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Analysis of the necessity of human resources management

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[Abstract] in the fierce competition in the international situation.Both for individuals, enterprises, organizations, and even the society and the state, the transfer of personnel, distribution, rational utilization of resources will deeply affect the development prospects of organizations and institutions of the whole.For individuals and small groups, only a reasonable human resource management can make the personnel to suit one's measures to local conditions, so everyone is doing all it can, and for the country and society, human resources management is more important, it is directly related to the prosperity of the whole country development and international competitiveness.
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In recent years, we have become more and more often heard such a word: human resource management.In fact, it is not what new vocabulary, as early as the industrial revolution in Europe, experience having a great reputation Hawthorne experiment and a series of psychology and management science let people began to realize that, to manage the personnel and organization, must have a set of special resource allocation theory and management theory of mind, then appeared the personnel management later, the personnel management, just as the plant and enterprise service similar to the work of recording and reporting and personnel flow management, management theory.With the rapid development of world economy, the increase of population, the personnel management can not meet the human system, more and more large then, human resources management began to appear in our life.So, human resources management is exactly where several aspects influence people and society?

1 human resource management to the personal need for
Composition of society is the individual, throughout the development of human society, whether it is economic development and political or military cultural progress, the ultimate goal is to return to the person.As Marx said, all for the development of person itself.Good human resources management is not only a way of improving social productive forces, but also makes the only method of human all-round development.Once a famous economist said that such a sentence: "social benefits to some extent is the sum of all individual benefits in addition to the production value of resources."As can be seen, personal development degree, directly affect the organization, enterprises and even the country's overall strength.And the human resources management will affect the development of the individual from the following three aspects.
(1) first of all, human resources management can help foster maximum individual quality.Human resources management efficiency in one, is to make each member in an organization can play as much as possible out of your greatest strength, dedicate all his strength for the organization.Most of the time, we don't know the exact real strength of a person from a general approach, which requires a series of personnel examination and testing, and these content, are part of human resources management in the.Not only that, human resources management can also through environmental impact and targeted training to members of the training, so as to train each person the most suited to their ability.
(2) human resource management can also help to make full play of each member of the.Have a lot of time, we do not know their own ability limit where on earth, so this time, we need some ideas and methods of human resource management to help everyone to find the zone of proximal development of their own, so that everyone in the organization organized help and their own continuous learning play out all its own hidden strength.
(3) human resource management can also help everyone to find a suitable location of their.Is the so-called "for orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange."Individual members, to his own abilities may be strong, but also great potential, but because they put him in a is not suitable for him or put him in a completely contrary to his own characteristics or interested in the position, then will make he couldn't play all their strength, and thus bring many disadvantageous place, also thoroughly influenced his enthusiasm for the organization of work and dedication of your strength.

2 human resources management for the organization of the necessity of
We could hear the words of human resources management that most often in the management of enterprise culture construction and system, but in recent years, human resources management also gradually began to be used in schools, law enforcement and other state institutions, and even human resources management idea, people put forward the party building work we know that, no matter what the nature of the organization, only with talent and rational use of the talents, scientific management of these talents, and can effectively develop other resources, can make the organization to achieve the realization of the value.Therefore, human resources management idea for a no matter what is the nature of the organization, has play a decisive role role.
(1) through human resource management, can improve the organization member enthusiasm and enterprise cohesion.From a lot of psychology experiments we can see, the members of the organization in the process of activities, members of the enthusiasm and the organization's cohesion will directly affect the development prospects of the success or failure of the work and organization of organization.And the human resources management can use a series of psychology and management method to improve the enthusiasm of staff and members between unity.Obviously, it is necessary for the organization.
(2) human resource management can improve the efficiency of the organization.It can be seen from the human resources management of personnel deployment manifests this point out, the so-called management, meaning that the system arrangement and allocation of human resources, so if in the organization, personnel allocation after consideration and scientific verification, everyone can go directly to do part of your work, you can achieve a multiplier effect, so we can say, human resources management can greatly shorten the working time, improve work efficiency.
(3) human resource management can reduce the expenditure rate of waste tissue.Human resources management is not only the location of people and work with a series of arrangements, also on the organization of economic, resource expenditure has a good arrangement and distribution, through human resource management, can the minimum expenditure situation do the most things, but also can greatly reduce unnecessary spending and waste of manpower, for example, in a business, a large part of expenditure is the wage and bonus, so how much, to the greatest extent to stimulate staff's work enthusiasm to expenditure situation, these are the thoughts of human resource management to issue, these considerations in virtually greatly saves the costs of organizing.3 human resources management for the social state of necessity of
Twenty-first Century is the century talented people, between the country and the country's twenty-first Century competition is actually the competition of talents and human resources management, a direct impact on a country for the talent cultivation and distribution, is also directly affect whether a country can rich, strong and prosperous, the key is to upgrade the comprehensive national strength.
(1) first of all, human resources management can regulate social resources.As the adjustment of an organization's resources, human resource management in addition to outside can allocate social position and direction of flow, for the resources and spending also has a regulation, direct actually to human resource management, the most fundamental is to realize the maximum value of human resources, and from this point of great significance to save social resources, but also makes the social resources can be reasonably allocated.
(2) second, human resources management can improve the quality of the whole people.National quality is an important indicator of comprehensive national strength.Human resource management can be cultured and diversion for national, largely avoids uneven, some good and some bad situation, can make the quality of the whole nation is steadily improving.Can also select high-end talent based on hold overall strength, good distribution of their location, to provide a stable guarantee for national science and technology work.
(3) third, human resources management can also enhance international competitiveness.In the seventy or eighty's, because of human resource management in China is still relatively backward, many professional talents and high-end technical talents unable to get reasonable allocation at home, there is no way to display their talent, which was a lot of talent loss to foreign pity phenomenon.And as everyone knows, personnel directly affect the international competitiveness of china.Thus, for human resources management is to save people, an important way to strengthen the international competitiveness.

4 conclusion
For all people, in all the resources we have, the human resource is the most precious, and also the core content of modern management science, therefore, continue to improve and develop human resources management level, is not only the various enterprises to develop, an important way for organizations to improve their market competitiveness, but also each the members of the organization to play its own strength can not be ignored, the human resources management, or the various units, area, our whole nation, society and the state can be beneficial to ensure long-term thriving and prosperous.Is China stand in the world, with a large number of high-end talent resources, improve their international competitiveness of the indispensable steps.
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