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To shape the quality of civil servant of our country under the environment of financial crisis

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[Abstract] the civil service is the executor of government functions, play a very important role in planning, organization, coordination and controlling in the national administrative management operation.
The present situation of our country's civil servants; the financial crisis environment quality of civil servant of our country and build the two aspects.
[keyword] financial crisis; the quality of civil servants; shaping

[Abstract] The government functionary is concrete government function executive, is playing and control important role in country administration operation. our country government functionary quality current situation; financial crisis environment issues the our country government functionary quality's mold shallow Xi having been in progress in two aspects again.

[Key words] the Financial crisis; Government functionary quality; Mold

The civil service is the executor of government functions, play a very important role in planning, organization, coordination and controlling in the national administrative management operation.Facing the global financial crisis and China's domestic a large number of manufacturing bankruptcy, the property market, the stock market bubble, unemployment has become a widespread phenomenon, grim situation, the Chinese government is facing enormous challenges, how to lead the people of the whole country safe through hard times, to turn the crisis into opportunities, let the world see China's rise, the overall quality of civil servants should be improved and shape.

1 of China's civil service quality status of

1.1 the quality of our country civil servants in ascension, but the overall quality is not high.
Since the 1993 "Provisional Regulations on state civil servants", the overall quality of China's civil servants to improve, mainly reflected in: the establishment of any enters the examination system, to guarantee the basic quality of staff; the implementation of the civil service management system, standardize the administrative behavior of civil servants; training in advance, timely improve the quality level civil servants; the introduction of incentive mechanism, the motivation of civil servants and rising; fair, open, in principle, there are a large number of young cadres, civil servants, they are the backbone of civil servants.But there are also some can not be optimistic about the fact.Before 1993, direct transition to civil servants, they generally low cultural level, the majority of high school students, junior high school students, even primary school level has a large layer, their proportion in the higher civil servants, college students, graduate students of high degree of civil servants is relatively low, which affects the working efficiency and the quality of the civil servants, the overall quality of the civil service is not high.
1.2 of China's civil service theory level.
Due to the overall cultural level of China's civil service is not high, the overall level of theory of civil servants in the low.From a practical point of view, most of the current civil servants don't love learning, theoretical attainment is low.This phenomenon is especially noticeable in grassroots.In 2006 the civil service reform competition examination one question: "who is the president of China? Who is the premier of the State Council? What are the State Council standing committee?" the answer to this question is all flowers bloom together., each are not identical, no more questions, let a person dare not believe this is the national civil service answer questions.If you are asked what is the "Three Represents", "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces" estimates, there are plenty of people who couldn't answer.In fact we all set the party newspapers and journals, is not willing to learn; most of the office is equipped with a computer, not everyone cares about fundamental policy to the latest news, but quietly chatting or playing games and bucket "landlord"; the training of civil servants as everyone had a chance to go to, but is only a formality, to complete the task, course speaking in general, instilling dogmatic theory, to be absent-minded, do not blame, Hello, I good, everyone good.
1.3 corruption phenomenon.
The existence of a large number of corrupt phenomenon has become a social atmosphere.If you want to do one thing, your first thought is: this unit I have no relatives, classmates, friends or acquaintances? Can they help PR, it's so much easier to.The civil service integrity is to maintain the image of the government, an important way to strengthen the blood ties with the masses, but also strengthen the foundation of the party's legitimacy.The civil power is given by the people, is used to serve the people.In some places, some departments, some person does not have the correct power view, the "serve the people" left to be flung to the four winds, using their position for personal gain, cause a bad influence on the masses, "the official is corrupt", "crow general black" to the masses formed the one-sided view.The snowstorm in 2008 and the Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan China government look only to the people in the interpretation of.People see the hope, see the Chinese government's strong vitality.
1.4 some civil servants working ability, service quality is not strong.
Some civil servants can not adapt to the new situation and new tasks, the party's line, principles and policies is not enough to understand, do not thoroughly, poor law governing ability and quality, the ability of solving problems is weak, poor emergency response capacity.The work of randomness, there are laws, lax enforcement of the law, illegal not study, lead to reduce people 'loyalty to the law, undermine confidence in the government.

