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On the construction and innovation of talent cultivation system of culture industry in China

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[Abstract] the development of the cultural industry is inseparable from the strategy of talent resource development in cultural industries.Cultivation of the understanding, development, business culture resources vision, courage and ability of the culture industry talents, is the revival of the cultural industry security.Through establishing innovation culture industry of higher education professional, schools run by social forces, the combination and the approach of cultivating talents of international cooperation to improve the training system of culture industry talents, it has important realistic meaning to solve the current cultural industry talent shortage problem.
[keyword] talent discipline construction and cultural industries combined with
In 2009 September, the national "cultural industry promotion plan" officially released, the development of cultural industry has risen to the national strategic level.In the national strategy to promote, cultural industry is developing rapidly, some provinces of the cultural industry has become a pillar industry.However, with the vigorous development of cultural industry is not suitable, the cultural industry of our country personnel training lag, the culture industry talents is not perfect, lack of talents has become the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of China's cultural industry.Main show is in: one is the lack of the art market, brokerage talent.China has a long history of culture and industry culture and ignore the decoupling, pay attention to the industrialization of culture, the talent training mode is simple.Only by performing arts as an example, through the culture of all kinds of art talents, China does not lack, but the art market, brokerage personnel are not many; two are practitioners of Chinese creative industry talents shortage, which is not balanced, severely restricting the development of China's cultural industry.Such as the New York cultural and creative industry professionals accounted for the total population 12% of the workforce, London is 14%, Tokyo is 15%, while China's creative industry is developed in Shanghai is less than 1/1000.
Knowledge economy lies in the talent competition, how to develop the industrial development of the culture industry talents, are the main problem of exploration of cultural industry development.We must speed up the construction and innovation of training system of culture industry talents, cultivating high-quality talents of management efforts to not only understand the economic but also in the cultural industry characteristics of the.Can be considered from the following aspects:

1 the culture industry talents into the "national long-term education reform and development plan (2010-2020)" / >
In law, funds, personnel, and other aspects of the organization for the development of cultural industry foundation.We should take a series of measures, multi-channel financing of cultural industry personnel training funds, to ensure that the development of cultural industry education in funding.State and local government departments should increase the education budget culture industry.If South Korea since 2002, creative, planning, market development and talent shortage problem, the South Korean government decided to 2000 to 2005 a total investment of about 200000000000 won, cultivating compound talents, talents focus on movie, cartoon, game, broadcast video industry culture.Should be set up to fund research special cultural industry education to support the development and training of talents; portfolio of cultural industry education operation, mobilizing social funds, the government and the people together for financing and investment mode of operation.

2 based on the existing resources of universities, the active support of all colleges and universities according to the needs of the market innovation set up cultural industry specialty in higher education, innovation of education methods, promoting the idea of
disciplinary construction and talent training
A new perspective on the new trend of development of cultural industry, cultural industry management training of personnel involved in the "cultural and creative industries", "information services", "exhibition" and "tourism" and the public cultural services, cultural industries management disciplines and specialties are confronted with hitherto unknown development opportunity and development space, therefore, the cultural industry discipline construction must make new adjustment.In the general idea, should focus on linking theory with practice, theory to practice, practice to make the theory innovation, and further enhance the level of training personnel.In the concept of discipline construction of concrete, should pay attention to the following aspects: first, personnel training and discipline construction should focus on the culture industry business competence and enterprise management ability.Which must include the ability to analyze the development trend of cultural industries, cultural enterprise capital operation ability, pay attention to comprehensive ability and operation ability; secondly, establish the people-oriented, student-centered philosophy, focusing on the future development of the students or students' employment as the core, pay attention to market demand, continuously improve the ability of employment to help students; third according to the requirements of the times, modify and improve the teaching content, especially the interdisciplinary development requirements, change the knowledge structure of teachers, enhance the teaching ability; fourthly, realize the interaction of modern industry and modern field concept, the pursuit of the cultivation of qualified cultural industry management talent in the best state of modern technology.

3 innovative talents training system, encourage "research" combination of
One is to use the power of social education.Practical training of culture industry talents, but because of the cultural industry expert, Professor, quite a large number are also from the philosophy department, the original Chinese Department, management department teachers turn to the lack of teachers, teaching the actual operation experience, thus raises is theory of talents, rather than practical talents.In this respect, social power has certain advantages.Social training training mode is flexible, diverse training mode, a higher degree of marketization, observed in the talent demand hot, hot, training mode, training and looking for profit point of the tactile more sensitive, conducive to the cultivation of practical, compound talents.Therefore, should broaden the training channels, the use of social forces to strengthen the training of talent culture industry, the government actively guide, social support.Such as the establishment of local cultural industry talent training base, held the entertainment industry Senior occupation manager training, cultural industry occupation managers training classes.Private enterprises to absorb the funds, talent advantages, it gradually into the education, the culture industry, to give the necessary support and assistance in policy, education, information and other aspects, the three-dimensional training system gradually formed the cultural industry of short-term training, education, talents training, research integration base.In the teacher troop, hired for many years engaged in teaching and research culture industry, academic attainments deep, rich experience in teaching of famous experts, scholars and rich practical experience of enterprise managers, composed of first-class teacher team.
Establishment of the cultural industry talent training base, the local government and society are complementary strengths, common to build a set of training, practical training, innovation of the trinity of the training platform, is to promote the training work of development of culture industry talents in China, as an innovation of culture industry talents cultivation in China the.
Two is to strengthen the enterprise role in the talents cultivation.Used to tell job training, practical talents, these are telling the important role of the enterprise in the personnel training in the.However, the current number of enterprises and units in order to ensure their economic interests and reject the intern or lack of work experience, in the cultural industry enterprises, this phenomenon is particularly prominent.Therefore must be changed from the mechanism, strengthen its role in cultivating talents.At this point, make research integration is a choice, the establishment of personal studio to those who has the achievement, provided him with some of his aides, one is to assist in the work, on the other hand is the study and practice.At present in our country cultural industry talent training base, is in the process of planning the establishment of the two aspects of the system, so that the students can learn, enhance practical ability.
The three is a combination of specific needs, develop the continuing education.For example, after the culture turn enterprises, most of the operators of the business knowledge and cultural industry professional knowledge, it needs a systematic cultural industry management training.Especially those leaders, to ensure that their study and move on.Can also carry out cultural industry network teaching by network, commissioned by the colleges and the enterprises to carry out training qualified practitioners of cultural industry, and gradually standardized.
4 to strengthen international cooperation in personnel training
Culture only in the intersection collisions in a more vibrant, in the trend of economic globalization, internationalization, promote cultural industry globalization, internationalization of talents.Train the culture industry talents to domestic training and international exchanges combination, through the study of foreign advanced technology and management mode of cultural industry, to promote the culture industry talents self-learning ability, research ability, creative ability, expression ability and the team cooperation ability and management ability.To strengthen personnel exchanges and cooperation with the United States, China, Japan and other countries, selected staff training abroad, culture has a world class professional talents.Increase the cultural talent introduction and development efforts, the introduction of foreign planned the culture of high level talents.Improve the personnel management mechanism, improve the technology, management, brand, participate in the distribution of income of the specific measures.
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