount guard probation time shorten.

Security mechanism model of the
3 "order type" talents cultivation
In order to make the "mode can meet the needs of the market culture order type" talents, meet the requirements of employers of graduates, the college has set up a "safeguard mechanism the training mode of order type" talents.
(1) note that starting from the cultivation and improvement of students' professional quality, psychological quality, ability quality, social quality, establish the system of quality education and practical.
Institute through annual professional skills competition, product or result appraisal of teaching practice, strengthen students' professional quality; through work-study activities, open psychology course, improve the psychological quality of the students; the speech contest, held a small debate, small inventions, small production, social investigation activities, exercise students language expression ability, knowledge ability and social communicative ability.
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