The 2 financial crisis environment quality of civil servant of our country and shaping

2.1 kinds of training into practice, strengthen the theoretical level and service quality.
To change the current training form of training mechanism, make sound, full of vigor and vitality.Training institutions are now limited to all levels of party system, should introduce the competition mechanism in the civil servant training system.To let the society to do the civil service training institutions, University to participate in the civil service training, the school system to participate in the competition.In the "Three Representatives", the scientific outlook on development, the construction of new countryside, harmonious society theory, the relevant legal knowledge, public management knowledge, basic economic theory and social knowledge to the civil servants of the mind, the "indoctrination" should pay attention to the ways, pay attention to strategy, not cramming, echo what the books say, like a child in the game school knowledge, or situational teaching, or case-based explanation, integrating theory into practice, to make the knowledge "1 1=2" such a simple equality exists in the public mind.Only civil servants' theoretical level and service quality is improved, can be a very good understanding of the party's principles and policies, so as to better carry out, have legal knowledge can administration according to law, the knowledge economy will lead the people under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development grew rich, new rural construction, building a harmonious society better.
2.2 civil servants should deal with the relationship between public and private morality.
Simply put, morality is in the field of public morality, morality is the private sectors in the moral.The concept of morality is the morality and ethics, also includes public opinion, public domain and corresponding system.Morality in general sense, is usually not spitting, zunlaoaiyou, law-abiding.This is a negative morality, is a kind of morality.Ethics in fact is a kind of public concern and public spirit, it goes beyond personal boundaries.Morality of great significance, it is also related to maintain the health of the nation and modern civilization system.A person with ethics, do not disturb public order, even have hobbies, others have no right to interfere, this is mr..This virtue is to democracy, freedom, independent consciousness as the premise.Public morality and private morality is differentiated, in the public domain rules and the system you are to follow, and citizenship also belongs to you.This requires the social living space with private life space field, while personal interests are protected.The civil service is also a member of the society, the pursuit of personal interests are reasonable.But civil servants because of the special nature of the job, and not blindly to the pursuit of personal interests, must deal with the relationship between public morality and private morality, better
To serve the people.Wang at the expense of resisting "SARS", when she was infected with SARS after colleagues to rescue the words "infectivity is very strong, do not close."There is a kind of moving beyond ethics morality.The civil service is the representative of the state, is representative of the interests of the people, in the work should reflect the morality of public concern and public spirit.Of course, this is not to deny civil morality, salary, performance outstanding award, the formal way to reasonable and lawful promotion, warm and sweet family life and so on, this is civil virtue, civil servants have their rights.It is important how to deal with civil relationship between public morality and private morality in the work, not to private morality based on morality, ignoring the interests of the people.Only civil servants to "keep people-oriented" concept in mind, with the "Three Represents" guidelines for action, it will be a good grasp of the degree of public morality and private morality, when a people's trust in the civil service, a clean and decent civil servants.Civil service relationship between social morality and personal morality is handled well, can greatly restrain corruption.The deep root of the corruption is the civil morality beyond morality, civil servants to forget their responsibilities at work, ignoring the interests of the masses, put aside the moral fetter morality occupies the main position, used his position to accept bribes, convenient for friends and relatives, promote cronies, became a kind of be not at all surprising phenomenon.Civil servants must deal with the relationship between public morality and private morality, must be from the following aspects: first, to strengthen the ideological and moral education and occupation moral education.Secondly, establish the selfless, wholeheartedly for the people of the civil service model.Third, increase the intensity of punishment, the anti-corruption work.Finally, improve propaganda, the formation of a good social atmosphere and ethos.
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