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Adhere to the scientific development theory to improve the efficiency of human resources management

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[Abstract] with the scientific outlook on development as guidance, to improve the efficiency of human resource management is the radio and TV transmitting station to break the traditional management mode, explore the realistic subject innovation management.This paper puts forward the solution to the existing stations of human resource management efficiency is not high and affect the sustainable development of the cause of the problem of stations.
[keyword] scientific development to improve the efficiency of human resource and

Scientific outlook on development is the important thought of Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and three represents another important theory innovation and the guide to action.It is the latest theoretical achievement to promote the political, economic, social, cultural, science and technology of China's comprehensive development under the new situation.The theory of scientific development to guide China's economy in the face of globalization competition and improve the efficiency of human resource management practice, which has important guiding significance.
The core idea of scientific outlook on development is people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development to promote the.In the era of knowledge economy, human resource is the first resource as acknowledged by the whole society.To improve the efficiency of human resource management, improve the comprehensive quality of human resources, human resources development in depth and breadth, is of great significance to the development of the whole social material, economic and scientific and technological progress etc..How to apply the scientific concept of development, innovation of human resource management method, human resource development channels, improve the efficiency of human resource management, always is need to pay attention to and solve the realistic subject in front of all levels of management.
"Twenty-first Century is the competition of talents" has become a broad consensus.All kinds of talented people from different human resources inventory, divided into different levels and categories.As taking the National Radio and television transmission main force task state radio, is an institution to shortwave, medium wave, FM, TV, microwave and satellite and other electronic signal transmission and emission is the main task of the.The main content is the safe broadcasting, technology equipment maintenance, infrastructure construction, development and R & d..After years of "west new project" (namely Tibet Xinjiang radio and television coverage Engineering) of baptism, created the history of the construction of radio and television in China's miracle, emerged various rise above the common herd of professional technical and management personnel, built with radio and television stations network of modern first-class, be obvious to people broadcast television transmission and improve the quality of coverage.In the splendid achievement at the same time, we should see, affected by the traditional management mode and concept, internal management of each base station distribution throughout the country, especially the human resource management can not keep up the pace of upgrading technology and equipment, but also can not adapt to the requirements of modern management and application of the new technology of digital, network automation, as the representative of the.Attach importance to the technical equipment, capital investment, human resource management effectiveness contempt to the phenomenon exists, and, some aspects are affecting, restricts the sustainable development of radio and television transmission and emission career.National distribution in the base station is an independent corporate units, comprehensive function has set security transmission, technological innovation, enterprise management.These functions can be achieved depends on the vast number of high-quality staff team, namely the high quality human resource act with united strength and coordination.Human resource group of high quality, complete with security for radio transmission as the center, digital, information, networking, automation as the representative of modern technology and modern enterprise management as the support of radio and television transmission, in short, long-term objectives and tasks with ten important role.Therefore, I think, adhere to the scientific development theory, to improve the efficiency of radio management of human resources is a key factor to achieve these goals.Only when we grasp this key factor, continuously improve the efficiency of human resource management, in order to keep up with the pace of the new technology, makes the fast transmission, wide coverage, safe and reliable, high quality and efficient modern media system, promote the overall development of radio business, to achieve a multiplier effect.

1, firmly establish the human resources are important units of assets and the concept of wealth
The traditional concept of the asset and wealth is capital, product, technology, production tools and so on, human resource has not been included in the assets and wealth category, it is considered to be a kind of labor factor of production and cost.With the prominent status and role of human resources in modern economic growth, change and innovation of modern economic management concept, human resource has been widely considered to be an important organization of special assets and wealth.The reason is that: 1) the human resource is the first initiative of economic production factors; 2) human resource is a special economic resource, it is a kind of resource can only through their own labor creating value, increase value, increasing material wealth.3) human resources by investing in both condensation and become the economic capital.So, the human resources in the modern economic and social development, characteristic has shown the assets and wealth.Although the human resources in education, job skills and personal qualities are different, however, these are only showing its assets and wealth content is different, the fundamental attribute will not change its special economic resources.Moreover, the human resources can also be added value through continuous learning, training, investment.
Base station all departments and posts of cadres and workers is the main body of the human resources, regardless of their position, educational background, ability differences, respectively, regardless of the identity and professional, in their own positions according to the requirements of the country radio and TV transmitting career development and do best and make all-out efforts.They all reflect the characteristic element unit initiative asset and wealth, is an important asset and wealth radio development indispensable, should give full respect and recognition.In view of this, cadre of leaders of all levels to the departments of the cadres and workers, regardless of closeness, capacity, should renew the traditional ideas, think of them as the unit has the character of dynamic asset and wealth, and to firmly establish the scientific outlook on development of the ideological concept, to lay the foundation for human resources to improve the efficiency of human resource management Radio, promote sustainable development.

2 focus on improving the leadership skills of
Priority among priorities that cadre of leaders of all levels to improve the efficiency of human resource management.The radio leadership at all levels, especially the table level leading cadres to keep its position, not to be confused with their responsibilities.Due to the technical properties of radio stations, leading cadres most is from the technical line positions step by step of professional and technical cadres to leading posts, is expert of radio and television transmission emission.However, long-term and machine equipment dealing will inevitably produce work "preference", pay attention to the technical details, ignoring the humanistic management, especially the neglect of human resource management understanding of the complete radio center work important, and often have a "personnel management technical content is low, human relationship elasticity difficult to control". The concept, resulting in the leadership behavior, human resources management simple, mechanization, causing unit interpersonal relations, relations between cadres and the masses is not harmonious wait for undesirable phenomenon, affecting the overall force units.
Think of modern human resource management theory, the leader has three main skills, namely: technical skills, interpersonal skills, conceptual skills.
(1) the so-called technical skills refers to knowledge of the process or technique of some type of knowledge and ability.In the concrete operation personnel and professional and technical personnel levels, technical skill is the main measure of job performance.However, for leadership positions, the importance of their own skill relative desalination, focus to focus on technology management macro.
(2) the so-called interpersonal skills refer to the ability to establish an effective team work with others and.Any level unit leader must have and have good interpersonal skills (Communication) capacity.This is a key indicator of leadership.
(3) conceptual skills refer to the ability to set the model, framework and extensive relationship thinking, decision-making.For example, in the long-term work programme and project design, etc..The higher the position, the more important.Conceptual skills are dealing with ideas, thoughts, interpersonal skills is concerned with the comprehensive development of people and the demand, technology skills involves specific things.
Modern management theory and practice tells us, different levels of the leader of the three kinds of skills required ratio is different.Higher management level, technical skill in the proportion of smaller, and conceptual skills accounted for the larger proportion.The cadre of leaders of stage is the radio base stations at the level of senior leadership, based on technical maintenance and management details, should be the focus of the work of the interpersonal skills (Communication) and conceptual skills, in research, training, incentive, invigorated the development to all types of level of human resource management method of radio transmission, maintenance, technical development, administrative needs.Gradually increase the content of interpersonal skills and conceptual skills of their work, only in this way can effectively improve the efficiency of human resource management, accomplish "station HISTEP, see far
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