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The basic relationship between office deputy should be handled

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[Abstract] Office Deputy how to handle basic working relationship, is not only a theoretical problem, but also a practice problem, this article from the relationship with them: if green red lining; and Deputy: everyone firewood high flame; the relationship with subordinate: connecting three aspects analyzes the basic relationship between hub deputy office should be dealt with.
[keyword] office deputy; basic relation; its role of

[Abstract] How office position of a deputy to the chief of an office finishes handling fundamental job relation, not only be a theory problem, also be one that carry out problem, from the main body of a book being a willing greenery'with the principal relation 'putting Carthamus tinctorious underneath; Relation with the position of a deputy to the chief of an office; Great things may be done by mass effort; And relation affiliated to ministry; Carry forward in a new paragraph assuming key position tray in three aspects having analysed office position of a deputy to the chief of an office should handle the good basic relation.

[Key words] Office position of a deputy to the chief of an office; Basic relation; Oneself effect

Deputy office how to play their own role, is an important content of the construction of secretary of leadership.In office practice, some deputies said: "good as deputy".The reason is: on the job, a subordinate, event at the clappers, small subordinate is dry, the responsibility borne collectively.Some deputies complained: "when the deputy is a chore, brisk walking step has offside suspicion, slow step and irresponsible tired."Some deputies said: "the deputy is called go, go."How to be a good assistant, I experience office deputy is: play a standard role, correctly handle the relations between and regular, and other deputies, and subordinates, and art method of leadership master deputy position.

Relationship between 1 and chief: being green red lining

In the office of leadership, principal deputy overall, although each side block, but in a "supporting role" position.The office deputy should deeply understand Comrade Jiang Zemin said "the Communists must be determined to do great things, the essence of not to be a high official", "supporting role" self strengthen consciousness, dilute the power concept, to achieve understanding and measures are in place, put in place, and pay attention to the following three points:
1.1 thus not blindly.The deputy to respect the duty to obey the leadership, according to the chief's intention to act, and do a good job of work, and consciously safeguard the core position of chief.Obey job should pay attention to three points: first, in matters of principle, to stand, not compromise; second, in principle should pay attention to methods, pay attention to the situation, consider the effect, do the "advice" pleasing to the ear; third, to be forthright, was wronged, to pursue the "big belly." philosophy, the overall situation.
1.2 staff and not to seek.Deputy Secretary of the leadership decision-making as participants, to be good at the staff, to assist the chief decision, to achieve the following three points: to seek.For more job opportunity, decision analysis, to provide basis for decision making, a decision scheme, and strive to accurate.Two to be good.Deputy when staff, should often go to first-line, investigation and research, to grasp the situation, a comprehensive demonstration, put forward the best scheme for the leader and team decision making.Three to be clever and.To give advice and suggestions to the work unit, to seek in the unit's interests, and in the needs of the people.
1.3 but not annexed.A variety of office affairs, job a multitude of things, involved in all aspects of.Therefore, the deputy to help them get rid of the specific affairs entangled, so that the spare energy thinking and deal with major issues.One is in the principal task when volunteered, assigned tasks to complete, then take remedial measures to improve the job.Two is a bold charge in encounter difficulties, differ not to lean, is no obstacle, try various devices to, resolve.The three is in the event of a conflict between her out, can't stand or sit idly by, not take pleasure in other people's misfortune and to maltreat an injured person, should proceed from the overall situation, to the top clearance.

