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How to retain the talents of small and medium-sized enterprises under the new situation

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[Abstract] small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in the current economic development, is the main force of economic development.However, it is a very common problem of the small and medium-sized enterprise brain drain.How to retain talent is the small and medium-sized enterprise problems can not be ignored, the only way is solves the small and medium-sized enterprises at present predicament.
[keyword] people-oriented; performance appraisal; compensation; employee training and

[Abstract] Medium-sized and small enterprises is in at present have important position in economic growth, be the main force that economy develops at present. But the medium-sized and small enterprises brain drain is a very common problem but. How to firmly staying talented person is a medium-sized and small enterprises problem we cannot afford to overlook, is also to resolve medium-sized and small enterprises at present unique difficult position approach.

[Key words] People-oriented The achievement; effect examines; Salary payment; The employee is trained

Since the reform and opening up, China's rapid development of SMEs, in China's national economy is becoming more and more important, SMEs have become an important force to support the growth of the national economy.With the advent of knowledge economy, facing the small and medium-sized enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition, many enterprises lack of funds, technology, management, especially after our country joins WTO, the small and medium-sized enterprise appeared serious loss of talent.The high proportion of talent loss not only took trade secrets, but also took away the customer, caused a great waste of enterprise human resource cost, serious decline in the competitiveness of enterprises, economic stagnation step not front, restricts the development of enterprise.How to control the small and medium-sized enterprise brain drain, to obtain the dynamic existence and sustainable development, take the retention policy is a serious problem facing SMEs in the competition.

1 human resources management system innovation in the mode of

The development and management of human resources is a work with very strong policy, especially the salary, bonus etc..In the information age, human resource management model must also be dynamic.Human resource management is often neglected and customer contact, not to pay attention to customer needs and market changes.Human resources management is not only the human resources department work, it should be the work of each department part.

2 take the contract of employment, the implementation of human resource management innovation of

Contract management is a kind of innovation of a good means of management and human resource management means.With the development of industry, cooperation between enterprises management, dynamic alliance trend, each member enterprises of different units or dynamic alliance can share information through network organization, so that the knowledge and information transmission speed is faster than the speed of the flow of personnel.Thus, the enterprises are facing a problem that knowledge workers in the enterprise services at the same time, may also be for other business services.In this case, the "contract of employment" than the traditional "administrative employment" has more superiority.It is through the "contract" to define the rights and obligations of both sides, to define the scope of both sides have the knowledge, so that the ownership of the intellectual capital of the rationalization, legalization.

3 optimize the incentive mechanism of

The key to improve the level of human resources management is to establish and perfect the incentive mechanism for employees.To fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.First of all, to formulate a reasonable remuneration policy.Competitive compensation system should solve the fairness and external enterprises, directly linked to at the same time and job performance, employee contributions, and performance evaluation system combined.Especially with the business mode change, knowledge workers are more and more, the knowledge staff's value should be fully reflected in the salary.Secondly, to provide personalized incentives.Organizations should provide individualized rewards according to the difference of staff from different cultural backgrounds and different demand in the enterprise.

4 people-oriented, strengthen communication with the staff of

American management guru Peter ? Dulake once said: "the enterprise or business the only real resource is the people, management is to develop human resources to do a good job".People are the most active factor of productivity, any wealth of society is created by people, so we must fully pay attention to human factors.
4.1 establish a "people-oriented" concept.
Small and medium-sized enterprises should update the concept, to establish "people-oriented", "the key to" talent view.To have a talent, with only the bile, heavy to move, love heart, cherish affection, if only the bosom, open the road to Jinxian.In the development of talent, the introduction and use of, insist on not only academic and pragmatic, implementation of the "efficiency first" principle, in the use of people must be "people do not doubt", "sincere principle", true to form a good atmosphere of respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for individuality.
4.2, strengthen the building of enterprise culture, to create a harmonious atmosphere in enterprise.
To let employees enjoy the full right to speak, benefit by mutual discussion so that a harmonious atmosphere ideas of employees and enterprise integration, in order to exert their creativity.
4.3 staff to meet the many needs, establish a solid emotional foundation.
Generally speaking, the material demand is the most basic, reasonable salary mechanism is very important.Appropriate to meet the material needs of spiritual needs is very important.Train staff on the feelings, it should establish a corporate credit.
4.4 the changes of cognitive awareness of employees.
Modern enterprises should not only to employees as labor view, should treat them as to their physical or mental strength for the enterprise investment co-developers, enterprises to retain talent when staff awareness and change the traditional, treat employees as equal partners.To the staff of the enterprise management more say, let the staff with wisdom, give advice and suggestions for the development of the enterprise.

5 to establish a good compensation system of

5.1 economic compensation and insurance compensation combined.
Economic compensation is the worker to maintain life, an important prerequisite for improving the quality of life.A relative satisfied while workers in the material and cultural life, but also have some basic salary retain talent.
5.2 employee compensation should be combined with performance evaluation.
Performance assessment is based on performance pay, this is a basic principle of the effective salary payment system.Reasonable performance evaluation can objectively reflect the staff performance.And the employee salary especially floating salary payment only to the evaluation results as the main standard, incentive compensation act.
5.3 compensation should be in consideration of job factors under the adherence to the combination of fixed and floating.
In general, fixed income of salary of employees can ensure the daily life, to have a sense of security, but if the fixed income is too high, it may make the employee have lazy mood, weaken the incentive of compensation.Therefore the enterprise on employees' work performance and achievements are recognized mainly from the floating part of the pay of.But floating salary elastic is too large and will make people lack a sense of security, not to attract and retain employees.So in salary management.
Fixed salary and floating salary scale should be combined with job characteristics.
The 5.4 pay fairness.
The fair punishment is made basic employee trust, support staff to make greater contribution to the enterprise.For in the same types of employees, if they for enterprises to make the contribution of the same size, and other factors are also similar, then you should pay them the same or similar compensation.In this way, employees do not complain the unfair salary system, does not affect the morale, reduce staff turnover.

6 to improve the performance appraisal.

As an important means of human resource development of the performance appraisal, has been widely used, showed the superiority, it advanced.But sometimes the performance appraisal and did not achieve the intended purpose, the reasons include: the beginning of the performance appraisal plan the work well, but in the implementation process is "big word seldom accompany great deed.", greatly against the performance appraisal of the mind; in the appraisal process, the lack of enthusiasm of the staff involved, resistance is strong; the evaluation process is tedious, time delay, the implementation process is often because not enough support from senior management and obstacles; fair evaluation process and result is difficult to guarantee, is not conducive to the daily work, to overcome these problems is to improve the performance appraisal method.6.1 the performance assessment method of advanced
6.1.1 management by objective assessment method.It is a kind of performance evaluation method to carry on the appraisal according to the assessment to be completed work goal situation.Feature is the performance evaluation of judges from the conversion for consultants and facilitator, subordinates from passive spectator is converted to an active participant.But there will also be the target is not clear, is not measurable, goal setting is time-consuming, between the organization and the staff on the target level for a supply of sth..
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