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Discussion on the origin of modern animals see consumption culture from the perspective of logic of capital

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[Keywords] capital logic of modern consumer culture form
[Abstract] modern consumption culture revolves around the consumer by capital as the life style and behavior principles establish the foundation and direction, appear in the forms of culture, the logic of capital become the essence of modern consumer culture.From the capital logic perspective, production and consumption caused by the disconnect capital proliferation failure, therefore capital must play a guiding and leading role in culture to promote the integration of production and consumption, so as to ensure the realization of surplus value and capital reproduction cycle in depth, modern consumption culture is thus generated.
A , "modern consumption culture" of the definition of
Consumption culture is a specific category, it is take the profit as the goal, to the modern market for consumer goods production and cultural style, it will not appear in the "modern" or "traditional" identified by natural economy, nor the modern society still residual provide for oneself consumption patterns, consumer culture essence lies in: it only in exchange for buying and selling relationship in order to achieve their own cultural style, it is after "intermediary business" relation, consumer culture and traditional culture have a qualitative difference.If the traditional culture often have pure culture form, in order to culture and culture, art for art's sake, so modern consumer culture is never going to hide his relationship with the profit, it is the most important way is through the company's behavior to the sale of consumer goods, and with the maximization of profit as the ultimate goal, this not only makes the traditional consumption mode to provide for oneself is characteristic of unable to meet modern people's desire for consumption and lost their survival advantage and existence of the foundation, but also makes like a movie, books, newspapers, game spirit product thoroughly commercial, became the only exist, in the sale of relations in order to show their own cultural commodity, so the consumption culture production from basically dragged into the orbit of capital, capital property become the essence of consumption culture.
Obviously, the definition of capital consumption culture, determines its existence foundation, operation principle and development direction.The so-called modern consumption culture, the essence of it is around the consumption from the capital as the life style and behavior principles establish the foundation and direction, revealed to the cultural form.Can be clearly the nature of modern consumer culture are summarized as follows: (1) the commodity symbols and symbolic consumption becomes the dominant mode of modern daily consumption, consumption has become a cultural phenomenon (understanding of culture consumption).(2) the consumer is led to the meaning of cognition itself and the reality of life, is the modern self-identity and the main form of self expression, the survival embodied in consumption patterns, consumption has become the real force in the construction of their own and their daily life (life style and behavior principle).(3) provides the channels for the expression of the most suitable endless cultural form for unlimited consumption needs and desires, so that the proliferation of capital to maximize its possible (capital requirements).(4) the public culture to ensure the specific consumption patterns to some extension, which makes capital to produce specific consumer desire and adapt to a consumption patterns in a bigger region (consumer culture extension).
The logic of capital is the essence of modern consumer culture, capital determines the nature and direction of modern consumer culture, therefore, should inspect the generated path of modern consumer culture in the capital logic perspective, so as to explore the deep source and formation process of modern consumer culture, thus the complicated consumption cultural forms into a unified whole, formed a relatively complete understanding of the modern consumer culture.Of course, this is just an attempt of this kind of research direction.
two, production and consumption: the logic of capital between the two laws against
Capital is designed to maximize the surplus value, only to get the residual value, profits can be guaranteed, capital reproduction to continue.This means that capital must create conditions for expanded reproduction, no matter what the natural environment and social environment, what are the natural results and social results.The capital of the world all things in life are incorporated into their proliferation system, as much as possible of the social members into capital proliferation of machine part, make everything to realize capitalization.Capital from nature to say no to admit any restrictions, the expansion process it broke the national territory, the inevitable result of the final form, is the world market production and consumption in every country of the world."The need to continue to expand product sales, driven by the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe.It must be set up everywhere, everywhere, everywhere to establish contact."Distant million people interact as the capital of the link function and the capital of the whole world, build a world modern to objects based on the dependence, everything is perplexing, inexhaustible capital causal connection, all because of the capital gained from the forms of oneself, which is emphasized by Marx the transformation from history to world history."Only in this way, a single person can be liberated from the various national and regional limits and of the whole world and (with the spirit of the production of actual contact,) in order to obtain the global this comprehensive production ability (people)".First capital truly realize the world the commensurability, thus created a whole world of a cover and contain everything and essence of the same.
The whole world capital created does not mean that the capitalist society become internal organic unity, persistent desire capital appropriation of surplus value will continue to break the social organic existence appearance, caused by capital reproduction in impossible, two laws against this is the logic of capital: from the production process and transfer process, production or consumption gap.The production process of capital movement is the process of capital proliferation of itself, but to achieve this point, must rely on the market exchange process smoothly, otherwise the capital cannot achieve its; at the same time, the nature of capital fundamentally determines the residual value of the capitalists will try various devices to depress the wages of the workers to obtain the maximum, restrain their desire for consumption to do the surplus value much reproduction into capital, while the capital expansion will inevitably lead to the expansion of scale of consumer goods, resulting in two laws against the logic of capital: to limit the consumption is the premise of capital expansion, the result is the scale of expansion of consumer goods, thus undermining the capital reproduction condition.It is in this sense, Marx turned to commodity, from commodities to currencies conversion is called the "breathtaking leap" from the product, "if this jump is not successful, the broken is not a commodity, but must be the owner of goods."
The logic of capital two antinomy in reality on the performance for the goods to the monetary jump failure, which violates the proliferation of capital nature, the inevitable capital cannot tolerate.In the period of free capitalism, center of capital accumulation in the production of the means of production, production and consumption is the main way to realize the value of the remaining.Therefore, although the necessary labor time capitalists as far as possible to shorten the workers, to depress the wages of the workers, but this does not prevent access to capital surplus value.By the end of the nineteenth Century, with the proliferation of capital to the field of daily life, daily consumer goods production has gradually become the main source of capital accumulation.Therefore, how to find and stimulation of everyday consumer demand has become a key condition for capital reproduction.However, the nature of capital to extract surplus value determines the capitalists always make every attempt lower wages, such a low salary workers will inevitably lead to the whole society's low consumption, capital logic two antinomy becomes the capital of its own obstacles, capital must find the right way to solve the problem.
This method is based on the principle of "the system of scientific management as the theoretical basis of the mode of production of ford.The beginning of the 2O century, American engineer Taylor face sabotage phenomenon existed in enterprises, puts forward his idea of scientific management, to replace the experience method was the dominant.He after many years of research found, a person to process iron load can be decomposed as follows: (1) students shovel up from the heap or the ground (a few percent of one minute); (2) with the shovel things on the ground to walk (walk a feet time required); (3) with the shovel something along the inclined plate onto the (every one foot time required); (4) the iron cast (a few percent of one minute) or heap on (a few percent of one minute); (5) carrying empty shovel go back (to feet every time required), it is not difficult to see, "Taylor theory" is the essence of the scientific management movement, time segments and standardization, through the precise measurement tool, the work is split into "subtle movements one minute of a few percent" and "feet"., which is created by Taylor forms of labor and reasonable.
In the reality of capitalist production, American industrialist, founder of the Ford Motor Company Ford to fully absorb the Taylor system of scientific management principles, established to high efficiency production Ford mode of production.For example, the automobile parts completely standardized, and the assembly line
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