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Thinking of enterprise human resources management mode

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[Abstract] according to the present situation and problems of human resource management in China enterprises, and then think about the mode of China's enterprise human resources management.
[keyword] current situation of human resource management on

With the rapid development of our social economy, science and technology and update, international competition is intensified, in order to adapt to the pace of the times, strong position in the market, the enterprises have carried out a series of reform measures, from a seller's market into a buyer's market, the pursuit of quantity is more qualitative leap, is no longer a quantity, simple but not the quality of traditional growth mode, gradually began to transfer to their internal management, improve technology and management and development of innovation on the inside.However, whether to improve the technology and management, or the development of innovation, is to rely on talent, talent is the core of modern enterprises.In today's highly competitive, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, only to recruit good talent, reasonable configuration, the development of human resources.China's state-owned enterprises have countries must help in talent, but has been influenced by the traditional habits and other factors, the selection of personnel and many problems remain training most of the enterprises, the talent utilization rate is low, resulting in a waste of talent and loss, finally causes the enterprise economy is not up.

1 the present situation and problems of human resource management in China
Failed to manage the concept of the 1.1 "people-oriented" fully integrated into the enterprise to
On this day in twenty-first Century, we still advocate "people-oriented" management philosophy.But most of China's small and medium-sized enterprise management mode is also very old, management consciousness can not keep up with the times, the ability to accept new things, management method in the human resources management in the use of traditional, that technology is the hard truth, but only in a technical efforts, such management has been very difficult to adapt to today's competitive society, to today's society is the inter-disciplinary talent.In choosing talents blunder, which determines the enterprise development speed is only remain stagnant.
1.2 simple business, management functions of a single
Daily work is the basic work of the traditional personnel management, such as lack of staff recruitment, staffing, employee wages, labor insurance and welfare management, staff training course, the settlement of labor disputes.It tends to daily affairs in business management, with the nature of the service to certain.Because the traditional personnel management is closed, introverted, it from the market track, lack of effective information from customers, the business development rate is slow, inefficient.The traditional personnel management has great limitations in function.For example, most of the state-owned enterprises, but also retains the traditional management during the period of planned economy, management and staff management respectively by the organization department and labor department, business office, corporate job functions set, appraisal, such management by human resources have not been fully reasonable utilization, and decentralized management approach, not only not normal to play its function of management, the development of more not in human resources.Management function in the segmentation, greatly weaken the function of management, the development of more do not talk to go up the human resource, so that the low quality of personnel, professional and technical level is not high, the management way backward, rarely used advanced equipment management, for example, in the computer application is used in the issuance of wages.As the enterprise human resources in the management business is simple, the management function is more onefold, this makes the personnel management is backward, inefficient.
1.3 the lack of planning and coordination and management strategy of
Along with the change of social and economic development, market, many enterprises began to change management concept, the introduction of new management methods in the management, but in the human resource management office though hasn't been given enough attention, the enterprise's influence is not well known, so in and strategic plan, the lack of human resources management and the corresponding.2 points of human resource management thinking
Human resource is the most important resource in the enterprise, is the enterprise survival and the important factors, maintain the therefore, the development of human resources to rational, the enterprise will need to do the following:
2.1 according to the attitude of employees, staff to meet the requirements of
Everyone no matter what position, is not only to improve their living standards, at the same time realization, and self value, also requires to be recognized, respected by others, this has prompted them to play to their potential in various fields, the pursuit of their own goals, the external manifestation of this is that everyone work state of mind.So, the managers in the management process, to gradually realize humanized management mode, the removal of the traditional "work, work, work" management mode, in the practice process of interpersonal interaction, to stand in the perspective of others more consideration, take the human resources to obtain the reasonable allocation, everyone can achieve the value of self management, managers should continue efforts in this direction.Is because the demand for work, officially because of constant demand of society, which makes their energetic and dynamic, it also shows that the demand and motivation factors, with, for example, if managers can fully understand the needs of employees, we find the way to motivate workers.Human needs are endless and different levels, when will achieve low levels of demand has a layer of demand, managers from the constantly motivate employees, to meet the demands of staff, let requirement goals and employee organizational objectives combination.
2.2, to strengthen staff training.
In order to adapt to the requirements of the times, which requires companies to focus on staff training, to strengthen the training efforts, to continue to improve the quality of staff, thus speeding up the development of enterprises.Enterprises in the training process according to the actual needs of their own, it is necessary to pay attention to the content of the training, but also pay attention to training level, making multiple channels, form the industry training, to improve staff skills and professionalism.
2.3 post dynamic management, employment mechanism of enterprise
According to market demand and business needs, regularly published job rotation, through the strengthening of staff appraisal, encourage laid-off workers to participate in market competition.In this way, not only can let employee feel a certain pressure, so that in its turn pressure into motivation, learning and research efforts in terms of technology, to improve their own quality; but also can give laid-off workers a job opportunity.This not only resources, labor and employment system in the enterprise also was activated.
2.4 standard enterprise human resource management system of
In any business, can not be a lack of management of the system, an effective management system will enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, promote the progress of enterprises.If the enterprise in the health state of market competition, the more is the enterprise management level, the effect on the competition.So, the enterprise according to the market to adjust all the current management system, to ensure the healthy development of enterprises.
2.5 the implementation of effective incentive mechanism of
In order to fully mobilize and mining enterprise staff's work enthusiasm and potential, improve employee morale and responsibility, so as to promote the development and growth of enterprises, only to rely on effective incentive mechanism.The incentive mechanism is usually manifested in the material incentive and spirit incentive of the two aspects.In material incentive, enterprises can wage, bonus, labor insurance, welfare, profit sharing, employee stock ownership and so on many kinds of ways, so that employees can be rationally utilized in the knowledge, skills, labor, let the enterprise and employees to form a community; in the spirit of the incentives, the collective interests and individual interests together, to make it have a strong sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging, let it work itself becomes more challenging, create opportunities for employees to realize the value of life, create a unique corporate culture.A company focus on material input and spiritual care, in the development of management mode and the enterprise must be in a better position.
In short, in our business, to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, promote enterprise development, the constant introduction of new technologies, more recent equipment at the same time, more should pay attention to the human resources management, really grasp the key link of human resources management, continuous scientific and rational make system of enterprises, so in order to enable enterprises to achieve win-win in the social benefit and economic benefit.

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