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On the application of project management in the enterprise human resource management

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[Abstract] to explore the specific work in human resource management as a project, and the feasibility of the project management in the way; combined with the characteristics of human resource project, analyses the application of project management need to pay attention to the problem in human resource management.
[keyword] project management human resource management

Project management as a new management method, and combined with the function of management, will greatly improve the efficiency of management of the enterprise.In all of the resources of enterprises, human is the most important resource, so human resource management has become the enterprise management functions among the most important.Methods human resource management can be introduced into the project management? How to better apply project management method is introduced to the human resources management to? Introduction of project management methods can improve the efficiency of human resource management, and make it better for the enterprise services? Here we try to discuss.
The basic task of the human resource management is to attract, retain, incentive and organization for the development of human resources needed to achieve the goals of the organization, to, so that the organization can survive and develop in the market competition.American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA) human resources management of the daily work summarized in ten aspects, including staffing, personnel, labor relations, training and development, salary management, work and working ideas, organization, management, improved way that business policy and planning, human resources audit and research.This work can be summarized as simply make the recruitment, training, performance appraisal, salary system reform, establish or organizational planning or improved, regulations or perfect.If you can put these work as a project?
According to the American Project Management Institute PMBOK Guide (PMBOK Guide), the project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.According to the project definition, project is a temporary endeavor, usually has a definite beginning and end, and eventually create a unique deliverables.The goal of the project is to achieve its objectives, and then the end of the project, which is the key to distinguish the project and the daily operation of the place.Human resources management in the recruitment, training, performance appraisal is often the work to be done, but every time the recruitment, training, performance appraisal, desired goals are not the same, every job actually produces a unique achievement, for the salary system reform, establishment or organization planning or improved, regulations or improve the work is required to produce an innovative achievements.A job fair, a training, an assessment, organization, system innovation or change, human resources management of the daily work is more temporary hard again, each job has a start and end constraints, so a lot of work in human resources management can be seen as a project management, project mode.
Human resource management human resource management, project management and project management are two different concepts.Project management human resources management refers to the tools and technology of project management ideas and methods, to be used in human resource management, including the comprehensive use of all of the project management knowledge.Human resources management of project management is the effective management of the project human resource, is an area of nine knowledge areas of project management in various processes, including the project team building and management, including the human resource planning, project team, project team construction and project team management.Simply speaking, the former is the application of project management in the human resources of the daily management work skills, while the latter is the use of human resources management in project management skills.
According to PMBOK guidelines, project management is the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques used in the project, to meet the requirements of the project, project management is carried out through the application and integration of starting, planning, execution, control and completion of project management process.Therefore, the project management has the characteristics of goal-oriented, systematic management, process monitoring.
Goal oriented project management including the ultimate goal is to make the project deliverables can achieve or exceed the project stakeholders (stakeholders) requirements, and in the course of the operation of the project each stage has specific deliverables.
Project management is a systematic management, project management, including the nine knowledge areas of project integration management, project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project quality management, project human resource management, project communication management, project risk management, project procurement management, which also includes some unique project management knowledge, tools and technology, at the start of the project to be applied in the whole process project closure.
Project management process control.Project management the project start, planning, execution, divided into monitoring and ending five process groups, each group has its own work basis (input) and deliverables (output), and monitored by deliverables to process group work basis, can ensure the project final deliverables results meet the requirements of the project.
The introduction of project management methods in human resource management, is based on the characteristics of project management, combined with the characteristics of human resource project, flexibility in the use of project management knowledge, skills, tools and techniques.
Human resources project has the following characteristics compared with other projects:
(1) the project is generally small, but the project stakeholders (stakeholders) more.
(2) the project cycle is generally not long.
(3) the project is complex degree is not high, most of the projects strong repeatability, a project is a one-time, and enterprises can not draw on the experience of.
(4) the impact of the project on the internal comparison.
(5) the cost of the project, project procurement in general less.
(6) the project risk is generally easy to control.Combined with the characteristics of human resource project, the introduction of project management should pay attention to the following problems in the human resource management:
(1) the human resources project of small projects, target sometimes is not clear, but the project stakeholders more, every stakeholder has not only the surface easy to find more potential demand, not easy to find the demand, so the project communication management is particularly important.The person in charge of the project through full communication during the start-up phase is clear about the project target, through the timely communication and coordination interested in various aspects of the project execution phase, the project deliverables meet or exceed stakeholder final requirements.In some large and important projects such as human resources, performance appraisal, salary system establishment or reform, organizational change, and even the need to establish specific communication planning.
(2) the human resources project cycle is not long, but because of the cycle is not long, so the project time requirements more stringent, the decomposition map and schedule, can make the project to complete the process must be implemented on time.
(3) the human resources project most strong repeatability, a one-time items in the enterprise has no experience, so to summarize very important for the project, collect project records, analyze project success or failure, gather lessons learned, and all the data and information archive, for future reference.
(4) the human resources project cost less, but can not ignore the project time, cost, quality of this triangle dynamic relationship, how to use the shortest time, the lowest cost, to achieve the highest quality, which is responsible for the human resources project people must also be considered.
(5) the human resources project due to relatively small and the cycle is not long, the project risk is usually easy to control, but because of the influence of human resource project on internal comparison, as the human resources project is responsible for the control of people still need to pay attention to the risk of project.
The characteristics of human resource is the most initiative, in other words, full of flexibility, as the management of human resources should also be fully meet the flexibility requirement, project management is the key means to achieve flexibility.Project management on operation mode to maximize the use of external resources, can fundamentally improve the efficiency of enterprise management.Project management since the nineteen fifties development today, after a long exploration summary, gradually developed into an independent discipline, formed a knowledge system and method system of perfect theory, its application domain from the aerospace, military industry, construction and other industries expanded to almost all walks of life, become an important enterprise management tools, its value is widely accepted in practice.
In summary, methods of human resource management work can be the introduction of project management, the project management of the
Knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to human resources workers provides a good tool for the implementation and control means, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of human resources management, better and make the service as a business enterprise target.
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