Relations between the 2 and the Deputy: everyone firewood high flame

In the high, intermediate secretary, number of deputies, they are the chief assistant, in team occupies the equally important position, their mutual relations, directly affect the secretary team overall performance of the play.Therefore, the deputies also master and other deputies to work with art, reduce friction work as far as possible, the formation of a unity and mutual aid situation, ensure the overall function of secretary team efficiency.In particular, we should pay attention to the following three points:
The 2.1 competition and not jealous.Deputies are flat in administrative positions, work is collaborative partners, have their own responsibility, all want to own responsible for doing a good job, so often become rivals, easily induced by each other's jealousy, affect the internal unity.Therefore, they must have good competitive state of mind and magnanimous tolerance: one is to put the competitive mind is, use, do a good job on the.The two is to rely on their own due diligence, diligent and honest, outstanding performance to win the trust and the lower support.Three other deputy not to judge, to adhere to the principles of mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual coordination principle, active communication, exchange of information, to create a competitive atmosphere, and have teamwork spirit and good office environment.
2.2 support but not to obstruct.As the saying goes: "support and friendship is more important than anything".But some of the principal deputy support work spare no effort, but for other deputies work support is not a positive, sometimes even against each other, greatly damaged the office of unity and secretary work smoothly.Therefore, the deputy is to focus on yourself, do their own thing, avoid meddling in other department in charge of the work; two is to meet other deputies subordinates to reflect the situation, starting from the maintenance team unity and the overall interests of the unit, do the work, and not ultra vires act; three to communicate and cooperate with the work, not buck-passing, act of one's own free will, contradiction is not random diffusion, and timely communication to solve.
The 2.3 division of labor without separation.Generally speaking, there is a clear division of labor between the respective deputy, in charge of certain aspects of the work, the clear responsibility, to eliminate the gap is very necessary.But in practice often appear "the blow of each number, each singing a different tune" phenomenon, hurt the friendship between each other, affecting the overall effectiveness of the secretarial staff.In response, some comrades summed up such a good experience: "things we catch, individual key with the other, each have an account, meet the separation."Worthy of our reference.Only do both division and cooperation, promote the leadership team unity ability, is conducive to the realization of the goal.3 relation to subordinate: connecting as the hub

In general, the Deputy principal understanding of bridge is subordinate work, play a connecting role.Deputy office to play a pivotal role, won the junior's support and the support, in addition to make oneself an example, take the lead, be honest, be strict with oneself, should also pay special attention to the following three points:
3.1 trust but not arranged.As the saying goes
Leadership: "diligent, subordinate dependence."If a leader for his mind, so his subordinates had no idea.A good leader is not the details of his dry what happened, but that he can make the subordinate to the Director-General and to officer.As long as the subordinates in the most suitable positions, each employee is talent.The deputies in the work should fully rely on and trust subordinates, and subordinates job duties, dare to let go, can't do evevthing on behalf of sb.Otherwise, is bound to dampen enthusiasm of staff, the work efficiency and the overall effect.
3.2 love without shelter.The heavy work pressure, office deputy to care for subordinates: be concerned about their thought, study and life, to help solve their practical difficulties, to feel the organization to increase feelings of warmth,, in order to promote the smooth development of the work.However, when the subordinates have shortcomings or mistakes, deputy should help in time, but to analyze the reasons, pay attention to the situation, pay attention to the method, not only can not condone, shield and give error, also can not be analytically exaggeration, down at one stroke, should take the initiative to help them and summarize the experience lesson, move forward.
3.3 take responsibility and not shirk.In the work of the Secretariat, leading cadres will inevitably be affiliated with the friction and contradiction, ranging from bitterness, may lead to confrontation, and the principal are often the focus of contradictions, the deputy chief "due to welcome" consciousness, initiative to coordinate all kinds of relations.One is the processing difficulties lead.In the event of emergency and crisis, deputy to the first arrived at the scene, calm the situation, control the situation; to offend people, deputy to dare to sing the "bad cop", the evil wind evil pressure.Two is a good secretary "punching bag".The Secretary felt anger, is generally the first to find the Deputy grumble, told stories, sometimes even unreasonable.In this regard, deputy to patiently listen to, and have the courage to take responsibility, to push the work responsibility, at the same time to explain the persuasion, to eliminate misunderstanding, under the harmonious relationship.Three is to do regular contact's media.The subordinate and regular exchanges are more cautious, and Deputy relatively open.Therefore, they want to take advantage of this, making good popularity, as a link between regular and subordinate relationship, close.
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