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Company "people-oriented" management realm

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[Abstract] the enterprise human resources management should be "people-oriented", and eventually realize the common development of enterprises and employees, we must achieve: corporate culture is not "vase; employee loyalty to the system; performance management requires full participation; four realms from running enterprises according to law to inaction and rule.
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The modern enterprise human resources management, adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, the idea that the "relying on people, respect people, develop people, unite people, and eventually realize the common development of enterprises and people".To common development must achieve "four management realm of people-oriented".

1 enterprise culture is not "vase
Now many enterprises are in the rack one's brains to the spirit of enterprise in a seamless heavenly robe, the enterprise image design must be the pink of perfection.The spirit of enterprise is the enterprise culture, the core is "people-oriented".Enterprise culture is a complex matter, policies, and other aspects of the spirit of.Post from personnel selection and appointment, setting, work arrangement, performance appraisal, salary payment, the flow of personnel, to every part of human resource management, to complete unity through management planning; should reflect the real culture.
Enterprise culture includes three levels: the core is the spirit level, including the spirit of enterprise, strategic vision, business philosophy.The middle is the system and behavior layer: include the company's human resources policies, regulations and staff behavior; the outer layer is called material: including the company's construction, decoration and other facilities, as well as the appearance of the product, packaging, advertising etc..The building of enterprise culture, should not from the outside to the inside, and should be from the inside to the outside, to the building of enterprise culture.Executives of enterprises should be: how to exist and develop? One of the most important and what? How to treat employees, suppliers, customers, profits? Ten years, after twenty years of enterprises will be what kind of? Of thinking and answer questions.The answer to these questions is the operating philosophy, corporate vision, corporate values, which is the core of enterprise culture, all other content is centered on its launch.
To display the corporate culture, we should use our common values, harmonious interpersonal relationships, the positive enterprising spirit culture cohesive people, outside the plastic image, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.Enterprise culture without human resource policies, as well as the rules and regulations of the company to support, it is only a slogan.So, the enterprise culture is not a kind of furnishings, the key to success lies in "practice", want to spend more time to study the enterprise management system and human resources policy.Such as corporate culture requires "innovation", the policy is to deduct money; enterprise culture to promote "customer first", the performance appraisal is not assess customer complaints; the staff competency requirements for the first, work arrangements and salary but qualification first etc..As long as there are policies and similar is not harmonious, corporate culture can not be established, it will be impossible to get good economic benefit.

2 employees of the enterprise should be loyal to the system of
Now each unit, there are only loyal employees of leadership.The cult of personality and the modern enterprise system to draw further apart.This loyalty is needed, and there are people who do get a lot of benefits, but this kind of return must go beyond the scope of the system.The end result is: they are on the rules and regulations of the enterprises formed a challenge; enterprises in the small number of employee loyalty and at the same time, but lost the majority of employee loyalty.
The development of the enterprise, needs a stable workforce, and the important factors affecting the stability of the workforce is the employees' loyalty to the enterprise.Loyalty to the institution staff is the cornerstone of enterprise development, attention and leadership to take the lead in loyalty to the regime is to ensure that the development of enterprises.Because the loyalty, they can make all-out efforts, dutifully; because their loyalty, to urgent business needs, enterprises worry about; because of loyalty, they dare to bear all.So, we must formulate practical and feasible, obedience, execution of the enterprise system, so as to inspire each employee's corporate identity, working enthusiasm, and personal values and mission, and the enterprise values and mission together tightly, which for the enterprise system of loyal members.
Employee loyalty in return is to obtain the reasonable interests within the framework of the system, and realize the value and ideal self.Loyalty is a two-way, enterprises in employee loyalty at the same time, we should also set up a "people-oriented" in good faith on the basis of the incentive system, advocating a "corporate identity" concept, realize the win-win of enterprises and employees.3 performance management needs to full participation in the
Enterprise performance management includes four core concepts: the strategic orientation, circulation management, comprehensive evaluation, full participation.Performance management is a system engineering, to the grass-roots staff to senior leadership, under, in the performance management has irreplaceable role.Enterprises should make every member has the opportunity, there are channels to express their own views and opinions on important matters.Full participation is beneficial to improve everyone's sense of responsibility, sense of achievement and satisfaction, is conducive to the formation of consciousness, continuously improve the performance of the enterprise culture.Can realize the win-win goal of performance management, depends on all staff are able to participate in and benefit from performance management.
Performance management is a core function of human resource management, which determines the performance management objectives must be "win-win", namely the improvement of business performance and meet the needs of employees.Now many enterprises to implement the performance appraisal, is a relatively independent system, usually with organizational strategy, organizational culture, management commitment and support from, the greater negative impact on performance management in the real sense more and.Performance management of modern enterprises should be "based on the present, look to the future"; should help guide employee behavior and business goals are consistent, the formation of performance-oriented corporate culture; should help managers to develop the potential of employees, improve performance and satisfaction, and can be constantly revised strategy, improving enterprise performance.The real full participation, requires the relationship between managers and employees at all levels to establish an open, cooperative, constructive, so as to enable employees to truly feel the fundamental objective of performance management is to achieve a win-win situation, they will be willing to work hard, and actively improve performance.
In the process of the implementation of performance plan, the main content is: the communication between the two sides of the performance plan? How to help people overcome the difficulties? How to modify the performance goals and plans and so on? The performance evaluation, communication is the focus of the performance cycle subordinate's job performance and work results.Evaluation after the end of, both sides should adopt interviews in the performance feedback.The main contents are: the two sides to reach a consensus on the performance appraisal results; help subordinates to recognize their own achievements and areas in need of improvement; make improvement plan, together determine the next performance cycle goals and plans; the occupation career development advice to subordinates.Comprehensive performance evaluation of the concept requires the subject is not only the superior, and colleagues, I, staff and customers should be included.This is because the supervisor may not fully mastered by evaluating information, and from the aspects of the evaluation can be reflected by different appraisers, conducive to the objective evaluation of the performance evaluation, the full development of the potential evaluation.

4 from the treatment of enterprises according to law to govern
According to the enterprise is in the management of enterprises, established in line with the actual situation of the enterprise, pay attention to humanistic care laws and regulations, rules, procedures.System is the watershed between rule of law and rule of man.A system and in accordance with the system operation, the enterprise will to do everything by rule of track, enterprise operation will coordinate operations.No system, can always differ from man to man, because the incident vary, employees can work at.Target management, enterprise management practice, performance appraisal, salary management, financial management, as long as the law, rule-based and do everything by rule, rule of law will gradually replace the rule of men.
Management guru Peter Drucker said: "the highest level of management is not management"."Inaction management" of course is not whether, but tube has no matter.The "Inaction" is not, but it is somewhat do not be somewhat.Management should follow the natural, let things according to the necessity of the development of its own, it does not interfere, not to have to influence the natural course of things, so that it is in accord with the actual situation of scientific law and unit.From the perspective of modern management, that is based on system construction, all levels in accordance with their authorization system, persevere to work, managers can rule by laissez faire in it; it really reached a "people-oriented" management realm; the maximization of enterprise profit, and the common development of enterprises and employees of the.
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