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Reflection and practice of personnel agency system in Independent College

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[Abstract] the independent college generally implement the personnel agency system, combining with specific practice of the independent college personnel agency system, analysis the positive role in the development of personnel agency system of independent colleges as well as some problems in the process of practice.
[keyword] independent college; personnel system; practice of

[Abstract] The independent academy puts consciousness of the outside world into practice commonly acting for system, acting for the system concrete practice combining with independent academy consciousness of the outside world, analyses consciousness of the outside world acting for the positive role that system develops to independent academy and a few problems appearing in the process of practice.

[Key words] the Independent Academy; System consciousness of the outside world is acted for; Practice

Since 1995, the State Ministry of personnel in December clearly put forward the establishment and implementation of personnel agency system, universities are combined with their actual, actively implementing the personnel agency system; Independent College as the public for private universities from the creation on the occasion of the implementation of personnel agency system, the formation of a real sense of competition and incentive mechanism, construction helps teachers the rapid development of the independent college, played a very good role in promoting.Below the author combines the practice of personnel agency system of independent college, analyses positive and practical process of personnel agent system, the development of independent colleges play in question.

Personnel agency system 1 independent colleges connotation of

Personnel agency system means that the government personnel department personnel exchange service organizations, in accordance with the relevant state personnel policies and regulations requirements, accept the employing units or individuals entrusted, agent of its relevant personnel business, can be as mobile personnel and the employer to provide personnel relationship, file hosting, talent recruitment, training, talent assessment and agents various types of social insurance and a series of personnel agency and supporting services.At present, the personnel agency system of independent college mainly refers to the independent institute entrusted by the government personnel departments personnel exchange service agency school staff personnel file management, title declaration, personnel deployment.

Personnel agency system 2 independent college practice of

2.1 determine the proxy object, select agents and agent main content.
Independent college staff personnel agency system from a sense of full employment.That is to say, the proxy object independent school is the school staff.
Our school is in Hubei Province in 2004 the talent exchange center to open an account, the implementation of personnel agency system of school.
The main contents of personnel agency work of independent college are:

2.1.1 commissioned by the Provincial Personnel Center receives and management agency personnel archives.Personnel file is not in the province personnel staff, our school is through the open letter to the talent I unit of account; the personnel files in the talent of the staff, our school can be directly from the personal account to the unit of account.
2.1.2 commissioned by the Provincial Personnel Center, according to the national policy and the school needs, for the title that work for the school to hire graduates.At present, the title of my school evaluation has three ways: one is the declaration from the talent center, two is the declaration from the university campus, three were directly report to Department of education.
2.1.3 is preferred for the school to handle the relevant formalities from Wuhan City transferred into have both ability and political integrity, professional counterparts much-needed talent.At present, our school has been through the talent exchange center of Hubei province from the field successfully transferred to senior technicians, these senior talent has become the backbone of our school.
Salary and welfare of personnel agency personnel 2.2 independent college.
As the independent college is a personnel agency staff, so in wages does not exist on the part of personnel agency university "preparation and no compilation of income gap".In the welfare of independent college according to national policy requirements unified pay endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance, at present only part of Wuhan City independent college for staff to pay the housing accumulation fund.
2.3 personnel agency personnel management.
Independent college to establish individual business archives in the school staff personnel file hosting and management.The personnel department by the traditional personnel management consciousness as the center to "people-oriented" human resource development consciousness, establish a "people-oriented" ideology, from management to service function change.In the management process, we should always put the ability of staff and the enthusiasm of the play in the most important position, care for them, respect them, to meet the reasonable needs of the people, to mobilize their enthusiasm.At the same time, should also be bound by the contract to the humanistic care, from simple to solve practical problems, for their efforts to create a good work, study, living environment, in order to improve the overall cohesion unit.But at the same time also need to create "competition mechanism", to avoid the staff enthusiasm is not high, more personnel than work available, we should optimize the allocation of human resources, promote the rational flow of personnel.Abide by the "posts, open recruitment, scientific strict examination, contract management" principle, by setting the position, according to post recruitment.
In addition, should pay attention to develop a good, effective incentive policies and promotion way, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, to play, to create a good working atmosphere and

the positive effects of 3 independent colleges personnel agency system

3.1 the individual employment rights.
In Colleges and universities is closed management model of static, personnel of the right to use and ownership combination.Personnel agency system to implement the separation of human relations management rights and the right to the use of talents.This separation makes the talents ownership by personal mastery, got rid of the traditional to personnel files as the core unit of lifelong attachment relationship, ensure the personnel have full employment of autonomy, while increasing their sense of crisis and sense of responsibility, encourage them to work harder, hard work, and constantly improve themselves.
3.2 the school autonomy.
Personnel agent system, broaden the employment channels and by the way, providing opportunities for independent college fully absorb the social talents.With the continuous expansion of the scale of running independent colleges, widespread shortage of talent.All kinds of talent schools need, carries on the reasonable disposition through the market, can be transferred to all kinds of talents through the personnel agency system.This fully embodies the open, equal, competition, preferred principle, and to a certain extent, guarantee the quality of talent.
3.3 to ensure the rational flow of trained personnel.
The traditional employment system, personnel attached to the unit, lifelong work in a unit, not rational flowing mechanism, no smooth circulation channel.In the personnel agency system, between employers and talent just hire contract relationship with employee.The school has a staff of the "right to use", by the employer and the employees of the employment contracts, the school is responsible for the wages and welfare treatment and management during the employment period, staff responsibilities and tasks specified in the contract.Social personnel service agencies have employees "ownership", is responsible for receiving and file management, the expiration of the contract is not in the hiring of personnel, automatic discharge and labor relations school, namely social talent exchange center, accept social talent market management and service, the school does not have the responsibility and obligation.Personnel agency for the implementation of the management contract, laying out the legal personnel distribution channels, so that the export unimpeded, to enter and exit, ensure the personnel
The reasonable flow, people make the best use of.The personnel agency, desalination "identity management", to strengthen the "management", establish a "to enter and exit, flexible, low energy" mechanism for independent.
3.4 to ensure the optimal allocation of resources of the school.
Independent college is the implementation of the total employment, school faculty and staff to sign the contract, the implementation of personnel agency system, once the dismissal, pension, health care and housing borne by society, schools can therefore reduce the financial burden on.Also, personnel agency personnel management belongs to the talent exchange center, Department of personnel free out from the complicated affairs of personnel management, it can focus on the university human resources.Therefore, the implementation of personnel agency system, the independent college, both to reduce the financial resources, and reduce the manpower, the independent institute will maximize the optimization of the educational resource allocation, improve the benefit of running a school.Personnel agency practice 4 independent Institute of problems and thinking of
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