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Exploration and practice of Suning Appliance talent development system innovation

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Author: Wu Hao Zhu Jingyun Ma Kongzhao Gao Yuan Yang Guang
[Abstract] enterprise talent development is the power source of enterprise development, is the fundamental guarantee of improving the quality of enterprise.Suning Appliance with their own unique talents strategy view and talent idea continued to attract talent, talent, the formation of the "enterprise development - human first - process made man - society" such a closed management value chain.Suning Appliance talent development system of innovation, human resource optimizing configuration and the most reasonable guide; a good environment to create more favorable to attract talents, retain talents; to build enterprise university, as the potential for long-term development of enterprises reserve.
[keyword] Suning Appliance talent development system innovation

Suning Appliance Group is China's largest home appliance chain enterprises, is China's 3C home appliance retail chain enterprises leader.Suning Appliance has made such achievements, and they insist on the innovation of talent system inseparable.In recent years, Suning Appliance has always adhere to the "integrity first, moderate capability, dedication to the team, the first" talent program, the ongoing development of talent system innovation, has carried out a number of talent development project, to create a solid foundation for Suning Appliance to a higher goal.

1, Suning Appliance Group talent development system innovation of the development process of
Suning Appliance Group attaches great importance to innovation talents development system, its development mainly through the system innovation, development, expansion and improvement of three stages.
The first stage: institutional innovation period.In 1999, Suning Appliance Group has formulated the development strategy in the national expansion, and strategic development steps of anastomosis, introduce the modern human resources management system, at the same time the leadership of Suning group was a clear division of labor, greatly improving the efficiency of management of Suning group.
The second stage: the development period of expansion.From the beginning of 2002, in order to adapt to the steady expansion strategy, Suning Appliance Group began to strategic human resource management of far-reaching significance -- "1200 project implementation".At the same time, Su Ning electric human resource system, performance appraisal system, the enterprise culture and the related system has been built up, and began to play a positive effect.
The third stage: improve period.This stage, Suning group focused on solving the enterprise culture, staff incentive and information flow problems, provides a large number of high-quality talents for the development of enterprises.At the same time, Su Ning Group executives incentive plans to further enhance the Suning core team career and cohesion.

2, Suning Appliance Group talent development system innovation mode of
Any enterprise to achieve the goal of sustainable development, must have a set of innovative talent development system, so as to provide a stable work environment for employees, lay good foundation for the development of enterprise talents.In the staff be willing for this enterprise due diligence output, the enterprise will obtain the corresponding income, realizing the sustainable development of enterprises.This is a closed management value chain.Based on this concept of talent, Suning Appliance Group break, bold innovation, and use their own unique talent strategy and talent concept continues to attract talent, talent, formed a unique model of personnel system innovation.
The 2.1 chain did not move human ahead
Suning Appliance Group predicted the number of three years after the demand of human resources, the human resources planning accordingly.Through independent training mode, invested heavily in casting a large-scale "Suning chain matrix", and will be identified as a priority among priorities of major engineering Suning chain development strategy.
2.2 to build talent first made model
In order to meet the requirements of the talents of Suning, Suning Appliance made of "character first, moderate capability, dedicated to this, model training team first" talent.Adhering to this belief, Suning Appliance Group, a large number of experienced workers forged a useful talent, realize win-win. "".
The first 2.3 training process to create
Suning Appliance Group set up a targeted rapid "made man" process to complete the new employee individual Su Ninghua, ensure the Suning cultural heritage.
Process: "format".The "format" is a newcomer to the first step Suning person, namely anyone since that Su Ning, it means you want to act in accordance with Suning's culture and values in the work process.
Process two: training exam.Suning new employees to the concentration of high density training.After the training, strict examination will be diversified to new employees, not through the, to continue to learn; still by not, will not be able to effectively integrate into the Su ning.
Process three: rotation execution.New employees must pass through the Suning famous sales season "favor" baptism, and to various posts work execution, in the process of Suning's culture, specific operation mode in-depth understanding, identity until the familiar with the use of.Process four: sharing.By the old employees of point to point, to guide, coach, inspector of new employees, help them to quickly become a qualified Suning person.
2.4 independent culture promoted within
Suning through its training system training, and follow the principle of priority cadres promoted from within.Su Ning in the principle of specific implementation, will form a systematic training programs, in the planning, will clearly show the talent training tasks and goals to ensure the promotion, have a definite object in view, use of personnel selection.
2.5 do not have "occupation managers"

Suning to establish the society of human resource management system has its own standards, namely: "Su Ning to the business managers, rather than occupation managers."
2.6 with the corporate culture of attractive
Suning Appliance shaping family atmosphere of corporate culture, in giving good treatment and occupation career development opportunities at the same time, through the enterprise culture creating educational environment, increase their attractiveness, expected to achieve the reserve of human resource.

3, Suning Appliance talent development system and suggestions of
Adhering to innovation talents development system is one of the magic weapon of Suning Appliance business success, through the investigation and study, the author thinks that in Suning Appliance talent development system innovation achievements at the same time, also want to carefully analyze the innovation the talent development system of space, in the basis of further improvement and perfection.
3.1 a large number of human resources, should be optimized configuration and the most reasonable guide to
Due to the lack of occupation career planning for employees in enterprises, early, possibly due to high expectations are not fulfilled, so they have no clear understanding for future development, which lead to two results, one is left enterprises in entering the business after a period of time; the two is not a clear development goals, loss of initiative and positive sex.Suggest Suning Appliance combine enterprise development and personal development, conscientiously do a good job of occupation career planning staff.Can take the group of the United States to position the types of talents needed in the recruitment, employee, make employee participation in management, not only can let the staff know more about top management, also can let the voice of the base into the management layer.Take the innovative training program, to make the introduction of the new college students to become the backbone of the company as soon as possible.
3.2 should further solve the staff good chain enterprises in the high turnover rate of
Suning Appliance also because of the existence of "Overwork Culture", cause the salary levels are relatively low, high rate of employee turnover.Therefore, Suning Appliance to be stronger, more distant must innovate the enterprise management system, to adopt a more humane management, perfect the system of the training system.Suggest Suning Appliance to further optimize the enterprise culture, and create a favorable environment for more concessions to attract talents, retain talents.Five Star appliance city experience is worth to draw lessons from, in 2009 October, five star appliance launched its first American-owned company campus recruitment, out of the ordinary "American enterprise culture" has become one of the biggest bright spot of this recruitment, it broke the home appliance industry a lot of overtime "unspoken rule", to the brutal competition in home appliance chain industry a strong humanistic atmosphere, attracted many from the Qing
China, Peking University graduates to join five star appliance.In this regard, Suning Appliance has its unique family atmosphere of corporate culture, but still need to learn from the Five Star appliance, to make their lives and work more humane.
3.3 lack of professional talents in a certain extent, restricts the development of

Long-term demand for talents of Suning Appliance Chain Network in order to meet the rapid expansion, in human resources to advance culture, advance to reserve strategy, but it also brings the problem of young company, they experience etc..With the gradual expansion of the scale of chain operation, lack of promotion ability and professional personnel constraints on the company's development to a certain extent.Suggest Suning Appliance from the long-term development for enterprises to establish enterprise university of reserves of stamina.The establishment of enterprise university for enterprises to the rapid accumulation of knowledge capital, rich enterprise content of knowledge and culture, improving the innovation capacity of enterprises.
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