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On the state-owned enterprise human resources management problems and Countermeasures

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[Abstract] new opportunities, new challenges, new technology, new development, puts forward new requirements on the development of human resources.The state-owned enterprise human resources management present stay in the quality of the traditional personnel management stage, human resources management need to be improved, need to enterprise management and human resources departments should actively, give full play to the human resources department of professional skills, to establish a conducive to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, to attract talents, retain talents, rational use of personnel, training and development of talents management in the new machine.
[keyword] state-owned enterprise human resources management

With the development of economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, the state-owned enterprise human resources management is becoming more and more obvious, and continue to be recognized, human resources management has become an important factor of the core competence of state-owned enterprises.In an increasingly competitive today, how to attract outstanding talents, reasonable use, the development of human resources, improve the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises has become a strategic scheme of survival, and development.

1 state-owned enterprise human resources management present situation of
Most state-owned enterprises or the use of personnel management mode of planned economy system, though a series of reforms, but from look on the whole is still in the stage of the traditional personnel management [1], personnel department function for the scheme of wage distribution formulation and staffing, promotion, training etc..In emphasizing the free flow of talents under the market economic system, development strategy and company need the disjointed, lack of incentive and effective mechanism for training a set of human resource management model has been difficult to adapt to market competition.
Lag concept of human resources and management, led directly to the human resources of state-owned enterprises are currently facing difficulties, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects: it is difficult to attract and retain the talent; the existing human resources not play and mining; disorder of human resource structure.The so-called "first-line, second-line, three line tight loose fat", ordinary people overcrowding, lack of professional and technical personnel, high-quality talent is very rare.

some problems of 2 state-owned enterprises human resources management mainly exist
The development strategy of 2.1 human resource management and the company is separated from
The human resources department of state-owned enterprises is to work for the company is set to a large extent, not for the company's development strategy, which determines the nature of human resources management of state-owned enterprises, ignoring the nature of the service.Therefore, the human resources department of state-owned enterprises has great power in the aspects of personnel recruitment, deployment, promotion and salary, but not to the development strategy of Service Corporation as the premise, often for the management and administration.In recent years, the reform of state-owned enterprise human resources department personnel to, and give some new connotation, but from the overall, but not completely out of the old system of personnel administration traces, human resource management and development strategy of the company from the phenomenon has not been fundamentally changed.
2.2 the lack of effective, can fully reflect the individual performance and contribution to the compensation system of
In the state-owned enterprise [2], the enthusiasm of the staff work in a considerable proportion is not high, company managers and professional and technical personnel and creativity are not brought into full play, the main reason is the lack of effective incentive mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm, there is a certain degree of average doctrine in the distribution, wages can not widen the gap according to position, ability, with little difference in income, do do bad.Income and its performance can not be linked employee, not according to the different class employee incentive effect.
2.3 the lack of reasonable, can use the mechanism of
give full play to the role of human resources effectiveness
The state-owned enterprise is not without talent, but did not make good use of talents.First is the selection mechanism has problems, the state-owned enterprises basically is the leading proposal, then the personnel department investigation, finally organizational appointment, so it is difficult to be impartial, preferred employ.
2.4 the lack of development of the human resources and the culture system of
To give full play to the efficiency of human resources, not only to play the enthusiasm and initiative of employees, but also improve the quality of staff skills and efforts, which need to be planned, ongoing training, education and development of the state-owned enterprises.Some state-owned enterprises also merely post short-term training, and the lack of from the development of human potential point of view, combined with its own development strategy, cultivate all kinds of talents to the development of state-owned enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises management personnel.

3 specific solutions to human resource management of state-owned enterprises in the aspects of
3.1 to improve the human resource management in the state-owned enterprise management status of
Modern Corporation's competition is the talent competition, fundamentally speaking, is the competition of management of human resources.Update the old management concept of human resources, the establishment of "big human resources"."Human resources" stressed to treat human resources issues in system, global view, the human resources management into the development strategy of state-owned enterprises, in the company's vision, mission, management strategy, core values, so that it and the state-owned enterprise organizational structure, state-owned enterprise culture closely, in order to achieve short-term to promote the state-owned enterprise performance improvement, long-term to promote state-owned enterprise strategic goal.3.2 to establish a performance - based compensation system of
Compensation should be tied to performance of [3], the state-owned enterprise only according to its own characteristics, establishes the reasonable salary structure, in order to better play to the role of incentive pay.Salary structure design goal is to allow employees to obtain compensation directly proportional to his contribution, by the staff performance appraisal, the promotion or job between downgrade with examination data quantization, make employee focus to improve work performance, avoid the passive situation of equalitarianism, so as to better use of incentive pay.
State-owned enterprises should establish "ability to decide to pay, promotion, performance or" performance appraisal system to decide attitude, performance appraisal of scientific rationality to establish the science requirements of employee performance appraisal, clear responsibilities and positions, with assessment to tenure of employees of state-owned enterprises performance.The staff performance appraisal content consists of three aspects of work ability, work performance, work attitude, according to state-owned enterprises own characteristics and management requirements refinement assessment project, should pay attention to the following aspects: one is the evaluation index quantification must be based on the actual work result as the basis; two is to adopt a reasonable evaluation method; three is the value evaluation a performance, but also to the evaluation team performance, organic combination of the two.Performance appraisal can not be one-sided, must consider the collaborative team, also must consider the individual and global, to better service for the company's development strategy.
3.3 to establish competition mechanism as the main body of the talent use mechanism of
To develop qualification as the basic conditions, the growth mechanism of the competition and the exchange of positions as the main form of personnel, the timely discovery and use of talents.Clear responsibilities, term of office and work objectives and related power and punishment standard, unified implementation responsibility right, give full scope to the talents, use.Competition is conducive to improve the employees' sense of participation and competition consciousness, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees.In addition, it should introduce the employee exit mechanism, which does not adapt to the development of the company's employees must be dismissed, ensure the survival of the fittest, employees have the pressure will have power.
3.4, strengthen human resources development and training of
Combined with the company's development strategy, to discover and foster the development needs of talent.The education and training of staff should pay attention to combining the cultivation of short-term job skills training and long-term quality, training way using effective more experiential education and practice education, whenever and wherever possible to educate employees, allowing employees to grow in practice to improve.The potential of the human resources development, the company's potential can be developed; only the quality of human resources can improve the quality and competitiveness of the company, will be improved.Reasonable development appears to have the potential of the human resources, the equivalent of not increasing the number of staff conditions, increase the total amount of human resources.The company is very favorable to increase efficiency and improve the quality of their own employees.
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