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"Human resources management" "double certificates" Curriculum Development Research

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[Abstract] both the certificate and occupation qualification certificate in applied universities, is to make the training work in line with the job market of college talent, improve students' ability of occupation and employment competition ability, need to develop and adapt to social development and market demand of talents, but also put forward higher requirements on the teaching reform in Colleges and universities.This paper mainly focuses on the development of human resources management "course" of "double certificates", expounds the important significance and development of the curriculum development strategy.
[keyword] "human resources management" "double certificates" curriculum development

At present, occupation qualification attestation system initially completed the transition from the planned economy to the market economy system form form; transformation of the guided by the internal examination to the state laws and regulations under the social management system.Both the diploma of record of formal schooling and occupation qualification two kinds of certificates, has become the consensus of the community.Occupation qualification certificate system is more and more attention by the society, and enterprise management system to establish close contact, become the source of vitality for enterprise development, into the labor market "pass".Carry out occupation qualification certificate system in university students is an important way to promote employment.The certificate and occupation qualification certificate of "double certificate" financing is the important issue of the education reform in Colleges and universities of applied type.Implementation of "double certificates" financing is the key to promote the curriculum reform, the realization of "fusion of double certificates" connotation in the course level.Therefore, the development of "double certificates" curriculum become the realization of "double certificates" financing is an important way to.

1 "double certificates" curriculum and the characteristics of
"Double certificates" course, refers to the occupation qualification certificate and relevant professional courses integration course, is "double certificates" financing."Double certificates" course has the following features:
The skill."Double certificates" Curriculum of occupation skill requirements, with the occupation skills, strong pertinence, so the occupation skill training is an important content of "double certificates" course.
Standard.On one hand, "double certificates" curriculum is based on national standards on the basis of occupation qualification (content) of course, on the other hand, "an important way of double certificate" or country occupation qualification training course.Therefore, the "normative" double certificates curriculum is more than the general curriculum.
Comprehensive."Double certificates" course certificate occupation education and the corresponding combination of training, not only satisfy the education requirements, and meet the occupation qualification standards, professional theory and professional practice of highly integrated curriculum.So, "integrated double certificates" curriculum, including comprehensive requirements of occupation qualification and professional occupation ability, also includes the synthesis of a variety of subject knowledge.

2 the development of "human resources management" Dual-Certificate curriculum the necessity of
Under the financial crisis, market competition is more intense, as job "astepping-stone to success", become a research hot big landscape, especially the argument HR is particularly sought-after qualification.According to statistics, the first half of 2009 national the demonstration examination registration number more than 100000 people, the number of candidates for several years the forefront of all kinds of ticket number.
"The enterprise human resources management occupation qualification certificate" is one of the national occupation qualification in 2003 launched the China Ministry of human resources and social security, is the human resources industry to establish employment admittance system permits, the certificate authority (1): pass the examination by the Chinese people's Insurance Department issued "the enterprise human resources management occupation qualification certificate".(2) utility: one of the big ten popular national certificate, in the field of human resources management practitioners must hold a human resources management division of the corresponding occupation qualification certificate to mount guard.(3) high gold content: because the certificate training content system, appraisal content focus on actual combat, help to improve the practical ability, enterprise HR recruitment recognized certification authority has become, obtain the certificate are smoothly into the HR industry or to obtain greater development space occupation.The occupation is divided into four grades: HR Assistant Manager, human resources manager, human resources division, senior human resources division.Human resources management division involves a wide range of knowledge, including human resource planning, staff recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, salary and welfare management, incentive and training and development, labor relations coordination, enterprise culture etc..The occupation requires its employees have strong interpersonal communication skills, able to coordinate the various relationships within the enterprise, good at problem solving.
The current human resources management professional shortage occupation.According to authoritative organization investigation, the need of senior human resources professionals to amount to about 6000000, Beijing 400000 Shanghai 600000 missing, missing, missing more than 500000 of Guangzhou, Wuhan is around 300000.It is understood, a large group of human resources director general monthly salary in 10000 to 15000 yuan, or up to 18000 yuan to 20000 yuan (generally in the 15000 yuan float); Director, manager, usually between 6000 yuan to 12000 yuan (generally in the floating 8000 yuan from top to bottom).In such a wage, human resources management division of the salary level of general floating in 12000 yuan, highest do not exceed 15000 yuan, a minimum of not less than 8000 yuan.General human resources management personnel salary can reach 2000-3000 yuan, can be said to be "salary" very hot occupation.
But the human resources management division research through rate is low.See from the statistics, human resources division exam pass rate is generally about 50%.From the calendar year pass rate can be found in the higher education through rate is high, knowledge learning and mastering system has a great influence to the result of the exam.Can participate in the HR Assistant Manager as college students (grade four) qualification examination, through years of participation in the training work experience is found, the grade of examination-oriented education component of the great questions, basically all originally originally from the textbook, therefore, the examinee read based on comprehend materials to improve the it is important to.
"Human resources management" is often the undergraduate specialty of economics and management of professional courses or professional elective courses, students' knowledge of the future is an important module in economic management.Related knowledge into the human resources management certification in "human resources management" course teaching, optimize teaching contents, reform teaching methods, students in the completion of this course, can participate in the human resources management division (level three) certification exams, and obtained a degree certificate and occupation qualification certificate at graduation; in addition, students learn through the course (especially recruitment), can greatly improve the skills and level of employment interview.All this will improve their occupation ability and the employment competitive ability.3 "human resources management" "double certificates" curriculum development strategy of
The occupation ability of social advocacy including employment and entrepreneurial ability, work ability, conversion occupation throughout the occupation career ability, work attitude, professional dedication and team spirit.China's current policy of the occupation activity guidance, to occupation ability as the core of the occupation qualification certificate system is gradually influence of application-oriented university education and training system.At the same time, the actual needs of enterprises and identity in leading the training content and form of education in Colleges and universities.From the enterprise, to the enterprise, is the ultimate goal of teaching; to solve the problem, the implementation of standards, to complete the task, is the most basic way to let students standard.We should formulate the teaching goal, according to the national occupation standard of teaching content and teaching activities, training enterprises welcome graduates.
3.1 "double certificates" curriculum development idea of
Basic ideas of "double certificates" curriculum development is the occupation standards into the curriculum teaching, design and development of standards occupation qualification work ability, to form the idea and structure of the curriculum construction work in accordance with the procedures or structural requirements, so that the curriculum can provide to the needs of students in practical working knowledge, skills and attitudes.So, in the "double certificates" curriculum development should follow the "to the work of the task to lead the professional knowledge, with the basic principles of curriculum content" Standard Specification for occupation qualification certificate.
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