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Analysis of the electric power enterprise human resources work

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[Abstract] this paper from a basic unit human resources worker's point of view, analysis of the situation of human resources in enterprises, and proposed some countermeasures to solve the problem, at the same time, starting from the training, configuration, welfare, is proposed to improve the situation of human resources.
[keyword] resources; enterprise; power;

[Abstract] The article sets off from a basic unit human resources worker 's angle, analyse status facing the enterprise human resources, bring forward the countermeasure solving a problem and, at the same time, the angle sets off from training, allocation, welfare, proposes that to improve human resources situation way.

[Key words] Resource; Enterprise; Electric power; Work

With the influence of the external environment of society and the progress of power industry, power industry, the traditional facing a shortage of qualified personnel, professional quality is not high, it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of a series of human resource problems.Effective measures should be taken to improve the situation of human resources, and lay the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises, has become the attention of each power enterprise problems.

1 existing in the current human resources contradiction between

We often say that the enterprise competition is the talent competition, talent is an important resource for sustainable development of enterprises.But the contradiction of power enterprises in the development process.
Contradiction between workload and staff number 1.1.
The enterprise in five years time, electricity sales increased 40%, transformer capacity increased by 83%, so the increase in the number of number of employees, and basically unchanged.It is because of the unceasing development of enterprises, the staff did not increase the number of enterprises, to maintain good wages and benefits, but also make the staff workload increased, the increasing intensity, become the focus of departments, employees complain.
Countermeasures: human resource status of the power supply enterprise is "the overall tight, local excess", in particular, personnel management post production, service jobs are redundant.Therefore, the service position, especially young employee social common types, after training, to divert the production jobs; for enterprise security, development of production positions, should ensure the full allocation of management staff; according to the principle of "configuration moderately tight".
1.2 training quantity and quality of training contradiction.
The unit annual delivery training 1 times per capita, self-management training each year more than 60.After the training, employee business has not been improved obviously.Investigate its reason, there exist the following problems: the training without examination.Staff participated in the training, but no evaluation, no pressure, no motivation to learn.The training is not the employees need to know.From the "what, what to learn; what is missing, what" this intensive training and gap.The non - business training.
Countermeasures: to carry out the training evaluation, training needs survey; for social training, strict examination and approval; internal training, make training examination; delivery of training, the trainees should be responsible for imparting training to other employees of the professional.
The contradiction and the proportion of working capacity of 1.3 talents.
At present, the new recruitment of employees are college education, higher density, the proportion of skilled personnel of talent.But I sometimes hear leaders complain that "don't give me more employees, as long as I have a work, on the line".Visible, "talent" and there is a big gap between the actual work ability of employees.
Countermeasures: strengthen the training of the application ability; to should be aware of the assessment; to establish the dynamic operation mechanism.
Development and talent competition contradiction between 1.4 mountains.There are two kinds of control in power in the development process: one is the talented person can't come; two is the talent does not stay.The unit has no a bachelor employee, employee knowledge reserve less developed coastal areas.The development of space, in the mountains of personnel work, living environment as coastal areas, excellent, capable people struggle to coastal enterprises.The above two kinds of phenomena, to some extent restrain mountain power.
Countermeasures: "the decision of a fleet of sailing speed is not the fastest ship, but the slowest ship."Premier Wen Jiabao proposed "fleet" theory, applies the power system.Should strengthen the unit non-coastal areas of policy, the introduction of preferential policies to attract talent to work in the mountain villages; strengthen personnel exchange; unit and personnel exchanges between counterparts.The status of human resources to improve the idea of

The development of human resources, combined with a bit of personal experience in the work, to talk about their ideas:
2.1 in staff training to break the "three packs of":
2.1.1 change the enterprise "do it all" approach.The current situation is the enterprise talent structure can not meet the needs of the people, good with people rushing to use, the average person will use, not easy to use the people do not have to use.To change the enterprise "do it all" approach, to stimulate employee enthusiasm of autonomous learning skills, change from passive learning to active learning.The implementation of enterprise production staff, forced by workers learning, as soon as possible to achieve induction conditions, personnel have good, continuous learning, the formation of striving to be the best learning environment.
2.1.2 changes people "try to do everything all by oneself" approach.Change the personnel structure, improve the quality of personnel in addition to enterprises, human resource department pay close attention to, Department, team role is crucial.Each department, team to the pipe and tube, pipe business training organically.Human resources department to ensure the training budget, department based on the actual, relying on the team, including skills, strengthening the training of staff, improve staff quality.
2.1.3 change the staff "in the end" approach a package.Because the enterprise "do it all", caused the staff "in the end" thought a package.The enterprise has the talent very busy, not with people I very.To establish the staff appraisal mechanism of employee skills, whether meet the requirements, can effectively perform their functions, to have a clear judgement.Strengthen the staff performance appraisal, establish incentive and restraint mechanisms, increase application performance results, and promote the work, learning enthusiasm.
2.2 on personnel configuration good "three Guan:"
2.2.1 new employees to "close the entrance".On the recruitment of new staff, must be a high starting point, strict standards, has three advantages, one is "time", is the provincial training time, high-quality staff can quickly grasp the new technology; the two is "labor", high-quality staff to be familiar with the work quickly; the three is "money", high quality employees, can save a lot of low levels of training funds for the enterprise.
2.2.2 professionals to "stable closed".According to the production characteristics of power enterprise, operation, maintenance and other technical personnel with the increase of work experience, the equipment principle, system flow, operation regulations and technical proficiency degree increasing, the ability of solving problems have been strengthened, to ensure that equipment is safe, stable, efficient operation.Dialectical view of "talent flow" "a gang can" approach, the author thinks that the flow of professionals to small.
2.2.3 retirement reserve personnel to do the "training".Professional staff after years of practice, experience more and more rich, when their energy, physical go from bad to worse, especially such as line maintenance, equipment maintenance and other physical old employees, in retirement, two years before, to enterprise training, do a good job "," work, can activate a lot human resources.
2.3 the employee welfare pay attention to "three requirements:
Welfare reflects the enterprise long-term commitment to employees, many enterprises in the pursuit of long-term development staff, identify more welfare rather than merely paid.
2.3.1 mandatory benefits should be protected.According to the national labor laws
Regulatory requirements, enterprises must provide employees buy endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, etc..These benefits are mandatory and "reciprocity", it is the guarantee to employees, is the enterprise security.These benefits is the foundation of all welfare, is the maintenance of enterprise security.
2.3.2 voluntary welfare to have the choice.Electric power enterprises in the benefits of better circumstances, for small benefits, to gradually implement, enhance employee cohesion and centripetal force.For large welfare, such as housing subsidies, subsidies to purchase a car, to understand the needs of employees, can select one or two, to further enhance the employee's sense of honor and the sense of belonging.
2.3.3 against all benefits monetization.Welfare is transformed form of currency, is an important supplement to staff salaries and bonuses and other cash income.In the incentive factors, welfare belongs to the material aspects, it is not equivalent to the compensation.In the staff at the reception, send flowers; during the holidays, business leaders with employees.These rich distinctive benefits, not only enrich the life of staff, at the same time give enterprises the noble enterprise culture.
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