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Analysis of the Modern Trend of the consumption patterns of the contemporary college students

Author: LuoXiaoKe From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 13:57:38 Read:
Paper Keywords: Modern modern rationalism, individualism
Abstract: modernity is the concept of a widespread concern of today's domestic and international academia, related to all aspects of society, politics, life and culture. The Modern Trend research deepens, for college students' consumption patterns will inevitably have an impact.
Modernity, the concept has great theoretical penetration, no doubt originated in the historical process of the European Capital of Culture in Latin from the 11th century to the 18th century French modernite ', its meaning is changing. Until now, the meaning of modernity is still not an accurate statement.
But what is certain is that regardless of the concept of "modern" view of the number of differences, the core meaning refers to a new era of consciousness, but also whether it is seen as a derogatory term or commendatory, inherent value means clear. The origin of the modern concept of the origin of the term "modernity". Modernity first consciousness of the modern consciousness, both contain historical facts, value pursuit and norms mean that modernity is a new consciousness.
First, modernity and its basic philosophy
Is generally believed that the modern concept describes the differences in modern society and traditional society. This difference is the sum of the modern society and modern traditional society and traditional people in the economic, political, scientific, technical, ideological, cultural aspects and different levels of specificity. As some scholars have said, "Where the attributes that characterize modern society or modern features, such as commodity, competitive, democratic, scientific, secular, openness, and so on, are included in the modern meaning of the in ". In this sense, modernity is a scale to measure the degree of modernization of a society, modernization is a fact, modernity is a reflection of the facts.
Modernity is an Enlightenment rationality, that is, how to use their own ideas to think about everything, and the use of reason to review all. As can be seen from the above modern interpretation, rationalism and individualism is the basic concept of modernity.
(A) rationalism
Modern Overture stage, based on the Renaissance and the Reformation as a symbol, it is at this stage, people began to self-discovery, the church has been questioned, the religious of the community began to fade, secular life gradually gained recognition. In this sense, the process of modernity, Weber's argument is the slayer of the process, but also a rational process, "rational" is synonymous. The modern emphasis on human reason than religious divinity, stressed that modern civilization is the product of rational thinking. The Western thinkers Weber summarizes the points of rationalist thinking, that is clearly aware of the purpose of the act, the comparison of the value of the size of the specific objectives pursued; weigh the necessity of acting according to the expected results; choice of means in accordance with the purpose, maximum benefit with minimum cost as the selection criteria; follow a strict, both consistency in action, so that all actions are reasonable and orderly.
As a cultural concept, rationalism has caused a series of changes in Western society in various fields, in the field of understanding, rationalism created the basic spirit of the modern science. "Modernity" requires the application of a scientific and rational way of thinking in the field of knowledge, the rational way of thinking the characterization of a mathematical proof of logical reasoning and experimental proof of empirical science, science became rationalism. In the areas of daily life, rationalism restored the dignity of the human person; economic spheres of life, the establishment of a scientific rationalism of industrial production systems and innovative market economic system; rationalism led to the efficiency of the management system in the field of social relations, modern and rational legal system. In short, innovation, reasonable performance and cooperation as the core spirit of rational culture reflects the changes in society in general value orientation. Scientific, humane, democratic, legal system are in the process of societal rationalization of product and performance, science and democracy constitute the core of the spirit of rationalism.
(B) individualism
The rise of individualism is considered to be the is modernity greatest achievement. The one hand, individualism brought emancipation of the individual, individualism, on the other hand, by virtue of rational, independent of the concept of self-discipline advocate a rational, more self-responsible lifestyle. Rational people to become a dignified, independent person, from this sense, rationalism and individualism are interlinked. "Modernity" means for self-understanding from collectivism to individualism (Individualism) major change. Individuals in the first place, to emphasize the importance of personal independence with others. The substance of this individualism is to highlight the theme of subjectivity. Habermas pointed out that Hegel defined as the core principles of modern subjectivity, and traces its roots in the history of western philosophy, Descartes is the initiator of the main discourse. Kant developed the typical morphology of the main discourse, but Kant did not see the essence of modernity brought science, morality, art split is actually conflict and discord. In the Western sense of individualism is an easy ambiguous concept, intended to refer to the concept of a people-based, that is said above, there is no accurate representation of word, but in Chinese. For Chinese people, this is one of the most easy to be misunderstood, most need to clarify the concept. In China, the ideology existed so far, it is the contact with the word "private", a reference to individualism, it will be self-centered, emphasis on personal interests, ignored and even despite the collective interests, social interests such things together. But for Western culture, these things usually misunderstood "individualism", "egoism '," ego "is another concept to represent in the tradition of Western culture, individualism is a constructive , positive individual-based concept.
