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The treating physician performance evaluation and management of

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[Abstract] the doctor responsible system is a challenge to the traditional medical mode of operation.Three physicians to reform the traditional leadership department director responsible for the medical service model system, the implementation of the new service model, is conducive to the introduction of competition mechanism, mobilize medical staff enthusiasm.At present, in the doctor's performance appraisal implementation process still exist many problems, deal with these problems, help the doctor responsible system to better play its advantages, improve the medical quality and discipline construction level.
[keyword] the doctor performance management of

1 performance evaluation and management content and the relationship between
Evaluation of performance appraisal, performance or results, performance appraisal is the organization in order to achieve production and business purposes, using specific criteria and indicators, adopt a scientific method of management personnel at all levels, undertake the production and management process and results of the work to complete the assigned task performance and the resulting effect of making many the process of value judgment.The so-called performance management, is refers to all levels of management and employees in order to achieve the goals of the organization to participate in the performance planning, performance guidance, performance appraisal cycle process of communication for evaluation, application of performance results, performance improvement, performance management is designed to continuously improve people, departments and organizational performance.
The close relationship between performance appraisal and performance management.Performance evaluation is a necessary means of performance management, direction only through performance appraisal can provide the basis for performance management, performance management, so as to improve the level of management, to ensure that have a definite object in view, improving the effectiveness of management; at the same time, between the two still exist certain difference.Performance appraisal is a link in the whole process of performance management, performance appraisal and performance management in focus, starting point and focus are different.
The doctor responsible system, is composed of 1 the doctor -- with a medical group deputy chief physician and above qualifications of doctors and a number of junior doctors, the doctor with the medical team solely responsible for the implementation of outpatient, inpatient, operation, consultation, post-discharge follow-up and a series of medical activities.The treating physician as the first responsible person independent unit of work, is mainly responsible for the area of the whole medical process department patient services, the completion of the area of the health indicators and economic indicators, and bear the area of junior doctors in training and supervision responsibility.
For the treating physician performance appraisal and performance management is one of the important work of human resources management in medical institutions at present.Not only can the doctor to provide feedback on its performance through the examination, examination results are important basis and hospital to formulate personnel decisions and corresponding measures.If the lack of performance, capability evaluation, subjective evaluation just rely on the management policy, measures, there will be some deviation.Therefore, must establish a scientific, objective and the treating physician performance evaluation and assessment scheme and system, each of the doctor's work ability and work performance to make an objective and fair evaluation.

2 the existence of physician performance evaluation and the problems in the management of
2.1 the examination is not fully aware of the
Assessment work personnel working as a regular content each year even in each quarter.But in the process of evaluation of the importance of evaluation work often because of inadequate understanding, not the performance appraisal as key management referred to a certain height to consider.So the implementation of innovative ideas lack of process assessment scheme, in developing, assessment method and content of old, closely combined with the dominant ideology and no hospital development, key not outstanding examination, did not play its due role.
The formulation of the 2.2 evaluation indicators need to be further improved and
In the formulation of the treating physician group of assessment indicators, is often the department assessment indexes were simple decomposition, not for the treatment group and the Department difference tailored in accordance with the actual needs of the assessment scheme.Performance appraisal in the treatment group of different departments, often because of the nature of the work between different departments of treatment group, the characteristics of different but the same disease assessment scheme caused deviation assessment results.
The management process of treating physician group problems in estimation of
2.3.1 department director and the problem of the relationship between physician.The doctor is responsible for the implementation of the system, the doctor's responsibility was enhanced obviously, the medical group management more due diligence, daily management department director to be weakened.A large general hospital because of complex structure, treatment group is more, the effect of administrative coordination department directors are often difficult to play, is bound to have a medical security hidden danger.
Relationship between 2.3.2 of each treatment groups.The doctor is responsible for the implementation of the system, the introduction of competition mechanism, the treatment group in order to improve the work load and efficiency, are likely to cause undesirable competition phenomenon for the patient.In addition, needs to coordinate the departments, disciplines in the treatment of major and difficult rescue critically ill patients, relative to the director responsibility system, the physician is not coordinate between.
2.3.4 the doctor responsible for subject development, implementation of the system of discipline construction.To implement the doctor responsible system, staff in the treatment group were treated with by junior doctors through the two-way selection of free combination, personnel is relatively fixed, resulting in resident rotary difficulties.With the support of the performance distribution scheme and assessment scheme leads to medical team put major effort into the clinical medical work, teaching, scientific research, discipline construction and development thinking and reduced inputs, is bound to affect the improvement of medical technology level of the hospital.3 perfect and improve the treating physician performance evaluation and management countermeasure of
How to evaluate the doctor's contribution and performance correctly, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees at all levels, every hospital in the implementation of the doctor responsible problems are faced in the process of.Only by constantly exploring to establish suitable for their own development needs of science, hospital, objective, quantitative performance appraisal of KPI index system, to achieve the utmost to mobilize the enthusiasm of all the staff, promote the overall development of hospital work.
3.1 to improve the importance of physician performance evaluation and management of
The treating physician performance evaluation and management is an important content of hospital management, hospital leaders at all levels should regard this work as an important task, to raise awareness of its importance, fully understand the work of the treating physician incentives and team of hospital medical quality improvement important role.Managers at all levels shall, from the ideological understanding, assessment work is on every one of the doctor's comprehensive evaluation, make evaluation can make the doctor know their own capabilities and limitations, in order to improve their comprehensive quality and professional level to provide the important basis.
3.2 making objective and reasonable assessment standards.
Objective and reasonable assessment standards is to do a good job in the basic physician performance evaluation and management.In the formulation of the assessment standard should proceed from reality, from the perspective of clinical work and discipline construction needs, tailored to meet every clinical department every the treating physician assessment standard assessment needs, in the examination can have a definite object in view, the assessment results can be objective and impartial, can serve as an important basis for formulating policies, adjustment programs, rewards and punishments.
3.3 timely improve the relevant rules and regulations, to the possible problem to solve.
3.3.1 strengthen the Department Director of authority management and the scope of responsibility.Department director as sections of the administrative leadership and discipline leaders, must have the absolute authority, the Department members to clear the doctor responsible system is carried out in the Department under the leadership of the director, so as to ensure the integrity of the Department and fighting capacity.The doctor in this group has the right of medical end, but must accept the supervision and examination headed by the director of quality management team, the quality of medical service for each group to carry out strictly, the illegal, violation of discipline, department director has the right in accordance with the relevant provisions of relevant personnel shall be investigated for responsibility.
3.3.2 to the doctor responsible system at the same time, to assist the departments to develop training plan development planning and talent, discipline construction.By constantly adjusting the performance appraisal index system, increase the guiding effect of scientific research, teaching and the importance of discipline construction, promote the development of whole discipline.Through the relevant policies and management means, to assist the Department to build a reasonable age structure, professional advantages of talent, good talent reserves for the development of department.In the clinical work as the foundation, the development of science and technology innovation for the purpose of leading the undergraduate office, according to the actual conditions to develop innovative, scientific, feasibility of the discipline development plan, development direction for the department.
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