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The army employed nurses human resources and equipment use and job satisfaction

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[Abstract] Objective: To investigate the factors in military hospital nurses on job satisfaction and influence.Methods: the Department of three hospitals were investigated in formal nurses of 366 people, including the workload of the nursing personnel, welfare treatment, the non-nursing work such as project 13.Results: a fixed number, work environment, management satisfaction 13 projects rate is high, the nursing staff in less workload, obtain post-graduate opportunities, the non-nursing work many, in hospital status, satisfaction rate.Conclusion: the insufficient number of nurses, nursing staff workload, the title structure and the unreasonable treatment are the main problems of nursing human resources allocation.The reasonable distribution and use of nursing staff, can reduce the work burden and pressure, increased job satisfaction.
[keyword] military hospital; employed nurse; job satisfaction and

[Abstract] Goal: Understood that the army hospital hires nurse to the work degree of satisfaction and the influencing factor. Method: Is arranging official nurse to three hospital various administrative offices 366 people to carry on the questionnaire survey, the content including nursing staffs' work load, the welfare treatment, the non-nursing work and so on 13 projects. Finally: in 13 projects the school grade order is fixed, satisfaction rates and so on working conditions, management are high, to the nursing staffs few work loads big, obtains pursues advanced studies the opportunity, the non-nursing work many, in hospital satisfaction rates and so on status to be low. Conclusion: Nurse quantity is insufficient, the nursing staffs work load is big, the title structure and the treatment unreasonable are nurse the human resources disposition existence the subject matter. The reasonable equipment with the use nursing staffs, may lighten its work load and the pressure, enhances the work degree of SAtisfaction.
[Key words] the Army Hospital; Hires nurse; Work degree of satisfaction

Job satisfaction and job satisfaction.Robbins [1] and job satisfaction is defined as "personal general attitude" of his work, and that the level of satisfaction a person of high, the employee may have a positive attitude, job satisfaction level is low, the employee may have negative attitude.The results showed that [2], personal occupation development prospect is a determinant of job satisfaction, and most scholars confirmed, feel no opportunities for personal growth or occupation development space of nurse job satisfaction, turnover rate is high.The army is a special group of employed nurses in military, nurses receive increased nurses overall life satisfaction sense of satisfaction, happiness from work, to stimulate the efficient, high quality health care services initiative.Accurate, timely understanding of the job satisfaction of nurses and find the factors, timely to adopt effective measures, is expected to reach win-win goal.At present, the military hospital nurses job satisfaction are reported.The military hospital is for army service window, the complex, the service object of special, with good psychological state for patients to provide health work, is an important topic in the study of military nursing should pay attention to the.

1 object and method of

1.1 investigation object: in 2008 January, the clinical nurses in three military hospitals were investigated by the method of cluster sampling, a total sample of 366 nurses, all female, aged 19 to 41 years old, the average age of (25.17 3.72); working years: < 2 years to 63, 2 to 5 years 181, 6 ~ 10 years 89, > 10 years 33; cultural degree: technical secondary school 78, junior 235, undergraduate 53; marital status: married 177, married 189; Title: 258 nurses, 88 nurse-in-charge nurse, 20.
1.2 investigation method: nursing department meeting held by the employed nurses, unify the fill method, unified survey time, avoid others fill, authenticity, reliability assurance survey results.Anonymously self-filled questionnaire, 60min back on the spot.In order to protect the privacy of the participants, all scales are put in the same envelope, and ensure that all the recovery data for researchers to access.Scale after a timely review of recycling, eliminate waste volume.375 copies of this investigation extends watch, 9 with incomplete data were excluded, 366 valid questionnaires, effective recovery rate of 97.6%.

Results of the 2 employed nurses on job satisfaction: see table

As can be seen from the table that work less staff nursing workload is not satisfied with the accounting for 80.3%, followed by: the chance to continue study is less, the non-nursing work much, division of labor is not clear, patients to nursing requirement is high, repeated written work, nursing work social position.Job satisfaction of nursing staff in the survey was 44.9% on average, job satisfaction and satisfaction accounted for 56.3% of the total.Not satisfied with the work of the staff to understand the reason, 80.3% of them think working personnel nursing workload; 58.6% think too much non-nursing work; 48.8% think the nursing work received little attention, people can be difficult to play; 44.8% think that the social status of nursing work, and the army people than big difference, instruments, high quality requirements a written work, repetitive, 43.4% think working income nursing and low treatment is poor; 30% of nursing staff thought the title promotion difficult.

