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On the relationship between luxury and modern society

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Abstract: the origin of modern society to modern anti-feudal, Christian struggle, it is to the pursuit of material wealth and material desire fade foot as the ultimate aim from the secular dimension, the origin and the people closely related to industrial civilization and pursue a life of luxury.Luxury is the basic power of modern society and the development of social modernity, one of the essential characteristics of modern society is extravagant and wasteful society, is the consumer society:
Keywords: the modern society; luxury; waste; consumerism

The origin of modern society in the Xia Xing was established in seventeenth Century, was formed in eighteenth Century. In twentieth Century. It to capitalist machine production as a symbol, with large production and wide exchange as the characteristics. In the pursuit of material wealth and material desires as the ultimate purpose of this dimension from the secular point of view, there is close relationship between industrial civilization origin and people to pursue a life of luxury.Werner Sombart think, life principles and way of life of luxury directly promotes the commodity production, resulting in capital abundant appear righteous economic form.
, modernity and social
At present, the scholars think that modernity is a dynamic process of anger, is "plan unfinished" (Habermas).Some scholars from the angle of philosophy believes that modernity should include two factors: the concept of truth and liberation concept.Foucault comprehends modernity as "an attitude", rather than a historical period, is the concept of time according to his understanding. Modernity mainly refers to a kind of associated with the realistic way of thinking attitude and behavior of Gao Xuanyang thought, modernity refers to various social and cultural system construction since the Enlightenment of capitalism a historical era and its basic spirit, it includes and since its establishment, construction, maintenance and dissemination of justice and carry out a series of thoughts, theories, knowledge, technology, social system, culture, way of life and mental state of the formation of capitalist society.Visible, modernity is a very complex problem.Calinescu said: "only in a specific time consciousness, namely the framework of historical awareness of time linear irreversible, cannot stop the passage of modernity, this concept can be conceived"

