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The influence of modernity on the mobile phone media

Author: HaiKuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 13:38:36 Read:

Abstract: the development of digital technology, promote the propagation characteristics of mobile phone public prominence.Mobile phone human dissemination way, Chinese people favor, and in the process of social transformation, to participate in the construction of modernity.Social modernity appears a new direction, modernity and the traditional Chinese society is a lot like the attention.Wide application of mobile phone in China, is the trend, and will promote the Chinese modernity recovery to a certain extent.
Keywords: the mobile phone; humanity; culture; modernity

In 2007, the national 365000000 fixed phone users, negative growth for the first time since 1968; 547000000 mobile phone subscribers, is growing up to a year.Visible, mobile phone is becoming the Chinese share highest media.Therefore, when a media become essential items when people, its characteristics will profoundly affect the way people interact, and reacts to the user, make people appear new psychological and behavior, and ultimately affect the whole society and culture.
, mobile phone: humanization of the "fifth media"
Taiwan scholars are fatidical: "the ultimate product of the media's wireless broadband network and mobile video phone, let anyone at any time, any place can obtain all kinds of information."Undoubtedly, the mobile phone has the ultimate product function, text, sound, image integration, consumer information, entertainment, in a body, so that people can use these information whenever and wherever possible.According to Mcluhan that the media is the extension of the body view.Mobile phone can meet the various needs of people, to make up for multiple human visual and auditory, and thus become the media's "synthesizer".
(a) the interpersonal communication and mass communication of
First.Mobile phone is on the phone can not instant answer repair, main function of voice communication, interpersonal communication, and belongs to the typical.Interpersonal communication can effectively realize the interactive communication, make sense to get mutual understanding; however, the dissemination of information of limited scope, control is easily affected by the opinion leaders, and easy to cause the difference of power level based on knowledge.
The newspaper, broadcast, TV all belong to mass communication, can rapidly spread to the distance of information, modern life and national, national concept plays an important; however, newspaper, broadcast, TV generally can only passively accept the edited by an organization program, information is the gatekeeper filtering, and maintain social ideology, the audience has no right to independently choose the information.
The computer by combining with the Internet, change the one-way information dissemination, enhance memory function information.The audience can choose information relatively freely, and can timely communication with individuals or groups.Therefore, the Internet to realize the interaction of mass communication and interpersonal communication fusion, however, its performance has been the lack of media to carry.Mobile phone and Internet after joining in, to make up for the lack of people and media, so as to achieve an almost perfect blend.
Mobile phone text messages to make the text spread into a new era, both the mass communication function, also has a point to point function of interpersonal communication, realize the butt of mass communication and interpersonal communication.But the mobile phone short message in the reality of the mass effect is not obvious, is not prominent properties of mass communication.A new generation of mobile phone are actively seeking the combination and the internet.On the one hand to the image acquisition and transmission function development, which not only can real-time communication of multimedia information flow, but also have a camera function, make up the human visual information fleeting; on one hand and the function of Internet development, not only can browse information, but also can receive media information, to achieve the timely transmission of images.Can say, the combination of mobile phone and Internet, realizes the integration of interpersonal communication and mass communication, and by a voice communication tool only, expand for multimedia communication terminal.
In addition to the above functions, mobile phone short message, also have send pictures, receive e-mail, browse information, as the bank credit, reception of TV programs and other various functions have been developed or to be developed.In short, the performance of mobile phone is the ultimate embodiment of human senses are tools for media and people, from separation to an endpoint fusion."Mobile phone at any time (this is the network break) anywhere (this is a special credit for the mobile phone) ability to be able to get any information, to turn the world into one to you at any time to respond to environment, at least you want to know about the environment responding".When the mass media has the function of interpersonal communication, to influence human society is entering a new era.
(two) the human-computer interaction and interpersonal interaction
Whether in the operational level, or in the inner characteristics, mobile phone showed a strong interaction.The computer system based on language bits with absolute homogeneity, will all the facts are in 0 / 1 of two kinds of symbols; most of the operating system based on the English language, is also a kind of homogenization.If the former can be ignored in practical applications, so the homogenization of English is the dominant language on the other.Ideographic characters in this homogenization effect, have lost many of the original culture foundation.In contrast, the input interface of mobile phone is more flexible, the finger operation limited function keys, especially the touch function over the keyboard, direct implementation of the exchange of people and machines.In Japan, due to difficulties in Japanese text input, not in the habit of using a computer keyboard, and preference for mobile phone internet.For the Chinese, the writing pen text entry mode, reactivation of some characteristics of Chinese characters calligraphy.This interactive mobile phone, to break through the English Hegemony in language, to win back some cultural characteristics.
Network of audio, video chat time transfer technique based on the point and chat room group dialogue, enhance the interaction between the public.Many studies have shown that, bureaucracy and other modern city, industrialization and social management, resulting in the communication between people is reduced, people's participation in political and social affairs enthusiasm reduce.But the digital interactive technology seems to arouse enthusiasm of mass communication.They are no longer limited to the traditional society of blood groups, but the identity construction under the new organization, regional, interest, interest and other social relations, the formation of virtual community stability.Mobile phone this connection of interpersonal communication and mass communication media, and further promote the people involved in the communication intention.People obtain the corresponding community on the Internet, by phone, send text messages, send video mode, establish personal contact.
Tim 0 Sullivan thinks, "interaction and social interaction" means "in two or more participants in the social context of the meaning of each other exchange and negotiation", "the main focus of social interaction, between the codes and rules makers, users and the construction of the communication and exchange."On the mobile phone media, exchange and negotiation of meaning is more convenient.The traditional mass media such as Internet, more like a to provide information on the role, and the mobile phone is to exchange information as the swan.Relative to other media, in order to facilitate the exchange of information, real-time adjustment in the exchange between the mobile phone.This will avoid the information symbol dislocated code exchange between the two sides, so as to provide the conditions of interactive communication.This point, have in common with Confucian culture in all its transposition thinking, with Habermas advocated the theory of communicative action.Interaction between the two are focusing on people, establish social action value at each other during the exchange, in order to build a harmonious society of free.
According to Standford scholars Levi's and Nash's "media as" point of view, the interactive nature of human and computer and other new media is the social and natural.That is to say, cause lies in the nature of interaction between people and people demand and receive information.Therefore, human-computer interaction and interpersonal interaction way will inevitably be restricted propagator and influence of special cultural quality.The explosive growth of the mobile phone that, not only from the price to adapt to China's current level of consumption, and fundamentally meet the communication characteristics and cultural characteristics of the Chinese people, especially the mobile phone short message function, so that the Chinese found the man-machine communication and interpersonal fit.
two short information: the highest rate of by Chinese media
In already developed business, the most widely used mobile phone short message, especially in china.Levinson puts forward, mobile phone as a verbal function secondary to move.China started from 2002 New Year's day, the outbreak of the SMS tide, then increased year by year.On 2000, Chinese SMS was about 5 - 1000000000, accounting for 1% of world total; in 2003 220000000000, accounting for half of the world total; in 2007 the volume of SMS reached 623200000000.The increase in the volume of Chinese text is far more than the average level in the world, become the highest utilization of media.From this perspective, mobile phone text messages can be called "Chinese media".
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