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Reflections on the training mode of compound foreign language talents of innovative

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[Abstract] in the process of global economy to knowledge economy, the field of social political, economic, cultural, science and technology calls for a high level, innovative talents of foreign languages.The concept and model of social demand of foreign language talents training in University occurrent rapid change, to construct the curriculum system, change teaching ideas and teaching methods, the establishment of a mode of training the talents has become a pressing matter of the moment.The English Majors of Ningxia University Institute of foreign languages training model as an example, analyzes the construction of training mode of innovative foreign language talents.
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Training Innovative Talents of foreign languages

In twenty-first Century the wave of global economic integration, with the rapid development of science and technology, cross multi-disciplinary integration has become an inevitable trend of social development.To meet the diversified development of social demand to train compound talents with high quality, innovative, has become the inevitable demand of higher education and an important target.The cultivation of foreign language talents in Colleges and universities, mainly to serve the opening to the outside world, cultural prosperity, social progress and economic development.In recent years, with the expansion of colleges, a training of foreign language talents more and more, on the other hand, foreign language graduates face greater employment pressure.
Integration in the global economy, especially in the context of the global financial crisis, the social demand of foreign language talents compared with the planned economy period and the beginning of reform and opening up, there have been great changes in.When the social and economic environment is relatively simple, lack of foreign language talents of foreign language talents, single knowledge structure can satisfy the basic needs.While foreign language talents is needed not only to be able to read English literature, but also understand the relevant professional knowledge of social each year; only need a small amount of graduate teaching and research work in foreign linguistics and literature, and a large number of needs is the foreign language and other related disciplines, such as law, economic and trade, combined with news, chemical industry, communication, medical discipline, has the compound talents of innovation ability, able to handle complicated things.Training foreign language professionals this innovative composite is a new request of market economy of college foreign language teaching.

1 the social development and economic prosperity needs innovative complex talents of foreign languages
1.1 innovative complex talents concept "
The so-called creative talent, is the innovation consciousness, innovation spirit and innovation ability.This person generally has a solid theoretical foundation, scientific knowledge, research method is rigorous, good at breaking through the old mode of thinking, the courage to explore the unknown field.They are courageous and enterprising spirit and pioneering spirit, have an insatiable curiosity and the desire to create world without end, have a strong sense of competition and a strong creative ability, but also have independent and complete character and noble emotion, is a generalist and specialist organic combination of talent.
The characteristics of compound talents performance for the first "solid foundation, wide knowledge".Compound talents to the basic knowledge of two or more than two discipline basic theory knowledge and the basic skills, so as to provide conditions for the comprehensive multidisciplinary knowledge, and lay a good foundation for training different professional knowledge and ability, but also innovative thinking? Germination scientific thinking method.Secondly, with multidisciplinary knowledge, make their own various ability and potential cross? Penetration and integration, thus has the comprehensive ability of the new.
On the compound foreign language talents, "Professor Du Ruiqing think, compound foreign language talents not only proficiency in a variety of skills to master a foreign language, understand the basic knowledge of the language, but also with the basic knowledge and skills of other discipline the multi-skill talents".Luo Shiping thinks, "mode of training talents of foreign languages should be 'language' X'.Where X is the variable, changing with the social demand and personal interests".Therefore, foreign language must be combined with certain professional is a prerequisite for the compound foreign language talents of innovative.
Foreign language talents single is "tool" talent, which only has the language communication ability, and stay in the superficial level.If the content of the work extends the broader area, or professional too strong, it is difficult to do.The compound foreign language talents is not only proficient in a foreign language, knows its however also know why, and with a wide range of social science and natural science knowledge, has a solid foundation in some areas, in research, teaching or other social practice plays a more prominent role in person.
In the current social environment, has the innovation ability, creative consciousness, wide knowledge? Innovative complex talents of comprehensive ability strong, can fully realize their personal value, can be integrated into the process of social development.With lofty ideals? Noble sentiment? Good quality? Enterprising spirit, ability to open up, pragmatic style and the spirit of selfless dedication, is an important symbol of innovative complex talents?
The 1.2 economic development needs of innovative complex talents of foreign languages
With the coming of knowledge economy, the social demand for talents of foreign languages has diversified trend.Because of the unbalanced development of economy of our country, a single language traditional training mode has been difficult to meet the needs of market economy.In order to promote the prosperity and development of China's economy, the cultivation of foreign language talents of multi-level, high-quality, innovative has be imperative.
Since joining the WTO, China's economic integration with the global economy more closely, and the world economy, culture, education and exchanges more frequent.On the one hand, we must develop constantly absorbing foreign advanced science and technology, timely understand and master the latest information technology and economic development, to learn foreign advanced management experience.At the same time, we should vigorously promote Chinese culture, make foreigners understand China's social and economic development, to invest in china.On the other hand, we should vigorously promote their own enterprises, our products will be played out, to occupy the international market.All these need foreign language talents of high level.At the same time, with the large number of foreign enterprises rush into China market, they put the international economic rules and practices to the industries in China, which challenges to China's economic development, but also created the conditions for us to cultivate a large number of export-oriented economic talents proficient in a foreign language.

> training target and pattern of
> 2.1 foreign language talents training target of "College English Teaching Syllabus for English Majors" clearly stipulates: "College English professional development with a solid foundation in English language and extensive cultural knowledge and skilled use of English in foreign affairs, trade, culture, education, science and technology, military and other departments engaged in translation, teaching, management, research and other work of the composite. Talent."At the same time "Outline" of Compound English talents to make specific requirements: solid language skills? A broad knowledge of relevant knowledge?? strong ability and high quality? According to the "Outline", School of foreign languages of Ningxia University carried out bold reforms and innovation for the course system, change the past simple language learning mode, to the development of a new, complex type, application type talents of foreign languages in the direction of.Because our country each year, only need a small amount of foreign language and literature, foreign language and the language combination of professional talents to engage in foreign language and literature teaching and research work, and a large number of needs is the foreign language and other relevant disciplines such as law, economic and trade, science and Technology Press, with the combination of talents, training foreign language professionals with innovative spirit composite type, is the market economy brings to the foreign language professional, is the twenty-first Century economic globalization to our country personnel training quality requirements.
2.2 innovative foreign language talents training course system and professional module
In the school of foreign languages of Ningxia University foreign language education reform, curriculum construction is unremittingly, the subject should not be ignored.Because the course is training target specific reflection and practice steps, is the basic way of cultivating foreign language talents.The setup of the specialized courses according to the regional characteristics, in line to meet the economic and social needs of the principle, set up economic development, cultural development in urgent need of professional and curriculum, to promote quality education, cultivate students' innovation spirit and innovation ability.School of foreign languages according to the training objectives and specifications of innovative foreign language talents, the foundation and application, theory and practice, elective and required courses scientifically optimize the combination of a series of clear objectives, system, reasonable structure, the optimal course system and professional module, designed to ensure that students learning relevance horizontal process system, continuity and knowledge structure integrity, science and interdisciplinary, foster a number of innovative knowledge, innovative ability, innovative character and quality of the compound foreign language talents.
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