The modern representation of the modern social structure since the enlightenment Xin formation features and quality.The whole social structure can be divided into two aspects, namely social order (external social structure) and cardiac order (intrinsic cultural psychology).Accordingly, modern concept also refer to two hall: modern nature of modern nature and disposition of the order of social order.The modern nature of social order, mainly refers to the modern features in modern society, economy, politics, science and technology and the development of human factors.In this sense. The contents include market economy, democratic politics and the scientific rational, the basic idea of it is a kind of progress.Judge from the predetermined value, the modern modern better than before, the future is better than the existing.From the view of history, society will be to an ultimate goal approaching.From the value of tools, faith is not ran is pursuing the absolute value, but the reality of the desire to meet so, real modernity should not be a simple time concept, but should be a reasonable concept, i.e. no instrument is existing should also is the ideal.
Modern social form in modern times. Originated in the modern anti - feudal, anti - Christian struggle. Along with the development of economy and the small patch will promote, it is the essence of industrial society and capitalist society.
two, modern society is extravagant and wasteful society
Werner - Sombart in the "luxury and capitalism" in one book, the origin of capitalism made a unique analysis of him, a dynamic capitalist development, is because of the court and the nobility of advocating extravagant life atmosphere to stimulate the development of.16 business and technology in half, in France, two, a the life in the palace, women occupy a superior position, with the different style and the desire for luxury bi.Sombart will have a court consumption field, social upstarts with obtaining the position of luxury and two happy relationship for single women as the explanation of the origin of capitalism.He points out, all the people Jing waste is from sensual pleasures of hair.Any facial features happy things, Shao tend to daily necessities, found more form off, it is these articles of luxury; root cause and promote the development of any type of luxury, almost can save what meaning not play the role of the impulse to find.This fierce live wealth began months people of freedom of expression, we can find prominent luxury like.Found a revolutionary power tube luxury Sombart Cun history of the development of agriculture and industry, in the luxury and trade, has been a relative point of view and the predecessors: "water waste. It itself is a child in a di illicit love, is it give birth to capitalism." 'Sombart also by aristocratic luxury city, Lu luxury, luxury palace chopsticks, knight and upstart luxury that many empirical material, luxury produce a powerful driving force of economic development. Creating a large number of the industry and the formation of industrial society if we do not care about the modern western society and capitalist society concept difference so we can say, Sombart to reveal the origin of capitalism, is the modern social origin revealed.
Samba Teti capitalism originated in luxury, is the Webb.He didn't agree with Webb on "the Protestant Ethic and the spirit of capitalism" in the view.Webb makes a deep research on the intrinsic mechanism of capital Fengyi origin. That capitalism is not originated in luxury. But originated in the religious reform in New London acts actively create wealth and restrain consumption desire with religious and ethical nature of the spirit of capitalism.In his "new ethics and capital Fengyi spirit" in one book, emphasizes frugality even ascetic way to accumulate wealth, even the thrifty abstinence as a "spirit".The pursuit and the accumulation of wealth and wealth rationally, to Protestants with occupation upon personal a sacred obligation or duty, obey God calls to obtain proof of God's grace.Webb has to answer the question "why in Europe and not elsewhere now capitalism".This problem can be stated as "what is the power of capitalist development to a certain extent".Through investigation, the development history of western capitalism on religious occupation statistics, industry regional distribution, education and other factors, proved that the psychological inner arrogant force behind the Protestant Ethics and capitalist development (the spirit of capitalism) association between.Webb thinks, Christian asceticism with reasonable trait some clear. Save the Protestant ethic. Asceticism is for the development of rational behavior of a system.This asceticism opposition is one thing: all allowed instinctively pursuit of enjoyment of life and the enjoyment of the.Asceticism the most urgent task is to through the behavior of the believers, eliminate the white hair, impulsive pleasure, let them live a brilliant life.The mission concept and asceticism, to limit the consumption behavior and benefit-seeking behavior together, promote the growth of wealth, complete the secular mission day delivery, it can be said that the basic content of Webb thought.
Sombart believed that capitalism originated in luxury, Webb argues that capitalism originated in the capitalist economy be very careful in reckoning.Daniel Bell in the "cultural contradiction of capitalism" is proved to us, Webb called the asceticism spirit with the development of capitalism has already disappear in smoke.Baer points out, inhibiting force Protestant Ethics Webb said of desire has been the rapid development of technology and economy run out of energy, "economic discretion" impulse and "greedy" from the possession of human nature.Baer thinks, the late capitalist society has evolved to a post-industrial society, in this society, the spirit of capitalism has lost dimension early "Protestant Ethic" value rational, leaving only a capital of endless expansion "greedy". As a result, the ten economic, political and cultural division.So with the development of capitalism, greedy desire completely overcome the ascetic, moral guardianship ethical factors make the ascetic of capitalist behavior completely disappeared, replace sb. Is the hedonism, materialism, hedonism and consumerism."When the Protestant ethic was abandoned after the bourgeois society, only hedonism."
three, modern society is consumer society
With the development of capitalism entered the "consumer society", the luxury is no longer belong to the upper society patent, and become the ordinary consumer behavior of the public.Great abundance items so that the whole western society are in luxury consumption state of madness.Consumerism is the middle of the nineteenth Century as the emerge as the times require rapid development of the modern industrial economy, the consumption as the highest purpose in life.Consumerism, consumption does not aim to meet the actual needs, but in order to meet the constantly stimulated consumption desire.Bode
Rya think, with the consumer society, consumption has replaced the production status, become the dominate the whole social structure of the light.In the consumer society, the usefulness of our consumption is not.Consumption reflects the social status and identity of its own, so consumption is a symbol system structure, is the modern capitalist social legitimacy according to.He pointed out that in the "consumer society": "today, around us, there is a growing by the service and material wealth, the amazing consumption and abundant phenomenon, it constitutes a fundamental change in human environment.Properly speaking, rich people are no longer as in the past been surrounded, but by the surrounding."In the consumer society, "as the wolf because live with wolves and became like a wolf, we ourselves also slowly into the functionality of the people".From the analysis of the economic significance. The purpose of consumption is to obtain the reproduction and profit.To promote the rapid capital turnover through consumption, accelerate the cycle from production to consumption, promote the expansion of reproduction.Because the production has the unlimited expansion of the pursuit of profit, the producer of the endless, and only consumption is limitless, access to successfully complete the reproduction and profit.Modern society is produced by the society to the consumer society, consumption and production.
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