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To explore the training mode based on the background of industrial design engineering talent

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[Abstract] requirements of the development of the industrial age to information environment, establish application of industrial design professionals how to training mode has become the thinking and research institutions of higher learning task.In order to cultivate applied talents to meet the needs of society, through the "based on the engineering background of" industrial design talents training analysis of the problems in the background and construction mode, the mode of training industrial design talents for colleges and universities to cultivate new, unique industrial design professionals and meet the practical need of society.
[keyword] industrial design based on the engineering background of applied talents training mode of

Industrial design as the innovative design of the industrial age, it will transform technology, art and culture as the productivity, is an important part of modern service industry, its main contents of education is the product design [1].The important responsibility of industrial design education, in addition to help the students set up the system of image thinking, logical thinking and creative methods of work, to cultivate students' ability of aesthetic ability and humanistic quality good outside, in order to achieve the "professional engineering background" of industrial design training mode based on science, students gathered thinking advantage, expand and improve students' divergent thinking, strengthen the background and the practical ability of the students in engineering and manufacturing, is more important.

1 based on the engineering background of training mode of background
The industrial design professional art design discipline was built in the early eighty century, due to the characteristics of this kind of professional society and the urgent needs of industrial design major interdisciplinary, many colleges and universities are regarded as the key construction professionals.Changzhou Institute of Technology is the local universities a distinctive applied undergraduate talents, the industrial design is the school brand construction professional, in the long-term teaching practice has developed its own unique road of the school, emphasize the zero distance between students and the actual production of the training methods, emerge as the times require new "based on the training mode of engineering under the background of".
(1) many new policies to fully show that the Ministry of education, colleges and universities should set up "the new guiding ideology to the employment as the guidance", actually use this new guiding ideology to deepen the reform of education and teaching in schools [2].The main employment unit of industrial design application undergraduate is the enterprise R & D department, for the appearance of product design is the main work content, students construct a new design idea of harmonious culture is the product of Applied Talents Cultivation direction.School education doesn't achieve the social or market demand for the standard, to cultivate students' practical ability, the fact of the matter is composed of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises instead of school completed.Culture method of existing industrial design professional [3], lack of enterprise actual manufacturing situation understanding, therefore enterprises need for new industrial design student talent two culture, need graduates completed an independent product from design to manufacturing and production experience, the training orientation of industrial design students of institutions of higher learning and teaching methods development brought good feedbacks.
(2) from the current situation of industrial design specialty in Colleges and universities at home and abroad, mainly by the art colleges and universities two educational entity.In the training mode, art colleges often exaggerated design weight, emphasizes the conceptual design of the components; College of engineering is used more training methods to add the part of art courses in the training program.Each has its own merits. In the training of industrial design professionals in the way the two types of colleges, but each is difficult to develop and cultivate students' practical ability to solve.How to comprehensively and objectively establish "training project background" based on industrial design professionals, has become the good industrial design major problems to be solved.
(3) Changzhou Institute of Technology industrial design major in the teaching reform actively innovative ways of cultivating applied talents, according to diversity, design education in comprehensive, personalized and practical features such as strong, emphasis on practical work of graduates and enterprises zero transition, and as the main "killer mace" graduates to adapt to the employment market, the training for teacher education and teaching put forward higher requirements, only continue to strengthen students "culture background" based on ability, can cause the student to once in the enterprise can quickly adapt to the post.

2 based on the engineering background of culture main problems existing in the construction of
In the design of professional foreign institutions industrial pattern, the training program of professional institutions of higher learning in our country industry at present, we are "model of construction project based on the background of" is not optimistic, the main problems are:

(1) in the training program of industrial design specialty although arrangement engineering courses: design drawing, the basis of mechanical design, machinery manufacturing base, electronic engineering, advanced manufacturing technology, metalworking practice, production practice and other engineering courses, on the surface seems to have strong design and manufacturing capability of the students, but in the allocation of teachers, curriculum development, curriculum between connection, students should reach manufacturing practice ability are lack of rational thinking, the courses offered is not obvious, students in the actual design of the knowledge of course not, go to work after the cannot independently processing and design the related technical problems, the core competence of application-oriented talents should have to meet the higher requirements.
(2) the majority of industrial design professional institutions of higher learning for a class of products designed for the professional characteristics, and products are involved in many industries, product variety is complicated, teaching to complete coverage of all products is obviously not possible.Therefore, some colleges and universities of professional teacher's long-term commitment to a certain type of product object, but in active exploration method of product design theory, with the teaching professional guidance of industrial design strength is not enough.
(3) the industrial design specialty training scheme, curriculum design setting rationality is not strong, concentrated curriculum design imitation design related content of engineering mechanical and electrical professional or become the content of the phenomenon is more, can not really reflect the students in the cultivation of "practical requirements of engineering background" based on the ability of.
(4) training scheme of practical curriculum content to grasp the connection between curriculum and also has obvious shortcomings, the improvement of students "based on the engineering background of" professional ability to not enough, can't adapt to the capability and quality of students and the demand of enterprise standard.
(5) a school to facilities and equipment integration of all enterprise is clearly not realistic, laboratory and equipment conditions and industrial design professional institutions of higher learning and the general lack of open, integrated, if the teacher is to teach students to learn practical knowledge of manufacturing products only through classroom and lead the students to the relevant enterprises, is to complete the training work of practical ability to draw further apart, the guiding ideology of running a school and colleges.

Some ideas of
3 construction "based on the engineering background of" training mode
Higher education is an important force of knowledge innovation, technology innovation and industrialization of new and high technology, shoulder important mission in cultivating the spirit of innovation and innovative talents, must [4] education idea and mode does not adapt to the reform and the mission.Training applied undergraduate talents of industrial design should take the characteristic first, take the employment as the guidance, to strengthen the engineering practice ability as the key point, to teach students in accordance with their aptitude for, to reason and deepening of the established model "based on the new model of engineering background.".
3.1 in the training program execution on resolutely implement and the implementation of the "background" training mode based on the guidelines of the
1) starting from the industrial design speciality, according to industrial design knowledge, skills, professional identified four performance techniques, engineering technology, product design, application of the main knowledge points, and constructs the corresponding four courses, form a "design and manufacturing", "design and innovation", "design and culture" three distinctive curriculum system [5], especially to join in the course of the grasp and the curriculum on the need to do it carefully, more research and planning further.
2) the enterprise staff hand industrial design professional to introduce a number of enterprises, to maximize the role of part-time teachers, on the other hand to actively send professional teachers' enterprise first accepted practice, enrich the original teachers "background" practice ability based on, through the integration of internal and external resources of teachers, in order to build reasonable structure, subject complement team of teachers, and running continuously in the practice, the establishment of a "background" Teachers Based on practice.
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