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On the "last phase system" implementation difficulties in China's enterprises and Countermeasures

Author: XieZhiJu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 14:33:08 Read:
[Abstract] due to the lack of matching enterprise culture and brand appeal, China's enterprises in the implementation of the "elimination" face can not really eliminated last staff, employees too much pressure, team spirit is poor, illegal possibilities of such dilemma, should be based on determining the enterprise's long-term goal, create a harmonious corporate culture, the establishment of scientific the performance evaluation system, proper arrangement, personnel, clear boundaries, layered eliminated, reasonable operation, have chosen to be implemented.
[keyword] the bottom-out system; corporate culture; performance evaluation system; hierarchical eliminated

[Abstract] Enterprise is confronted with our country when putting "powder place elimination system into practice" being able to not eliminate away the powder place personnel really, employee pressure is very big, the team spirit is relatively poor, the possibility having breaking the law waits for difficult position since being short of appearance matching corporate culture and brand attraction, make a boundary clear, stratify being sifted out, handle rationally on responding to basis imitating the powder place personnel who appraises system, appropriate arrangement in the achievement ascertaining the enterprise long range target, building harmonious corporate culture, building science 's, have being put into effect alternatively additionally.

[Key words] Powder place elimination system; Corporate culture; The achievement effect appraises system; Stratify being sifted out

"Elimination" is refers to the enterprise according to the overall goal of this unit and specific objectives, combined with the practical condition of each post, set the evaluation index system, the index system of evaluation criteria for a period of time the staff performance, performance appraisal management system according to the evaluation results on the score on the staff to a certain percentage of elimination.Because [1] has the advantages of employee motivation, morale, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, optimize the staff structure, "last phase system" has been part of China's large enterprises such as Lenovo, Haier, Huawei adopted and obtained good results.However, reflecting the "elimination" of the enterprise human resources manager from some domestic already, special cultural background and the lower the level of management to make some enterprises in China eliminated in the application of "end", the implementation effect is not ideal, encountered many awkward predicament.

The implementation of "facing elimination" predicament
1 enterprises of our country