Discussion 3

The survey results show that, the number of nurses to work not satisfied accounted for 80.3%, the nursing workload big, heavy load is an outstanding problem in nursing personnel reflect.The causes of workload is the insufficient number of staff, beds and nurses imbalance problem, hospital for the pursuit of economic benefits, the first to reduce the cost of nursing human resources, the main reason is the lack of nursing staff.According to the Ministry of health in 1978 nurse configuration requirements, rules of the hospital bed / nurse ratio reached 1:0.4, over the past thirty years has not yet been reached, three hospital survey actually bed / nurse ratio is 1:0.36.According to the Ministry of health survey of more than 400 hospitals nationwide, ward beds and nurses than average rely on family members or Hu Gongcheng is above 1:0.33,95% hospital nursing with work
Dan [3].Thirty years of nurse work connotation and workload increased, more and more patients critically ill patients, difficult miscellaneous diseases, all kinds of new technology development, leading to increase the amount of basic nursing, observation and monitoring of the disease to improve care, but now is not the nurse labor value.Especially in the situation of reform current preparation system, reduce the preparation of military nurses, nurses were strictly selected, training cycle is long, synergism of depletion of numbers and hospital advocate make nurses appear shortage problem more prominent.The work environment and the resource table problems make the contracted nurses satisfaction is the highest, may the main reason and military equipment is more advanced, complete, ward environment related.
Salary and other welfare, promotion and chances to study less, nursing work of lower social status, work has not been recognized that patients and their family members employed nurses in material and spiritual rewards were below expectations, expectations and the reality gap is not satisfied with the top 5.Analysis may be influenced by traditional ideas, skilled nursing work is not recognized, in some patients, family doctors, nurses attitude to different tasks, nurses, provides the high quality service for the patients, its value has not been fully affirmed, its development opportunities, can not enjoy the same equal political, military doctors and nurses economic benefits and security system, these problems constitute the nurses were not satisfied, stability will be greatly affected the enthusiasm and nursing staff employed nurses.
Division of labor is not clear, there are 51.6% that too much non-nursing work, nurses also bear part of the non-nursing work, such as patients to do inspections, sent to the testing specimen, medicine is not satisfied with one of the reasons why the employed nurses.On the one hand inside the hospital nurses job responsibilities are not clear, the level of nurses in different skills, qualifications, titles and undertake the same work, rather than professional post; some experienced senior nurses in order to avoid the over three classes, left their jobs to the clinic nursing a gleam of light work, resulting in a serious waste of human resources, also affect the stability of nursing team.The employment system of the unreasonable employment support
Shi Qianglie's sense of inferiority, to impose on the body of the load began, the high degree of turnover intention, because of work load leads to post more.
Based on the above results, the military hospital managers need to further strengthen the following work: hospital leadership should change the idea of medical care light, increase the input on nursing work funds.Try to improve nursing staff treatment, improve nursing work conditions, strengthening humanistic care, to improve their job satisfaction.The hospital should establish nurse satisfaction survey of specialized agencies, regularly informed of nursing work, timely solve the nursing of heavy load, high working pressure problems.Regular satisfaction survey, timely feedback the opinions and suggestions.To attach importance to the construction of nursing staff, nursing staff allocation.According to the needs of fixed establishment principle, with a number of appropriate, reasonable structure, high overall quality of nursing staff, reasonable arrangement of nurses with different professional titles in the proper position according to levels of post need, make each employed nurses work and business ability, post needs, meet the need of nursing service, hospital, department as the economic benefit is not required to staff give notification or tied to performance.The nurses job title: low overall quality of nurses in our country, there is a gap between the sense of service, service concept, development business quality, technical level and ability and clinical medical technology and people's diversified health service demand, professional development and clinical nurses to learn is lagging behind compared to [3], compared with the western developed countries, are there is a big gap in our knowledge, ability of nurses.With the development of nursing service in China, the development of holistic nursing, nurses need highly educated, high professional quality, more full of nursing staff, strengthen the on-the-job nurse continuing education and school education, improve the overall quality of nurses.Through the domestic and foreign various continuing education mode, to provide learning opportunities for nurses.Education, on-the-job graduate self-study exam, professional nursing knowledge and short-term training classes, to the hospital specialist training, nursing knowledge, skills, methods of operation updates and training, can improve the nurses' educational structure, knowledge structure, improve nursing quality, we need to adapt to the development of medicine and nursing.
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