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On the regional innovation system running "forty-three structure model and mechanism of

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Author: of Hu Shu Hua Dengheng into Muren Yan Yang

Paper Keywords: innovation in the regional innovation system into the main innovation innovative content innovation output
Abstract: Regional innovation is a complex system engineering, the use of "structure" model support in-depth analysis of regional innovation system operation mechanism of this project: from innovation, the main innovation, innovation, innovation output four aspects that "structure" model; and elaborated structure from the angle of the relationship between the output of innovation and innovative content, innovative content with the main innovation, innovation output and innovation body, the main innovation and investment in innovation " relations within the model; traction from the output elements of collaboration, feedback loops, leading to convert the four aspects of the model operation mechanism of the structure ...
1 Introduction
The regional innovation system is non-linear, multi-order complex systems. Since the British scholar Cook put forward the concept of regional innovation system ..., many scholars this study abroad Autio, (1998), Schienstock (2000), JanGLambooy (2002), DavidDoloreax (2003), the domestic Hu Zhi Jian (1999) competitiveness (2000)., Zhang Dunfu (2000), Liu Shuguang (2004), Wei Jiang (2005), he wins and Steel (2006), most of them built the structural model contains information about the main innovation. However, due to differences in the different academic backgrounds, research perspective, the structural model of the regional innovation system has not yet obtained the unanimous approval. The main innovation is, there are three elements that (business, government, universities and research institutes) "and" said the five elements (corporate, government, universities and research institutes, intermediary services, financial institutions) debate, This is to some extent reduce the the theory practical significance. In this paper, based on the absorption of existing research results, according to the regional economy in the process of regional economic development in China to the integration of economic, resource economy to a knowledge economy the introduction based economy inward growing economic conversion needed to solve the enterprise research institutes multi-agent technology system to manage multiple products industry environment multi-level integration problems as the focal point, the system exploration investment in regional innovation system is running, the main content and output of the model of the "structure" and mechanism, trying to reveal the inherent law of regional innovation, scientific and orderly build for our innovation-oriented country, two types of social construction and enhance the overall regional competitiveness find viable high theoretical basis.
2 Regional Innovation System "structure" model
Regional innovation system includes innovative output, innovative content, the main innovation, innovation put into four parts, each of which contains three major sections, so called "structure", as shown in Figure 1. Specific description as follows:

2.1 innovation output
Regional Innovation System innovation outputs include three levels of the environment, industry, products, where products are direct market reflects regional economic competitiveness, the industry is the carrier of the regional economy, the environment for regional economic development and innovation activities in the region to create conditions and provide power .
(1) Setting. Regional Innovation System environment, including the environment and regional environment in the region, the environment here refers specifically to be able to innovate within the region subject can affect the environment, including both infrastructure and living facilities and other hard environment, including market system, policy institutional, intermediary services, talent market soft environment, but also include interactive exchanges between regional innovation subjectivity. Innovation environment in the region to some extent, the main activity behavior of regional innovation and regional innovation system efficiency. In view of this particular concept, where the environment can and should become a regional innovation system of innovation output, can be called environmental innovation for innovation activities carried out by the regional innovation environment, designed to make it a regional economic development boosters.
(2) industry. Industry has some similar attributes, and the interaction and mutual influence of the main economic activity of the collection industry in the region is the carrier of the regional economy, by the number of production or similar enterprises offering similar products or complementary enterprises, it is past the results of the regional economic development, regional innovation main behavioral activity, of course, can be the output of the regional innovation system. For regional industrial innovation activities carried out can be called industrial innovation, including the structural adjustment of the industry in a region Q, the formation of industrial structure adjustment, extension of industrial chain, industrial upgrading, industrial scale expansion of industrial clusters.
(3). The product is a direct manifestation of the regional economic competitiveness, both inter-regional competition, industry competition or enterprise competition to competition will eventually be implemented. Series of innovative activities carried out for the product, you can call the product innovation, aims to reduce product costs, improve product functionality, and ultimately increase value-added products. Similar to Silicon Valley launched can achieve industrial breakthrough, the change innovative products to lead the development of the times is the pursuit of the goal of many high-tech park.
2.2 innovative content
The three parts of the regional innovation system of innovation includes technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation. The reason why these three as innovative content, is considered from the perspective of the convention. Has appeared from the trajectory of the innovative research, technological innovation and institutional innovation are two types of this type of management innovation; since then Drucker introduced the concept of innovation management theory and management theory and practice a variety of management innovation. Classic literature, however, is difficult to see the reference to the "technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation and the three side-by-side, more a lack of systematic, clear, convincing distinction. From the perspective of facilitate regional innovation system built here, do the following defined:
(1) technological innovation. In the understanding of a variety of technological innovation, you can make the distinction between narrow and broad, narrow technical innovation begins with research and development and finally the market to achieve; a generalized technological innovation, began in inventions and finally technology diffusion. Technological innovation is fundamental to sustainable development of the regional economy, its production, application and diffusion of regional innovation system innovation output, the main innovation, investment in innovation as well as other innovative content directly related to, a central element of the regional innovation system.
(2) institutional innovation. The system is the rules of the organization, the innovative behavior of the main innovation incentives and protection of innovation output to support the effective implementation of technological innovation and the effective functioning of the regional innovation system. Sometimes, however, the system will stifle innovation occurs, requiring institutional innovation. Institutional innovation is the choice of organizational norms system, creating new and optimized generic term, including the adjustment of the system, improve, reform and replacement.
(3) management innovation. There are countless understanding of the management, this paper considers the management of available resources in order to achieve the effective integration organization established objectives, and responsibilities dynamic activity. From this definition, management innovation should be: with more effective ways and means to integrate organizational resources in order to more effectively achieve organizational goals and responsibilities. Managed the development of the real for the development of the practice of management innovation, management theory and management rules are mostly fruits up and extraction of management innovation.
2.3 The main innovation
The main innovation of the relevant regional innovation systems discussed at home and abroad have been discussed quite a lot here in the International Association of Science-Based Industrial Park in June 1993 in the Ninth World Congress "Three in theory be adjusted on the basis of on proposed Regional Innovation body should contain three parts of the government, enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities, the main function is to nurture talent for innovative services intermediaries and financial sector institutions as environmental factors within the region.
(1) Government. Government institutions of various administrative matters within the scope of the district administrative region, is the main body in charge of public power, the organizational system is set up according to certain rules. Government action by their degree of cognitive function and performance activities. Government functions and give full play to the role of the market is always correct market failures, insufficient to compensate for market linked to the government and the market is coordinated and complementary relationship is an important aspect of government functioning. Government of cognitive function and play a lot of space for government innovation. Government as a direct participant of the important elements of regional innovation system, both regional innovation activities rule-makers, but also the regional innovation activities, should become the subject of regional innovation.
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