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Study on the current situation and Countermeasures of performance management in Institutions

Author: SongLingYa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 13:39:14 Read:
[Abstract] the performance management institution is the foundation work of human resource management institution is an important content and.This paper analyses the current situation of performance management institutions and the existing problems, and according to the performance management theories and advanced practice, put forward corresponding countermeasures.
[keyword] performance management performance appraisal of human resource management institutions of

Performance management is all levels of management and employees to achieve organizational goals to participate in the performance planning, performance guidance, performance appraisal cycle process of communication for evaluation, application of performance results, performance goal of ascension, is the work important content and the basic work of human resource management.The core of performance management in human resource management is mainly reflected in the organization, the overall effectiveness and value creation performance depends on each department, members, and the performance results have important guiding significance in staffing, training and development, compensation management, recruitment and selection.In recent years, institutions to continue to explore in the practice of performance management, established a set of evaluation system, and gradually to the scientific, standardized development, but there are still many worthy of attention and problems can not be ignored, should be paid more attention and improvement.
As we know, the institution is the state for social welfare purposes, organized by the state organ or other organizations to use state-owned assets held, engaged in education, science, culture, health and other activities of the social service organization.At present, China has all kinds of business unit about 1300000, the state-owned assets of about 300000000000 yuan, the staff about 29000000 people, concentrated above more than 70% of China's scientific research personnel, 95% teachers and doctors, can say the talents.Even so, we still often see many institutions, performance management, is the end of each year a "ideological work summary", assessment index is nothing more than "the Germany, can, diligent, accomplishment, Lian", despite the evaluation order of "excellent, qualified, basic qualified, unqualified four kinds," but the results are often not good qualified.Specifically, performance management institutions at present mainly has the following problems:
(1) the performance management system is not strong.That the modern theory of performance management, performance management is a complete system, composed of performance planning, performance implementation and management, performance management, performance feedback is composed of four parts, the four part is linked together, are indispensable.In some institutions, simply take the performance management as the performance management, the lack of performance planning, performance implementation and management, performance feedback.
(2) the performance indicator system decomposition is not perfect.An important link of performance management is performance targets.Based on the strategic and operational goals, clearly the work of various departments responsibilities and assessment objectives, responsibilities and objectives in the interlocking reasonable decomposition to each employee who,, layers of implementation.So, as long as all staff performance goals, departmental goals can be achieved, the unit target is achieved.
(3) index design process is too simple, the quantification problem.Enterprise performance management, assessment on performance plan, measure standard to determine issues involved in, let be assessment that performance appraisal is a kind of supervision and punishment.Making process of performance management index is often the performance management indicators from the superior, rationality of index set did not receive due attention, the lack of timely indicators developed after revision process, resulting in some index lost the meaning of performance management.
(4) the lack of performance management training necessary.In actual work, especially on the specific involvement of staff performance appraisal management personnel lack the necessary performance management knowledge training and coaching.Performance appraisal depends not only on the scientificity and reliability of evaluation system, evaluation of the ability depends on the accuracy of any subjective evaluation, error evaluation or the evaluation indicators and evaluation criteria of the understanding error will affect the evaluation to a great extent, effectiveness and other aspects of human resources management.
With the development of human resources management theory and practice, some common problems in performance management are gradually resolved.Aiming at the particularity, the main institutions, may take the following measures to improve the performance management system:
(1) to establish and perfect the performance management system.To deepen the understanding of the connotation of performance management system, through the performance plan, performance implementation, performance management, performance feedback and interview and performance improvement and the application of the results of these five closely connected links, the key performance indicators down to every level, middle-level management personnel department and each post, the departments and staff work objectives and restructuring institutions strategic objectives together, so that different levels of staff performance management index and standard of different, so as to ensure the feasibility, performance appraisal management of science, impartiality, and strongly support the success of performance management activities, improve the performance appraisal management single to effective performance management.(2) construct a scientific performance appraisal index system.The key performance indicators (KPI), and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), critical success factors (CSF) and other advanced performance index design method, according to the SMART principle, combining with practical business unit, the key indicators down to every level, middle-level management department and general staff positions.Make level, support index between, forming performance indicators system.Combined with institutions of assessment methods in the past, can according to the specific situation of each department, post, "Germany, can, diligent, accomplishment, low-cost" these metrics to quantify and personalized, makes the appraisal index has a better scientific and testability.
(3) the full application of performance appraisal results.Strengthen custody and application of performance appraisal results.In addition to the results of performance appraisal for the salary, bonus, but also to the results of performance appraisal in the title evaluation, training opportunities, promotion opportunities and combined, as the reference basis, to carry out these work more targeted.At the same time, through the hook, cause the majority of employees on performance management, performance improves attention.
(4) to realize the whole process of performance management.In the five part of the plan, the implementation of performance management, performance management, feedback and results, design concepts and ideas more full participation, people-oriented.Pay more attention to the staff's performance and counseling, fully mobilize the workers to participate in the enthusiasm, performance targets to achieve the initiative and creativity of.In the process of performance management, through the supervisor feedback, a written report, performance progress and review constantly stressed to the implementation of the performance management improvement.
To make a long story short, the performance management as the foundation of human resources management and important content, to improve organizational performance, the development team and individual potential, so that the organization continued success has strategic significance.According to the present situation of institutions and special, to strengthen all aspects of performance management, and play a positive role in the process, so as to gain the competitive advantage in the unit to achieve the strategic objectives, and to help workers to better develop individual potential.

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