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The institution transition from traditional personnel management to modern human resource management mode

Author: GuoLi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-31 06:47:23 Read:
With the development of society and economy, more and more people come to realize the "people" the organization as a living, in the fierce competition in the market development, special resource is always full of vigor and vitality to explore and scientific management ideas, has become a part of the important contemporary management thought.Nonprofit institutions as the leadership, the state administrative organs are funded by expenditure, not to implement economic accounting, provides the non - material production and labor service, is the main focus of talents in China, is an important field of the enhancement of comprehensive national strength, is an important part of the sustainable development can be realized.Long-term since, the human resources management institutions in China has adopted the mode of personnel management authority, is still in the traditional personnel management phase.Although in recent years, the theory of human resource management for reference and application in the business enterprise management in our country, but in the public sectors of the government and the public institutions has not received due attention, the institutions of traditional management system, resulting in non social resources allocation, causing some institutions the loss of human resources the phenomenon of.With China's accession to the WTO, establishing and perfecting the modern institution management system adapting to the market economy system has become a trend.At present our country institution is facing a new round of reform has, meaningful, to "unhook, decentralization, classification, invigorate the reform of institutions" as principle, the main objective is to revitalize the existing institutions of resources, especially human resources management, realize transition to modern human resources management from the traditional personnel management on this basis, and constructs conforms to adapt to China's national conditions, development trend of internationalization of the new institution system.
Change the traditional personnel management to human resources development and management, and is not a simple noun replacement, it means a fundamental change from the thought, theory and method of use.To achieve this transformation, we must first solve the following problems:

1 set up the human resource is the first resource concept
Premier Wen Jiabao reiterated, "talent resources are the first resources".This thesis expounds the basic scientific talents for economic and social development, strategic, decisive role.Therefore, in the business unit's personnel management work, attention should be paid to the employees, firmly establish the human resources are the most important strategic ideas.Only the truly "people-oriented", fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each individual, will reach a state of harmony, to promote the orderly development of enterprises.
In the human resource planning institutions, to establish "a view", "two priorities" and highlight the "three-high" ideas.A point of view, human resource is the fundamental enterprise development; two focus is always on the human resources development as the center of human resource management, training staff post close and continuing education, highlighting the three, is the focus of highlight the high-level management talent, talent in science and technology, advanced individual training.Human is the core and power management institutions, is the important guarantee in the increasingly fierce competition in the institutions remain invincible, even plays a decisive role to a certain extent.

2 to improve the human resources development system
To improve the human resource development mechanism of institutions, adjust the personnel structure, the development direction of reform of personnel system, adhere to the norms of scientific, institutionalization.The ultimate goal of human resource development and management is a talent for organization, and to achieve this, we should deepen the institutions of the personnel and labor employment system reform, and create a favorable environment for all levels of human resources development.
To strengthen the institutions, senior management talent development efforts.Draft requirements, determine the management personnel qualifications, according to the different positions and organizations need to develop job description.To determine the scope of duty should be appropriate, to clearly reflect, in senior management skills.The development to have the leadership skills and improve their occupation career management personnel, to provide proper guidance, to determine, in the senior management staff occupation career path, development managers "layout".To reserve personnel, the staff and the candidate may supply.According to the standard, talent evaluation of existing candidate, pick out the good academic or performance of prominent people.In the development plan of management personnel, to use on-the-job development and off-site development of combining form, on, senior management personnel, to assume greater range of tasks in the development activities, conversion between the upper, lower and other functions, can be carried out according to the purpose of classification in the development of technology.3 to improve the human resource training system of
Staff training is an important way of human capital value, is an important process to improve the efficiency of the institutions and organizations.Therefore, human resources management departments and institutions to the education and training of employees as a major task.Department of human resources management institutions should first conduct training needs survey, and then according to the characteristics of the units of work, follow up for what we lack, maintain appropriate advance principle to determine the content of training, and the training methods, teachers, participate in personnel, funds and time aspects of a system of planning and arrangements, perfect center for human resources training and comprehensive plan.
(1) establish development training - Practice - Evaluation - Evaluation - distribution of integrated human resources management mechanism, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of staff learning technology initiative.The new staff adhere to training, examination, appointment system, the training and practice combine.
(2) according to the human resource requirements, formulate and implement actively organize the staff quality and skills training program, with ability construction as the center, widening the talent training and education, increase investment in key positions in human resources development, from the image to make institutions has become a human resource individual high level talents and the overall quality of good team.

4, deepening the performance management and salary system reform of
The performance management of human resources in institutions is the worker rewards and punishment, lifting, wage increase, training and the basis for dismissal, occupies a very important position in its human resources management.Performance management in order to better execution units, by using balanced scorecard successful experience in enterprise performance evaluation in BSC, revised and adjusted, its application to the institution's performance appraisal, strategic objective and institutions in order to better.
Practice has proved, the performance management both in content and in the meaning is far beyond the performance evaluation before people often say.Performance evaluation is the only working result examination, is relatively isolated, static and flat; while the performance management is the connection, development, comprehensive, emphasize the monitoring process of the talent, is one of the important elements of strategy management organization.

5 shaping the corporate culture
The inheritance of traditional culture, to build on the new basis, should be based on the changes of the times given new connotation, carries on the transformation to the original culture.Due to the different culture, influence the level of each culture, need long time influence character by environment.It requires employees have to face self denial pain need courage, ability to distinguish between right and wrong, need to have suffered setbacks and failures of psychological preparation.The construction of enterprise culture, strengthening the ideal and belief, and outlook on life, occupation moral education, make the values into the thought into action workers, staff values, forming unit group spirit become invisible force to promote the development of the unit.
To sum up, change the traditional personnel management business ideas, strengthen the research on the human resource management problem, realize the institution of human resource development and management standardized, scientific, institutionalized, is to further improve the route one must take the reform of personnel system.
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