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In the context of modernity symbol consumption perspective of consumption symbols and symbolic consumption

Author: ChenZuo SuXiang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 14:30:33 Read:
[Keywords] modernity; consumption; symbol; symbol consumption
[Abstract] symbol consumption in the context of modernity has become an outstanding performance in Chinese consumer culture, there is no longer the only consumer "objects" practical value ", symbol and meaning in consumption attached to these" objects "".In the process of modernization, China is inevitably involved in the international market, the western consumption concept and way also penetrates into the consumer market of our country, but also because the mass media to deconstruct the traditional consumer culture and psychological reasons, advocate and strengthen the new patterns of consumption, symbol consumption problem more prominent.
, symbolic consumption
In modern society, people in a consumer world. Social inherent law of commodity exchange is the golden rule of the people living in this world. "".The traditional sense of consumption refers to our material merchandise consumption.Now people are no longer just consumption "" practical value ", symbol and meaning in consumption attached to these" objects "".Therefore, consumption is not only an economic activity, is also a kind of social activity, development and change of consumption in a certain sense is the cultural change of modern society's performance.
Consumption of expressive means consumption is not only the physical or material level consumption. And is the symbol of level of consumption, namely "symbolic consumption".Symbolic consumption refers to has the symbolic consumption.On the symbolic thought can be traced back to Veblen published in 1899, "the theory of the leisure class" in the "conspicuous consumption" discussion.He thinks, the so-called conspicuous consumption, refers to the wealthy upper class based on the articles must be practical and survival beyond the waste, extravagance and waste of waste, to show off and show their own money, power and social status, and this status brings honor, prestige and reputation.The conspicuous consumption is a typical "symbolic consumption".Veblen thinks, in social life, people's status is decided by the economic capital and cultural capital, consumption is a kind of performance practice, the material and cultural consumer choice reflected the taste and life style, form the people's social status to sign and symbol of distinction.
Simmel believes, fashion is the product of class division, the upper class, out of class consciousness and new in order to be different desires always attempt to have a distinct style. Such as symbol of social form, dress, aesthetic judgment and other groups in separate.While members of the middle class for flattening the instinct of as much as possible to imitate the style to improve his social status and export.Bourdieu further pointed out that, each time the consumer behavior in daily life involves a symbolic struggle, is a field for differences between groups for separate struggle through the symbolic struggle.They established their unique status and identity.
Famous consumer sociologist Buhiya mentioned in the consumer society commodity not only has use value and exchange value, in his book "consumer society" also has symbolic value.He believes that, in the consumer society, "the thing" and "commodity" has become a "symbol system", the "objects" and "commodity" consumption may become the main foundation of the social structure and social order and the intrinsic differentiation.It is "usually said" high-grade "" mid-range "" low-grade "seems to be in a classification and actually refers to the relationship and the status of human".The symbolic consumption theory to do in-depth analysis and the research to the symbolic consumption of modern social change, their theoretical studies provide theoretical foundation and reference for the research of symbol consumption in the process of China's modernization, this is also the theoretical basis of this paper.
In the modernization of our country, with the development of economy, politics, culture, form the social capital has produced very big change, people's consumption way of life has changed a lot.In the modern consumer society, people's consumption concept in the liberation history, people's consumption psychology, consumption structure and consumption levels have great changes.Especially in modern society in the consumption of symbol consumption increase is the most prominent changes.But behind these changes implied social stratum differentiation, highlights the fault traces each class in the period of social transformation. Even under the market economy system, the cultural capital of the "violence" more capacious space.Therefore, we hope that through the rational thoughts of symbol consumption. There are more profound understanding of the various problems we faced in the construction of spiritual civilization of socialism in the new period, and provides a new perspective.
two, symbolic consumption -- in the context of modernization consumption
(a) symbol meaning items
Before the reform and opening up, China's planned economy, consumer goods in the sleepy stage. The vast majority of products in the market is the consumer, in planning constraints at that time, people consume content (goods) not only dull, but also the lack of choice for consumers.People need is the necessities of life, familiar objects there are food stamps, stamps, clothing, their votes, sugar, tobacco, soap, ticket ticket match tickets and so on.
Since the reform and opening up. China has entered the stage of mass consumption, the state gradually to meet the various needs of people.Culture market system.People have a consumer choice.In particular, the "three old" (watch, bicycle, sewing machine) to the "new three" (house, car, computer) changes, we can clearly see the goods bearing the symbolic significance of the change and the change of commodity."The new, old 3" except as a utensil having material utility, but also represent the user's status and identity.But with the changes of the times."The material effect is old 3", but its symbolic significance has gradually disappeared, and some have the economic strength of the people need to have new products such as "car, house, computer" and other "new three" to show their identity and position.
Before the reform and opening up, China's implementation of the non-market economy system, the consumption of symbol is a kind of economic, political, class of symbols, namely consumption symbol is through people's political, class performance.But after the reform and development of China's reform, opening up and the market economy system.China's modernization process accelerated, undergoing a change from traditional society to modern society, the non market economy to a market economy.In a market economy, symbolic consumption was further highlighted, factors strengthen symbol consumption is also increasingly diversified, symbolic consumption is not only decided by political status. Also rely on money and material means to obtain.
Although the symbol consumption exists in any society, but to the extent that the Chinese for consumption and symbolic significance of praise has come to more serious.Symbol consumption has become a prominent issue in China's consumer culture.To wear brand-name, wear expensive watches, cars, live in luxurious life goals for people.And these are become the measure of a person's success in social scale.
And with the changes of the times, people not only pursue the symbolic significance of material goods.But begin to pay attention to the life style and life style of intangible goods, such as leisure, pop music.It is precisely because of this cycle, further the utility value and symbolic meaning items intertwined and difficult to distinguish, so that people on the symbolic significance of use value and the pursuit of world without end.
(two) symbol space
In recent years, with the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, modernization and globalization, along with the people living and consumption patterns created a series of new never before has consumption place (most of them are imported from abroad), such as KTv, bar, cafe, KFC, supermarket and so on, as well as give the consumption of new symbolic meanings in the old form of consumption place.Such as tea, bar, beauty salon, sauna bath room.The birth and changes of these emerging consumption patterns and places to reflect the change of people's lifestyle and consumption concept, consumption psychology.This paper will make analysis through several typical examples.
In large and medium-sized city, various types of supermarket must attack deep into every corner of street.Especially the big stores, in the big city supermarkets everywhere.The supermarket has not closed the counter, different income, age, occupation, educated people to play their role, the court is randomly chosen. No salesperson impatient vision and others glances.This new place of consumption and consumption environment makes the city's shopping formed orientation: buy food no longer preferred market but in the community supermarkets and hypermarkets; daily shopping is no longer a corner shop. But the mall supermarket.This is the "one-stop shopping, the nearest convenience, the autonomy of choice is strong" characteristics of the new consumption environment was given the "people-oriented", "freedom, equality, convenient" symbolic significance, as recognized by the people.
Such as Internet cafes, bars, Diba, R,, and other emerging consumer sites, is the young people and the middle class fully relax themselves, show themselves, obtain the spirit to meet the "ideal".These places have also been given a "fashion"
"Youth" "high taste" and "mainstream" symbolic significance.
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