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Thinking about problems in the implementation of the compulsory education school performance salary

Author: DuanHuaQia ShaoGuang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 15:48:19 Read:
[Abstract] compulsory education schools in our country has the full implementation of performance pay system, produced an unprecedented impact on the development of education in our country.However, the implementation of performance pay in compulsory education schools the performance wage system is not the true sense of the state council.This paper points out the reasons for this phenomenon, and proposed the corresponding countermeasure.
[keyword] performance pay in compulsory education performance assessment of

1 compulsory education school performance and enterprise performance comparison of
"Combining the performance" work result and influence the work results of behaviors, skills and the quality of the body, it includes not only the result of static, but also dynamic process.The result is the ultimate goal of the work, process and achieve the goal of controlling the.According to the performance salary system, with respect to the position, length of service, more directly reflect the value and contribution.The performance of public sector wage originated in the western market economy countries.From twentieth Century since seventy or eighty, the United States of America enterprises began to implement the wage reform, according to the ability of employees to determine the income gap, the implementation of incentive on department performance excellence.The reform of enterprise performance pay has a great influence on American education.In 1983, America's then president, Reagan to education "teacher pay determine the performance and capacity based on".The same year, the United States Department of education's National Commission on excellence in education in a report entitled "the crisis in the country" report: "increase the education professional salary, should have professional competitive, market sensitivity and based on performance.Salary, promotion, tenure and retention decisions should be connected with a co-worker, effective assessment system, the excellent teacher rewarded, teachers are encouraged, but poor performance or to improve performance, or dismissal."
There are some differences between the compulsory education schools and enterprises: one is the product of the form is different, the school provides the specific business services for the national economy and social life, and enterprises to provide private products.Two is the form of product value is different, the school is the intangible service, its value cannot be represented by currency, and the value of enterprise product can use profits, sales display.Three is the economic accounting in different ways, the school does not implement economic accounting, financed by the national treasury, the Treasury income.Four is the different value orientation, behavior, school to improve production conditions for the country, promoting social welfare, meet the people's demand for education, not to profit as the survival, development conditions, not directly for the state to create profits and capital accumulation, and the enterprise is to maximize profits for value orientation.
Because of the above differences exist, with the following characteristics in school performance: one is the performance of different content.Enterprise value is the work performance, and the school due to bear more social responsibility, so the need for a more comprehensive assessment.The State Council "on the compulsory education school teacher performance appraisal work instruction opinion" point out, the teacher performance appraisal is the main content: teachers implement the "Compulsory Education Law", "Teachers Law" and other laws and regulations the statutory duties of teachers, performance and the provisions of the school to complete the job responsibilities and tasks, including the performance of morality and education the teaching, the teacher in charge work in etc..Two is the strategic target implementation performance of different.The pursuit and promotion of public interests, to promote the overall development of teachers and students is the premise for the existence and development goal of the school, the school should conform to the requirements of fairness in the process of the implementation of performance, and the performance is in order to obtain more market competitive advantage for the purpose, is for the private benefits of service.The three is to strictly quantitative performance.Teaching activity is a very complicated process, school output is mostly indirect to promote the public interest, it is difficult to directly, accurately measure, how to quantify evaluation index for strong subjectivity, there is a certain difficulty in the actual operation process."To some extent, the performance evaluation of public sector is a kind of 'looking for technical process'".[1]

2 scientific performance appraisal is an important guarantee for the successful implementation of
performance wage system
"The foundation of public human resources management is the value of development emphasizes the importance and concern for people."[2] teachers are valuable resources in school education, to be on the upgrade, must fully tap the potential of teachers.Therefore, pay attention to all-round development of teachers is the value orientation of the implementation of performance pay system.The value orientation can not be divorced from the evaluation system and evaluation system, and is the value orientation and concrete manifestation form.
2.1 scientific design assessment indicators, assessment content can reflect the major characteristics of
Performance evaluation of the content selection, design of performance index is an important reform.Job analysis science is the correct choice of evaluation content, determine the premise of assessment index.First of all, through position analysis, understand the nature, task, the qualifications for the post.Secondly, through the post evaluation work environment, work intensity, responsibility and other factors on the post system were measured, classification and grading, confirm each position relative value differences, so as to determine the performance evaluation standards, providing direct basis for the establishment of performance appraisal indicators.
Different positions have different professional characteristics, content of performance appraisal to be able to show the characteristics of different posts staff, not all the teachers are the same, the teachers' professional development and all-round development as an important orientation.At the same time, the staff work is often not a single, different content of the order of priority.Therefore, the weights of assessment index can reflect the differences of different contents of importance, scientifically determine the index proportion, guidance teachers in different working content, reasonable distribution of power.
2.2 rich forms of assessment, to explore more and improve the quality of teachers in the path of the
Due to the lack of scientific performance evaluation mechanism, only the main form of annual examination and regular assessment of performance appraisal, fill in the scoring form, filing, examination is over, then fill in the form of scoring, archiving, end of the appraisal of the strange phenomenon, very little attention to the strengths and weaknesses of teachers is what, whether through the assessment of the issues to be improved.At the same time, due to the lack of scientific assessment of checks and balances, is often a subjective evaluation, human factors, turns to thoughts and other factors, cause the evaluation results average, performance evaluation becomes a mere formality.Compulsory education schools to maximize the effectiveness of the performance salary, avoid the one-sidedness of single form of examination malpractice, call for the implementation of performance pay in more rich, more scientific evaluation form, form diversified incentive and recognition methods, and gradually find more to improve the quality of teachers and the vector method, with a secure way the teacher's work quality and quantity reflected.At the same time, the experience of the past is not all negative, but should be selectively inherited according to local conditions, and actively and steadily push forward the reform of the pilot, edge, edge exploration, summary.
The formulation of the 2.3 indicators of performance appraisal should be comprehensive and scientific, but also leave adequate leeway
Education is a creative, practical occupation, many teachers in good conscience into education.The teacher's work is everything, all the work performance evaluation index is difficult to include teachers.On the one hand the performance evaluation content as far as possible should be careful, detailed, comprehensive, has embodied the teacher performance, on the other hand, in upholding the premise of strict examination on professional ethics, in the actual operation and inspection standard docking the quantization process, not too much calculation and seriously, to dwell on all the minor details, it is not respect for teachers, is the alienation of education.Therefore, evaluation index cannot be meticulous, must leave adequate leeway, to ensure that teachers have the opportunity to be creative.
2.4 combined with compulsory education school characteristics of public welfare, formed a diversified evaluation system of
The performance index is the lighthouse business forward, while the school is to provide specific services for the whole society organization, which in the performance of service commitment, how the service object echo, affects the improvement of school work.The service commitment will have a clear assessment main body, the main body includes not only the Department, should include students, parents and the community.
Compulsory education school must take the social benefits as the approved basis of teacher performance pay, to listen to the students, parents and community.The school can make evaluation form from the aspects of teachers' teaching emotion, attitude, methods, teachers' attitudes, teaching methods and management status of students should be used as an important basis for evaluation, detailed set evaluation of students, parents and the community as much weight.It is beneficial to school much angle to understand the professional level of teachers, and help teachers to improve education and teaching work.
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