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On the equality generation as the problem of Modernity

Author: DingXiaoFei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 22:07:06 Read:
[Keywords] intergenerational equity ecological environment crisis of modern
[Abstract] global ecological environment crisis has danger of survival and development in the human shocking, it is to highlight the intergenerational justice on the basis of the existence of; intergenerational equity problem as a subject in front of us, is the modern thing, is accompanied in the process of modernization, that is to say it is a modern problem.
Peace and development have become the themes of our times, the development of all countries in the world focused on the economy, realize the modernization has become a be a trend which cannot be halted historical trend.Material civilization is highly developed today, the global crisis of ecological environment such as resource depletion, environmental degradation and ecological imbalance, has danger of survival and development in the human.This leads to a question: "because of the interests of future generations in the decision-making process of today are not realized, potential between contemporary and future generations preference trade-off is often ignored.So, when the people in the use of natural resources and benefit from it, possibly at the expense of the interests of future generations."...Therefore, the major task of intergenerational equity issue is the development of the plight of contemporary people face the problem of Modernity -- ecological and environmental problems caused by the crisis and have to think.
Ontology based -- Discourse intergenerational equity highlighted , ecological environment crisis
The limited natural resources and capital unrestricted pursue essence and its regional value added on the expansion triggered by the global crisis of ecology and environment, is the real basis to highlight contemporary intergenerational equity.
According to the logic of capital Marx's perspective, in the contemporary society, globalization is the inevitable result of the carrier of capital to expand geographically to giant Multi-National Corporation, characterization of the capital gained influence in the world.Globalization is the western developed capitalist countries dominate and the biggest benefit of world historical process, it makes the world more closely linked, but did not eliminate the boundary and the differences between national and achieve the convergence of interest.In the economic and political order of international inequality, the developing countries and socialist countries, are still in a weak position in the world system, ability makes their maintenance and obtain benefits in the international community's severely limited, national security is also a lack of effective protection, they will be based on the economic growth in the first place, constantly improve the national economy strength."Powerful nation, massive regular military and economic motivation (very important for some classes), is a necessary condition for the survival of the socialism threat facing imperialism to."III 2J and the developed capitalist countries in order to maintain their hegemony, at all to the pursuit of economic growth.Caused by the globalization of capital, so that all the nations involved in a world of competition, the competition is mainly the economic power and comprehensive national strength.
The ecological environment problem is with the capitalist mode of production has been gradually established and deepening of the show.Modern revolution of science and technology to change the nature of human understanding and inserted the wind wings, the influence and damage to natural reached a hitherto unknown extent, resulting in the deterioration of the relationship between man and nature, ecological environment problems, so twentieth Century is called "the global scale environment destruction of the century"."The capitalist economy to the pursuit of profit growth as the primary objective, to the pursuit of economic growth at any cost, including exploitation and sacrifice the interests of most people in the world.This rapid growth usually means the rapid consumption of energy and materials, and at the same time, more and more waste dumped into the environment, leading to rapid deterioration of the environment."3J country in the world to promote economic development at all costs, and the expanding population, the consumption of natural resources has grown exponentially, while at the same time, the environmental pollution is also growing, leading to the depletion of non-renewable resources, renewable resources, sharp reduction, environmental quality deterioration and ecological imbalance and other global environmental crisis.
The contemporary world civilization, at the same time, the ecological crisis has seriously hindered the economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life, and pose a great threat to human survival and development in the future.In such a grim situation, people begin to think to rely on high investment and high consumption to one-sided pursuit of economic growth and the "first treatment after pollution" of the traditional mode of development, efforts to find a mutual coordination of economic and social development and resources and environment of the road.After a very long time, people tried to find out the road of sustainable development.The idea of sustainable development is the international community in the face of global ecological crisis, choice to rethink the relationship between man and nature and the development pattern of traditional value.
In 1987, presided over by the Prime Minister of Norway, Mrs. Brundtland's World Commission on environment and development published a report entitled "our common future" report, put forward the concept of sustainable development, namely: sustainable development is development that meets the needs of contemporary people, but also not ability of future generations to meet their own needs the harm to the development of.The concept of sustainable development will be the first relation between contemporary and future generations are placed in front of the world.The world bank in 1992 to highlight "development report": in order to make our children to maximize the life not worse than our opportunity......In considering what can we leave for future generations, must consider all can decide its happiness and bequests to their offspring physical, human and natural capital.Visible, we modern people in the use of earth's resources to meet their own needs for survival and development at the same time, responsible for the management and protection of good offspring generations of human common home -- earth's responsibility.Rawls thinks, "there is no reason based on pure time preference and time preference of contempt for future welfare, because people in different ages and contemporaries have various duties and responsibilities as each other, so now person not arbitrary action, contrary to maintain and promote intergenerational justice.
In traditional society, have not been prominent in the "Modernity" conditions, has not yet entered human offspring have been people care outside the field of view, not to mention the interests of future generations and respect for the rights and maintenance, so there is no problem of intergenerational justice.However, with the development of modern society, especially the problems of ecological environment crisis brought by the industrial revolution appeared, people realize that, the presence of different generations behavior and way of life will have absolute not approach the human offspring survival influence, the survival and development of human beings is a serious damage to the survival and development of future generations for the price, so, more and more people to care about their people's living conditions, the intergenerational justice are put forward.Therefore, to highlight the intergenerational justice, has a profound basis of the existence of human existence, is a contemporary expression based on their own natural ecological consciousness and philosophy, but also for the future of the foundation for human subsistence value to defend.
two, the direct causes of human social life of modern features -- highlights the problem of intergenerational justice.
If the global ecological crisis is the ontological basis to highlight the intergenerational justice, direct motive so characteristic of human life in modern society -- modernity is to promote intergenerational equity problems, intergenerational equity is a modern problem.
Wan Junren professor said, "the so-called 'modern', refers to the modern characteristics of human social life, it is first of all as the traditional characteristics and human civilization and life in contrast, even the unique character of opposite and show.Therefore, concept of 'modernity' means breaking some historical significance and beyond, means a kind of value superiority evaluation criteria and the (of) the idea of progress.It marks the evolution of human civilization process of traditional and modern separated, which highlights the heterogeneity and fracture significance between tradition and modernity, and the modern as to surpass tradition, value orientation is better than that of traditional."
As is known to all, in western society, market economy, democratic politics, the tool rationality and the individualism of these basic features different from traditional things as modernity.That the construction of modernism, modernity is destructive, and therefore must be beyond by postmodern; also has some good quality should be inherited and developed, such as its emphasis on democracy, equality, freedom, people from political and ecclesiastical privilege rule to liberate the empiricism and the tool rational; has brought about potential and real benefits to the people.Webb from the asceticism Protestant especially roots unique modern rationality and found Garr there, he discussed the occupation spirit of the British Puritans produced in Garr culture and education, that is the occupation spirit and abstinence ethic spirit of capitalism.Then Webb took the modern society and the rational link, that process of modernization is rational, modernization is rational, rational and secular into society to modern the most basic components.Modernity is based on the individualism "modern spirit" as the spirit, the Protestant Reformation and Renaissance humanism common struck up the prelude of individualism.Individualism was formed in seventeenth Century, embodied in the concept of the state, is the relationship between the individual and the nation and society, the value of the individual to get respect from the state, nation and society is to safeguard and realize the people's rights and interests, individualism has become the basic principles of social, political and economic law.
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