Rationalism and individualism is the main concept of "modernity", the idea of ??progress, but in addition to the rational and individualistic ideology of modernity, these in Western social processes, specifically interpretation. "Modernity" in modern society can be specifically attributed secularization of the social sphere, the institutionalization of the social relations, legalization and industrialization in the field of economic, market, political democratization in the field, the urbanization of the human condition, culture personalized, and so on.
Modern Trend for college students' consumption patterns
Consumption refers to the ways and means to meet the needs of the life consumption of various types of consumer information, which can be obtained through the concept of consumer spending and consumer behavior orientation rough, consumer attitudes and behavior unity. Modern social theory, consumption is broadly divided into three kinds of traditional consumption, the modern consumer and post-modern consumer. But in this article I will focus on Modern Trend on College Students, that is, the modern consumer. As the young elite of contemporary college students in modern society, they are one of the main consumer is the main force of the Chinese consumer and consumer fashion guide in the future, their consumption may affect the future of China's overall consumption patterns. Modern Trend of the consumption patterns of the contemporary college students is the consumption of scientific and rational consumption. In particular by means of a questionnaire survey conducted by the Dalian Maritime University, specifically as follows. (A) reasonable consumer spending plan
Planning, evaluation used in this paper is on College Students' Consumption per semester fee whether there are plans to consumption. The results showed that: own expenses, 7.5 percent of college students have a strict plan, 50% of the students plan, 23 percent of college students is slightly plans no plans, only 19.2 percent of students, on the whole, college students at the beginning of each semester will give a rough plan, but also their consumption when reckoning, such a scheme can also be referred to as the Weber sense calculation is reasonable important feature, and thus to a certain extent describes the Contemporary Value of College Students' Consumption. Hurry to define all of this is unreasonable, we want to see them in the mainstream, to see the main direction and the way they consume, do not think the emphasis on an isolated phenomenon, which is Modern Trend of rationalism to consumption blindness of contemporary college students consumption patterns.
(B) the consumption process rational shopping
Reasonable consumption is a comprehensive course of action, it includes understanding the product information, and the last will be implemented to purchase this means. To understand the information of the goods is only the first step in this series, also the beginning of rational consumption. The data results showed that: the contemporary college students to learn more about before the purchase of precious commodities 45.6% 50.1% of the general understanding, both of 95.7%, while only 4.3% of the direct purchase. This strong evidence of contemporary college students is a higher intelligence and autonomy of consumer groups in the consumption process, they are able to give full play to their own subjective judgment, to make reasonable decisions on consumer goods. Consumers shopping for the quality of consumer goods, the price, brand and fashion choice reflects consumers' propensity to consume. Quality and price, brand and fashion is select the object of consumption of the main factors affecting the contemporary college students. The quality of consumer goods and the price reflects the value in use of the consumer goods, is seen as a key contemporary college students rational consumption. Brands and fashion affects the identity and image of the contemporary college students, its charm lies in the symbolic, with more sensual colors, reflects the choice of these two aspects of the value orientation of the rational and irrational. However, current data indicate that the main factors attracting them to spend quality, use, cost-effective, pragmatic, rational consumption students mainstream consumer. This concept of consumption analysis in the current conditions it is reasonable to not have their own fixed-income college students, their main source of livelihood is the parents, not through their own part-time to earn money, which makes their monthly disposable money is fixed, and the money is mainly used in daily necessities and food overhead. College life in a long time, they gradually formed a rational consumer attitudes as carefully as possible, in the case of limited spending power, consumption, they will try to select those inexpensive things to buy goods.
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