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Employee psychological strike -- your notice?

Author: WangJinZuo WangHongLi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-31 01:48:22 Read:
[Abstract] "psychological strike" this concept is understood, the staff on the work enthusiasm and initiative to give up.In this case, mental employees on strike just do the necessary work, other work, even if the surface is not rejected, but at least feel in the heart tired, there is a class of employees are a lot of companies, they have a psychological strike mood, and refused to make contributions in work, the best performance.
[keyword] staff; psychological strike;

[Abstract] Having a mind to that this concept is understood for the employee, to individual job enthusiasm and initiative abandons'the mentality strike. In such circumstances, the striking employee of mentality does the most necessary job, the job to other only, refuse even if not indicating that superficially, feel being fed up with but at least in the heart, having such kind of employee in many enterprise, they mood having one kind of mentality strike, refuse to contribute sparing no effort in the job and, make best achievement out.

[] Key words Employee; Mentality strike; Enterprise
The concept of "psychological strike" is understood as, staff on the work enthusiasm and initiative to give up.In this case, mental employees on strike just do the necessary work, that is to say, only do they have to finish the work.In other work, even if the surface is not rejected, but at least feel in the heart tired, and only until the time will not wait, these employees will do.There is a class of employees are a lot of companies, they have a psychological strike mood, and refused to contribute fully in the work, make the best performance.

1 psychological strike could lead to the development of enterprises consequences of

This only in accordance with the rules will allow enterprises to pay a high price, because the psychological strike of staff is most potential creativity away, and the potential employee creativity is one of the guarantees for enterprises to win in the market competition.If you are a corporate managers, do not simply think, these psychological strikers mentality, has only a single work efficiency drops or neglect.This is no interest in work, and even some negative attitude will continue to accumulate, and even affect the team's work state.Always complain about the employee strike, will bring every positive other members of a team to show all nip in the bud, but this only according to the rules would have to a large extent to other employees play to his creative ability hinder.
"Psychological strike" phenomenon in reality, the loss is very difficult to accurately calculate the.As a business manager, you can estimate with a simple way.Suppose there are 1/5 in your employees who are in a psychological state of the strike, you can be sure, when you pay at least 1/5 have not been fully utilized.If the 1/5 salary can be fully utilized, it will bring more value to the enterprise.
In addition, if this psychological employees strike exist for a long time, important condition of the enterprise will lose to win the necessary in the process of competition, which is from their own creative potential.This loss of creative potential, so that the whole enterprise staff performance level will gradually decline, a sharp rise in management fees, because in order to complete the task, the enterprise needs more manpower.The enterprise will be very difficult to recruit the devotion to the work of employees, resulting in shortage of talent.Because in this working environment, employees will know soon, which enterprises are suitable for self-motivated, creative staff, and has a high level of performance, in which business people can cope with work, ".

The 2 resulting in staff Heart Strike factor

The employees "psychological strike" to the enterprise may cause all sorts of harm.But the cause of psychological strikers are not born but acquired in the process of enterprise management, the factors causing psychological strike, should further thought, because prevention is better than cure.According to a company with 900 employees of investigation, the following serious leadership errors may cause psychological strike.
The working principle of the follow the leader behavior of 2.1 managers is not transparent, the attitude of the staff is not straightforward, and refused to admit their mistakes in the work of errors, in order to save face, unable to realize to the employee commitment, even in the work process of commitment was always looking for excuses to justify himself, or simply keep from talking about.
The 2.2 managers more eccentric to individual employees, often concerned about some of their own and close, have special relations staff; listen to only one side is formed in solving the problem, in a raise, promotion or job information, can not do a fair, open.
2.3 because of the fear of things to the employee's decision failed inconstant in policy, all the details must be controlled, and sometimes even unreasonable requirements, limits the employees in the work of leeway.
2.4 others criticize improvements case, did not admit mistakes in work, but add fuel to the flames, the development is not smooth work to employees, or too generous, do not take any preventive measures, to prevent it again now.
2.5 often make departments within the business experts burden overweight, while ignoring the employees who performance is low, do not try to help and encourage these vulnerable employees.
2.6 no regularly to the staff meeting, and at the meeting of the staff to make good grades or for some not just as one wishes performance openly published personal views.
2.7 of the employees in daily life, work, do not care about.For example: do not encourage employees of mutual learning, exchange experience, to do the more important work, when employees want to mobilize the position in the enterprise, or promotion of time, good block.
2.8 problems that responsibility is more important than learning from a mistake.
2.9 for employees, managers do not have clear tasks and to be responsible for the work in the field, therefore, people can always find excuses to shirk their responsibilities.The above research results is not comprehensive, but can draw the wrong leadership style is an important factor to cause psychological strike.3 under the current situation, how to prevent employee of this psychological strike

Affected by the financial crisis, have certain impact on the development of various industries, some enterprises have even closed down, bankruptcy, and most of the enterprises have taken measures to get jobs.Enterprises in this environment the difficult survival and development, management cannot ignore more employees of this psychological strike.The following example, employee heart strike may help you prevent.
Mr. Zhang is a marketing director at a carbon product company, responsible for the domestic market, the company product sales, affected by the financial crisis, the market environment is not good, the sales staff enthusiasm to reduce, increase resistance to complain, daily work, decline in the performance of all the different levels of.Travel times are reduced by 60%, and rest on our laurels, dawdle in the sales staff, sales staff and even thought of some enterprises can not survive, the company's products also appeared in a short time the backlog problem can not be solved.>
In order to boost the morale of the employees, Mr. Zhang often please eat a meal, at the dinner table, and you talk about, and exchange work experience.Mr. Zhang also proposes to draw a month's time, and the changing of the guard ran sales staff.Mr. Zhang said: "if I do not personally go into battle, everyone will think I don't know how they work hard, I do personally, if done better than them, they have no words, if not, we do more research on the question of where, if it can be resolved, it is beneficial harmless."After the implementation of the guard sales method, the company to keep the domestic market share of 70%.The product backlog of ease.
In this case, Mr. Zhang took several strategies, resolve the backlog problem.With the staff to communicate.Mr. Zhang and staff at the dinner table a lesbian, listen to the voices of employees, closer to the employees of the distance, so that employees are more willing to communicate with me; showed tenacity and courage to overcome difficulties.Mr. Zhang at the front line, personally involved in the sales work and achieved good performance, as an example to subordinates to overcome difficulties; use of positive psychological boost, not accused of staff is to give more encouragement.In this way, friendly image win support among the people, they will be more willing to put in the effort.
With the above analysis, the prevention of such psychological strike, the long-term development of enterprises.First of all, the most important is, after a detailed study on the actual performance of staff, to communicate with employees and talked about this problem.In this kind of conversation to explicitly tell the staff, what kind of requirements on them, as the leadership will be how to do.In addition, should also be and they work together to establish the individual or department performance goals.At the same time stressed, they do everything by rule approach was very dissatisfied, they should try their best to work hard.In this work, first they comply with the provisions of the agreement, otherwise they will lose their trust.At the same time should also require employees to improve their performance, so as to make the team cooperation between the more successful.
Secondly, the appropriate strengthening supervision of psychological strike staff, let them report on progress of the work to your regular, oneself also should often go to first-line, to work up and see.To do this, behavior until the employee can let you decide, they are trying to change, and is moving in the positive efforts.After doing all these still can not relax their work.To further and employee to develop long-term performance goals, and through the communication between employees and to ensure that these goals can be implemented.Again, if, no matter how to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff doesn't work, psychological employees on strike still refuse to make any change, so, you can decide to make an example of sb.
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