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Good way "appreciation" -- staff motivation

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[Abstract] in the management of enterprises, one of the most original proposition, that is -- how to motivate employees? There are many ways to motivate employees, from on macroscopic into material incentive and spirit incentive.This paper expounds the appreciation of subordinates, motivate employees need to be good at finding staff small change and progress, encourage the timely, and points out that the mistakes and correct them, so they quickly grow up together with the company.
[keyword] incentive; appreciation; enterprise management

[Abstract] Do in business administration, have a most primitive proposition, how to stimulate an employee? Stimulate employee's method to have being matter excitation and spirit excitation mark on very various, secondary macroscopic view. The author thinks highly of a subordinate by giving an example having expounded, stimulates an employee to need to be good at discovering trivial change of employee and the encouragement progressing, being in progress in time, discovering and pointing out a mistake and helping him corrects, uses their fleetness to grow up together with the company.

[Key words] Stimulate; Appreciate; Business administration

In the management of enterprises, one of the most original proposition, that is -- how to motivate employees?
There are many ways to motivate employees, from on macroscopic into material incentive and spirit incentive.Material incentive of staff appraisal, salary, welfare and so can focus on how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff work, but specific to each enterprise, because of the characteristics of enterprises differ in thousands of ways, the operation is very complicated, and can achieve the desired effect of the enterprise is not a lot of.While encouraging the spirit with its low cost and high effect more and more attention in the modern enterprise management, "management method of master type management mode" and "appreciation" continues to attract enterprises eyes.
There is such a story:
The first time parents, the kindergarten teacher said: "your son has ADHD, on the bench is not even sit three minutes, you'd better take him to the hospital to see."
On the way home, the son asked her what the teacher said, her nose acid, almost to tears.Because the class of 30 children, but his worst performance; only to him, the teachers did not show, but she also told her son: "teacher praised you, saying that the baby was on the bench for a minute, now to sit for three minutes.Other mothers are very envious of her mother, because the progress of the class only baby."
That night, her son epoch-making ate two bowls of rice, and don't let her feed.The son of primary school.Parents meeting, the teacher said: "the math exam, the class 50 students, you son of the fortieth row, we suspect that there are some obstacles to his intelligence, you'd better take him to the hospital to check."
On the way back, she shed tears.However, when she got home, she told her son at the table: "teacher is full of confidence in you.He said, you are not a stupid boy, as long as you are more careful, you will be more than the table, the table you in twenty-first."
In saying this, he found the son of dark eyes suddenly filled with light, his face also lit up.She even found, son of gentle surprise her, seemed to grow a lot.The very next day to go to school, go to earlier than usual.
Kids on the junior high school, and a parents' meeting.She sat in her son's position, waiting for the teacher to call her son's name, because every parent, her son's name was always in the difference.However, this was beyond her expectation, until the end, never heard.
She was not accustomed to leaving, go and ask the teacher, the teacher told her: "your son's grades, test the key high school is a bit dangerous."
She cherish surprizing mood out of school, she found her son waiting for her.She hold on his son's shoulder, psychological could not have a sweet, she told the son of your teacher: "very satisfied, he said, as long as you work hard, hopefully enter a key high school."
Graduated from high school.The first batch of admission to the University, call the school to allow her son to go to school.She had a feeling, her son had been admitted to Tsinghua, because in enter oneself for an examination, she said to her son, she believes that he can pass the university.
Her son came home from school, put a seal with EMS Tsinghua University admissions office of words to her hand, suddenly turned and ran to her room to cry, cry to say: "Mom, I know I'm not a clever child, but, this world only you can appreciate me......"
At this time, her bittersweet, and also according to accept not to live ten years to gather in the eyes of tears, let it lay in the hands of the envelope......From the story we can see the "appreciation" effect.
Appreciation in the management of enterprises, employees, like the story of mother appreciated her child through appreciation, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff work, is a good way to motivate employees.
Good managers are leading managers.Leadership is different from management.Leadership more than using the statutory power to own to command an employee to do, nor let employees fear him, but to motivate employees, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, tap the potential of employees, communication and their deep, like the master counseling nurture them, take them and teach them how to do it, to make oneself an example, affect everyone together towards a goal, let the staff sincere respect, be most willing to to follow.
Since it has been through the layers of the interview assessment to recruitment into the company, as a manager, there are training, coaching his duty, and in accordance with the requirements of enterprises to shape him, appreciate him, teach him how to do, his ability to play to the extreme.But in fact, our manager is most does not have the patience, subordinate to the requirements are very strict, very high, do not even allow employees to make mistakes, wrong to "stick" beat, to make employees more and more have no confidence, I do not know, do not know, can not distinguish between right and wrong, everything for instructions, dare not or unwilling to bear the responsibility.
The so-called "no man is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, does not exist forever do not mistake the staff, there is no never make mistakes managers, the key is to learn from mistakes, find the problem from the root, looking for solutions, do it in future work will not make the same mistakes.
Appreciation to motivate staff is a magic weapon of the subordinates.Hand to develop corporate standards, procedures, requirements employees in strict accordance with the process of doing things; on the other hand to motivate employees, to take him, support him, help him achieve the goal, it is a management responsibility.Instead of doing "shopkeeper stopped", as long as the results, regardless of the process, to finish the task with a stick "killed", but rather to help them analyze the reasons, correct mistakes, step by step to help them grow, and grow as a qualified, excellent staff.
Of course, many enterprises and pragmatic, pay attention to be used, not the right immediately eliminated, not like the mother appreciated son of that time and patience, but a member of staff to a new company, new industries will need some time to adapt to different requirements, the company, way, enterprise culture, standard these similarities and differences, which requires us to be patient to teach, to take, to communicate, to inspire, enable him to go on the track, for the company to create a good performance for yourself.In addition to the candidate also must take off,
Choose Create employees, if encounter too mature employee or not training staff, be careful of their loyalty and job again probably, most the requirement of at least he is to adapt to your corporate culture, change the original work habits and enterprise running, so he really into your corporate culture, identity the company values, and set an example by personally taking part to work, and all of these need time, need to teach, and encourage.
Subordinates, motivate staff appreciation is not required to pay, but found that staff at small change and progress, encourage the timely, and points out that the mistakes and correct to help him, so they quickly grow up together with the company.
Appreciation of the staff, do a conscientious, you will become a good corporate manager.
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