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The fairness of college teacher performance appraisal in a private college as an example

Author: LiuZuo LiMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-31 04:09:43 Read:
[Abstract] along with the business unit performance salary reform scheme of the operation, reform of performance pay attention in universities.Some private universities from the enterprise human resources management mode, using performance appraisal mechanism.Based on the theory of justice, against unfair problems of current performance appraisal of teachers in Colleges and universities in the corresponding countermeasures are put forward, in order to provide basis for enhancing the performance evaluation results of teachers in private colleges is fair and scientific performance appraisal system.
[keyword] teachers of Civilian-run Colleges and universities

With the institution of performance salary reform scheme of the operation, reform of performance pay attention in universities.Imitate the human resource management mode of enterprises some mature private colleges and universities, the performance salary in the salary management, after a period of time, at the same time, the condition of the same teachers will widen the gap in wages, to some extent, reflects the teacher's ability and performance, but due to various factors existing in the process of evaluation is not the public has seriously affected the enthusiasm of teachers and teaching quality.

The 1 fair theory meaning and performance evaluation of the significance of
Equity theory is the American psychologist Adams in 1967 put forward, its basic meaning is the impact of one person's working enthusiasm of absolute return is affected not only by their income, but also influenced by the relative returns.The theory is that the staff only when compared to their pay and earnings results and comparison of pay and income than the results equal to think is fair.Of course, the fair is relative, not absolute fairness is.
Therefore, the equity theory is introduced into the performance appraisal significance lies in the degree of scientific and reasonable performance evaluation can not only distinguish the work, but also through the examination and analysis, find out the reasons, and make the corresponding punishment decision.For teachers, can education practice for teachers to give guidance, control and adjustment; can better improve the education and teaching approach; can further improve the teaching level of teachers, scientific research level, working ability and comprehensive quality, so as to improve the teaching quality.

There are 2 private college teacher performance appraisal of the unfair phenomenon of
Human resources management started late in our country, with the development of Civilian-run Colleges and universities in China relatively late, many of the management system is not perfect, relatively some private university teacher performance appraisal problems more serious.Although administrators have this consciousness, the starting point is good, but in the process of application due to the lack of scientific management methods, the evaluation results are often unsatisfactory, specific performance is as follows:
2.1 too much attention to the qualifications and titles
As a university teacher, educational background and professional title is one of the important conditions can be competent for teaching positions.In most public schools, in personnel selection and recruitment may be more attention to this problem, but the salary difference, difference is not great.In some private universities are not the same.According to the survey, the private institutions, general assistant and lecturer is 1200 - 2000 yuan, master level lecturer salary is 2800 - 3500 yuan, associate professor, master's level is 5800 yuan, associate professor, PhD 8000 - 10000 yuan, the annual salary of 12 - 160000 yuan professor dr..From these data, the proofreader high education and high grade teachers is quite popular, it can attract a lot of high degree and high professional talents, but the consequences have greatly dampened the enthusiasm of a part of the human ability of low wages, these people "when a monk, hit a day clock", dawdle, lie down on the job, with all kinds of resources to the outside the class, school or company, engaged in second occupation; some people put main energy to the pursuit of high level and high professional title up; some people in order to earn wages, reduced and others the gap between the working class, weight is not heavy; and some high level people with high salary, but did not contribute, often put fine timber to petty use or more than foot boat and not into the heart, affect the quality of education and teaching.
2.2 the lack of index system and the evaluation standard of
In the use of scale evaluation, evaluation index and standard setting should be objective, scientific, standard, value and significance of its existence is provided for each indicator, the standards and the weight should be set up and contribution of the indicators in the post of proportional to the rate of.But in some private colleges and universities, human resource managers are typically rely on their subjective experience arbitrarily set index, there is no standard and weight of consciousness, so in the index set or incomplete, or standards and weights unreasonable.
For example: assessment index of the school is divided into teaching attitude, teaching content, teaching method and means, teaching effect, teaching 5 levels, each level index is divided into 4 level two indexes.From the set point of view, the scale index accords with the teaching characteristics and requirements of teachers, but not comprehensive, and the standard score requirements of the evaluation of teachers rank is not clearly defined, so that different subjects in the evaluation of the same rank scores varied widely, impact assessment of some excellent teachers grade lead finally the weighted score, resulting in unfair phenomenon; in the setting of weights, all the index proportion is 5%, no stress, an important index can not highlight the teaching work really influence the teaching quality, cause that some do not pay much attention to the image, not good at communication, tough but have a certain knowledge and ability, a dedicated teachers score is relatively low, and those with good interpersonal relationship but the level of teaching and research is the teacher of high scores, this result is not fair, is also the manager contrary to expectation.The final result is the teachers pay too much attention to the importance of some factors of all the minor details, while downplaying the significance of existence of educational institutions -- the teaching effect and teaching.
2.3 evaluation of the main subjective arbitrariness too strong
The school performance appraisal is scale assessment method, 360 degree appraisal method and forced distribution method of the three in one.Found in the process of using 360 degree appraisal method through analysis, some evaluation subject with very strong subjectivity, result in the lack of fairness.The colleges and universities in the teacher evaluation, including the leader, the main department members, my students, four main, plausible.But the survey found, all teachers are the use of rest or meeting time random completed, it only recently impression; student assessment is mainly a random distribution evaluation form, use recess or night to complete, some of those little class, Lian Lao teachers are not familiar with the students; some students just because someone the teacher likes and dislikes and give out; some only course interesting play high, so often advanced mathematics, accounting division number is low, language, economy, management courses of higher scores.

2.4 assessment form
The evaluation will be in accordance with the total score of examination results will be included in the excellent, good, qualified three grade teacher mandatory, one of the outstanding accounts for 18%, the only basis as a year-end bonus.The survey found, the school performance appraisal only, not in the final period, teachers are often in the opening period of time are more serious, after examination, some teachers will become more and more loose, one can imagine the effect of teaching.Evaluation of the wage increase is also no uniform standard, high and low, there may be, or may not, as a result of the teacher is expected to come to nothing, incentive system is low.
In the process of implementation, a lot of people just to get the results and ignore the assessment itself, appraisal will be responsible for the results sent directly to the relevant competent department, but the lack of effective feedback, the upper of the specific situation did not know, do not have to implement the management of.Similarly, many teachers just know own grade evaluation and changes in wages, and on their own teaching process of the advantages and disadvantages of the unaware.For teachers, no way to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, better improve their own; to the school, the enthusiasm did not work well to mobilize teachers, improve the quality of education and teaching.

3 teachers of Civilian-run Colleges and universities the impartiality of performance measures of
3.1 establish the evaluation index of
Science, reasonable
For university teachers, education and professional title is very important, but this is only one aspect of a person, not as a measure of knowledge, research level, especially the only basis teaching ability and other comprehensive quality.And every post should be scientific job analysis, different teaching requirements for teachers is different, if a doctor to Application-oriented College level students in class, the effect is not ideal.In addition, the weight should be reasonable, not lump together.The level of teaching, scientific research ability, education, instrument, there is no plan index proportion is not the same, want to have
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