1.1 can not be truly eliminated last personnel.Enterprises use elimination is to eliminate the weak, poor performance of the employees.However, due to improper implementation, it eliminated some of the potential and excellent staff, leaving some mediocrity, specifically, in the following three aspects:
1.1.1 some employers through staff Mutual-evaluation to produce "bottom staff", the result is "old man" and the ability of poor people to score higher, adhere to the principle of the best, work, many people have lower.The reason is very simple, good threat and pressure on other people, a lot of people adhere to the principle of the probability to offend people, work more people go wrong more big, they in the year-end appraisal for scores too low to be eliminated, leaving a mediocre man.
1.1.2 "elimination" let employees "relationship" rather than "ability".Some companies use 360 degree evaluation system to evaluate employees, in order to let his colleagues and superiors to play high, some employees may spend a lot of their brains to improve interpersonal relationships rather than to improve performance.At the same time, in order not to hurt feelings, even if the mistake did not dare pointed out, cause the error accumulation and damage, the whole team's performance.
The 1.1.3 Department of the "last" is not equal to the enterprise of the "last".A lot of enterprises with the "bottom out" is to "department" as a unit, rather than take the enterprise as a unit, it has certain rationality.But the different departments in the same index to evaluate, and each department must eliminate a part of people, this approach is clearly less science.Some departments a galaxy of talents, his last may be the first or other departments in the overall performance is poor; some departments, his best workers might at a lower level in other sectors.If each sector are eliminated, there will be two situations: one is everyone willing to department personnel less to go to work, because there is less pressure; two is some departments may be eliminated some of the best people.
1.2 staff pressure, is not conducive to the potential of the play.Modern management advocate "people-oriented", with the inherent potential of respect for humanity, for the purpose of mining people, the external environment to create a relaxed, trust in order to give full play to the initiative, creativity, sense of responsibility person, pay attention to long-term effect.And "elimination" is a strong management model, advocated by the internal staff competition to strict management, staff of the external environment is nervous, long-term in this environment may make the employees have a sense of movement and was made to be on tenterhooks, daily, not only caused tension between employees, team spirit difference, but also employees bring insecurity and greater psychological pressure, coupled with the "elimination" focus on the short-term effect, if things go on like this, play to their potential will be greatly affected.
Train 1.3 is not conducive to enterprise team spirit.Because the "elimination" of each employee in the competition position, make the conflict of interest between each other.Some people are afraid of others more than yourself, in order to protect, in interpersonal relationships, jealousy, in the work not deliberately cooperation and even sabotage, which have a negative effect on the overall development of the enterprise, is not conducive to the cultivation of team spirit.
1.4 illegal possibility.Modern society is a society ruled by law, enterprises dismiss the employee must according to the legal procedures to do, once the enterprises and workers signed labor contracts have binding on the parties in the contract, the term is not full, any one party unilaterally cancelling the contract, must have legal reasons, only one or two times the evaluation results on the dissolution of the labor contract, it is illegal to.Termination of labor contract by the employer, can only be based on "labor contract law" article forty-fourth of the six cases listed case of cancelling the contract, the six kinds of situations: the labor contract expires; workers began to enjoy the basic old-age insurance benefits in accordance with the law; the death of workers, or the people's court declared dead or missing by the employer; is declared bankrupt according to law; the employer is revoked the business license, ordered to shut down, cancelled or the employer decides to dissolve ahead of schedule; other circumstances stipulated by laws and administrative regulations, [2] there is no "last eliminated" this one.The bottom out of the provisions of the "incompetent", enterprises and units of staff assessment "last" are two concepts.Because, some employees even the "bottom", but its ability and level, are able to work.Even if is unfit for a certain job, enterprise but also to the staff training or adjustment of job opportunities.If you still can not do the work, to terminate the labor relationship, if blindly enforced on illegal possibility.The 2 China
Enterprises to "the plight of reasons
facing elimination."

"Last phase system" as a method of enterprise performance management, purpose is through the establishment of evaluation system and elimination system strictly, introduction of staff incentive mechanism, at the same time, to advance the concept of enterprise culture and the market pressure to the employee, the enterprise is always in a state of activation, thereby enhancing the enthusiasm of the staff and the competitiveness of enterprises, to promote enterprise development.However, the advanced management methods which can do well in GE, Microsoft, HP and other international well-known company, and in many domestic enterprises is difficult, why? I think mainly has the following several points:
2.1 "elimination" difficult adjustments and Chinese cultural background.Chinese traditional culture has always advocated "harmony", "friendliness is conducive to business success.", most people seeking a stable, peaceful in the work, to keep on good terms with coworkers, "competition" consciousness.However, for an enterprise, the competition is fierce, not one day ahead is likely to become a "post enterprises" to be out of the market."Introducing elimination" such strong management, breaking the traditional idea of Chinese people like easy, it put pressure on enterprises into pressure on the staff, and strive to create a competitive situation of a race each other in staff, so as to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise.But in practice, due to the lack of supporting the scientific and reasonable performance evaluation system and the "elimination", as manufacturing employees with "arch-criminal", nature is difficult to be always lack competitive consciousness of the Chinese people to accept.
2.2 enterprises lack of match with the "elimination" cultural atmosphere.Jack ? Welch of general electric use "vitality curve" last eliminated once made this assessment: "our vitality curve can have an effect, because we have spent 10 years time to build up a performance culture in GE company.In this culture, people can freely communicate and feedback at any level.Frank and open is the cornerstone of this culture, I will not be in a does not have the cultural foundation of the enterprise organization to use the vitality curve."[3] however, many domestic enterprises do not have this frank, open corporate culture, without considering the actual conditions to the introduction of foreign advanced management experience, blind study the consequences would make the enterprise management dilemma.
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