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To investigate the role of incentive pay

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[Abstract] salary management is the core of modern human resources management, scientific salary system can effectively stimulate staff's enthusiasm and creativity, make it play the greatest potential.This paper introduces the concept of compensation and incentive, proposed the influence of salary incentive, and proposed to strengthen the role of the compensation incentive measures.
[keyword] staff motivation; compensation management; performance of

[Abstract] Salary payment manages the core being modern Human Resource Management, that the science salary payment system can stimulate employee 's enthusiasm and creative ability effectively, makes the person bring maximal latent energy into play out. The concept the main body of a book is stimulated from introducing that the salary responds with a poem has started off, has brought forward an impact of salary payment over excitation, has brought forward the measure strengthening salary payment stimulating an effect and.

[Key words] Employee is stimulated; Salary payment is managed; Achievement effect

Facing the fierce competition in the business environment, human resources management will be key to the success of the enterprise, the perfect system of compensation is to develop and retain talent of the most powerful tool to attract, motivate.How to strengthen the function of incentive pay, to maximize employee work enthusiasm and potential, become the difficulty of enterprise salary management.

1 salary management and motivation of

The concept and classification of the 1.1 pay.
The concept of 1.1.1 compensation.
Salary is the staff to the unit for the supply of labor or labor and access to all forms of compensation or reward.
Classification of 1.1.2 compensation.Based on the mechanism of compensation, the compensation is divided into external and internal salary compensation.External compensation unit is made to the employee's contribution and payment to the various forms of employee's income.Including wages, salaries, bonuses, benefits, stock options and the payment of various indirect monetary form of welfare.The internal compensation is due to his hard work and the promotion, praise and attention, resulting in the sense of honor, sense of achievement, sense of responsibility.
1.2 compensation management.
Compensation management is the enterprise management of the enterprise employee compensation payments, payment standard level, elements of structure determination, distribution and the adjustment process.In this process, the enterprise must make the decision on compensation level, compensation system, compensation structure, compensation form.
1.3 staff motivation.
Motivation is to stimulate and encourage.The excitation is of human motivation, encouragement refers to the behavior of people tend to be controlled.The so-called incentive is in human resource management, using the theory and method of incentive, various needs of the staff to meet the requirements and limitations in different degrees, so as to bring their mental status changes and to stimulate motivation, cause the behavior goal, and by strengthening the positive and negative aspects, control and regulation of behavior.

2 compensation effect on the excitation of the

2.1 salary is the power source of staff incentive.
The United States Harvard University psychologist William ? James in the study of incentive to the employees found in general position, lack of incentives, workers can only play its actual working ability of 20% ~ 30%, because only do this, is enough to keep their jobs.But is sufficient incentive to employees, their potential can play up to 80% ~ 90%.This means that a person with normal working ability and the incentive to (play) working ability levels are about 60% of the gap.
The salary is very important to the employees, it is not only a means of livelihood of employees, satisfy their material needs to fundamentally, but also to satisfy their own sense of value, which affects to a large extent play each one's emotion, enthusiasm and ability.Therefore, the compensation to motivate employees, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, has a role can not be underestimated.
2.2 compensation can incentive performance.
Staff on the work not born without motivation or incentive.Employees will be according to their own understanding of the world, to choose to meet their own needs, behavior.How to explain how to form and reflect the idea is the most effective method of expectation theory, there are 3 key concepts in the theory:
The results of 2.2.1 performance expectations.Everyone in the psychologically to various behavior and some results (reward or punishment) connection, also is the people thought that if their actions are consistent with the way, they can get some reward.
2.2.2 attraction.A result has a different appeal to different experience.Values reflect individual needs, values of each person is different.Some people think that material reward is more real, but some employees think promotion opportunity is more important.
2.2.3 effort - Performance expectations.Staff will focus on successful possibility.This expectation represents the degree of difficulty encountered to complete these individual behavior of perception.
If individuals believe that their behavior can bring some results (performance - the results expected), find the results to be attractive enough to yourself, and that can achieve the desired level of performance (effort - performance expectations), he will show the most intense action.
2.3 salary system can stimulate staff development skills.
Many performance wage system is generated by indirect incentives from the skills of performance to achieve this goal, technical level and some research and development is directly involved in reward for skill development.Visible compensation system can be used to encourage skill development.

3 enhanced compensation incentives measures

The 3.1 fair, justice, open forever is the cornerstone of the salary incentive.
The basic idea of Adams' equity theory is: when a person to make achievements and obtain remuneration, the absolute amount he not only care about income from remuneration for his own, and care about their relative amount of income from remuneration for the.Therefore, he wants to make sure their remuneration is reasonable for a variety of comparison, comparing the results will directly affect the enthusiasm of the future work.How to judge a compensation system is fair or unfair? We usually consider is employee input and output.Input refers to the employee put complete job knowledge.Skills, abilities, experience and effort, the enterprise as a measuring return basis.Output refers to the employees because of the performance of the company's contribution and the specific performance of the reward.Employees can be compared with others can also be compared with his past, see the input-output ratio equal as is it right?.The principle of fairness can be simply expressed as:

Input output output input A/ A= B/ B

In the formula, A, B respectively represent two employees, they can be two jobs the same business, can also be two jobs in different enterprises; can be in the two position the same level rank, also can be in the two position different grade rank.The principle of fairness is the requirement of both A and B in what position, two of the ratio of input and output are always equal.Usually the more easily
Employees subjective influence, so the enterprise can be guided by the fair compensation system and the public pay to employees correctly judge the fairness of compensation.Salary is based on equality, fairness can really play a role in encouraging, if the company internal phenomena, the same pay workers so, salary is not at work to stimulate people's enthusiasm, but to stimulate people's feeling of be indignant, the result might have been a series of potential flashpoint in the problem, its negative effect also prominent, affecting the normal work.
3.2 to improve the salary structure, increase the incentive factors.
The requirements of enterprise in salary structure to meet the actual needs of employees may. is requests the enterprise in all kinds of internal, at all levels pay level, to the appropriate distance, truly reflect the distribution according to ability, skills, according to the principle of distribution according to performance and reward. is requests the enterprise reward and punishment should be appropriate, because the rewards and punishment intensity will directly influence the incentive effect.Award overweight employees would have to meet the mood of pride and, lost the desire to further enhance their own; reward too light will not to the incentive effect, or to let the employees do not have a sense of importance.Heavy penalties are unfair to make employees, or loss of the company's identity, or even sabotage or destructive emotions; punishment too light will allow employees to despise serious errors, which will probably make the same mistake.The enterprise salary mainly comprises a fixed salary and floating salary, often fixed salary occupies the main position, in order to increase the role of incentive pay, enterprises to deal with the compensation structure, compensation structure should better reflect the difference between positions and performance assessment, namely, increasing the floating inspired in part by the payment, at the same time division salary grade.3.3 select a competitive salary level.
Compensation is one of the most important role is to retain and attract good employees, effectively prevent the loss of talent.This requires require companies to pay compensation in a better level in the same industry, in order to attract, retain the enterprise need talent, and better play the salary incentive effect.Of course, an enterprise's salary level should be in what position in the market, to the enterprise development strategy.Other resources financial expenditure ability, talent needed to market demand and enterprise has good reputation in the market, such as the specific terms and conditions.
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