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Improve the position salary management level is proposed

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[Abstract] this paper analyzes existing in the practical application of the current position and compensation problems, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions to solve the problem.
[keyword] the position salary system; application; suggestion

[Abstract] Analytical position salary currently in effect payment applies the main body of a book to reality being hit by have problem, and problem submits countermeasure and suggestion solving right away.

[Key words] Position salary payment; System applies; Suggestion
An important part of enterprise incentive mechanism is the salary management system.The salary management system and efficient assessment through the management of the salary of employee job performance, salary management system should embody fairness, will play an important role in enhancing the efficiency of enterprise salary management.How to attract, recruit the right people, how to motivate and retain talent, is an important work of human resources management in the enterprise, the salary has a key role in the management of human resource.

concept and role of 1 compensation management

The so-called salary management, refers to an organization for all the services provided by staff to determine the total rewards they deserve as well as a process of salary structure and salary form.In this process, the enterprise compensation level, compensation system, compensation structure, compensation structure and special groups of employees salary decision.At the same time, the organization as a continuing process, enterprises should continue to develop compensation plans, formulate the salary budget, communicate with the staff salary management, at the same time, the effectiveness of compensation system is evaluated and then continue to perfect.
The position salary is a kind of compensation mode compared to traditional.Because it has real meaning of equal pay for equal work, is a true distribution according to labor system.At the same time, it is the salary management in accordance with the post series, the operation is relatively simple, low cost management.The joint between the promotion and salary increase to increase the power of employees to improve their skills and abilities.For most enterprises, the position salary system has very strong practicability, plays an irreplaceable role in compensation decisions.
The position salary is mainly suitable for in the growth stage or mature stage of small and medium enterprises.Because of the salary design premise to the position as the basis is: the company must have a clear development strategy and clear, setting a scientific organizational structure, standardize the position system.And job pricing is the starting point: to form the basis of job analysis and the job description, description of job responsibilities, management authority, qualification.But for the majority of small and medium enterprises in the initial stage, because of funding, size, reputation and other aspects of disadvantage, the fierce competition for talent, there must be some choice risk.Therefore, the position salary is only suitable for the growth and the mature stage of the enterprise, and is not suitable for bud or the recession of the enterprises.

In enterprise applications that exist in 2 position salary problem in

The 2.1 pay less reasonable structure, employee income and job quality and quantity is not valid association.The rank wage system implementation, only pay attention to the requirements of people, and not fully consider the knowledge, skills and other factors, inhibited the use of knowledge staff.Enterprise existing salary system, wages relatively fixed parts still accounts for the vast proportion of bonus coefficient, little difference between different post performance salary, bonuses as a very limited influence, the staff only promotion to make income increased significantly.But in reality, many contributions to employees due to promotion quota is limited, often is not the chance of promotion.In this way, in the same position on the staff in spite of the performance has the huge difference, but with almost the same reward.This income egalitarianism, seriously dampened the enthusiasm of the staff, but also increasingly become a bottleneck in the development of enterprises.
The 2.2 pay excessive levels, salary growth on promotion way.The direct result of this phenomenon is a result of bloated, unclear responsibilities, low efficiency.From the general staff to senior managers, there were dozens of stalls even hundreds of stalls, from a post promotion to another position for ten years or even decades of time according to the normal procedure need.Company management positions can not meet the needs of employees, in order to solve the promotion channel stenosis leading to knowledge staff salary isn't the problem, the company had promoted a lot of cadres, the correct way is not to solve the existing problems of the.
2.3 control staff knowledge and skills.Because of the strict rank structure, resulting in the decision-making chain is too long, if in the first problem, information is passed to the upper through formal channels, the upper decision, to reach a solution through formal channels, frontline staff according to the instructions of their superiors to solve problems.Through the formal channels, from top to bottom of decision-making, so that staff can not solve the problem according to the knowledge, skills and creativity of their.If the proper authorization to solve their problems, not only more efficient, but the employee's knowledge, skills can also be improved to solve the problem of continuous.
2.4 the lack of transparency and incentive compensation.
Transparent compensation is actually that sends a message to employees: pay high person has its high point, low pay people also has its own shortcomings.But in actual operation, the secrecy salary system in some enterprises, which lead to managers in the waste management cost, more not incentive effect.3 in compensation management suggestions for

3.1 develop a fair and competitive compensation system.
3.1.1 should try to establish a fair salary system, the fairness problem relates to internal equity, external equity, in enterprise interior, complexity from the analysis of work and the degree of difficulty, work required to bear the responsibility as well as the required knowledge and capability evaluation of post value, make reasonable pay gap.Outside the enterprise, should be based on the same area and industry overall salary level, make the enterprise compensation policy, and strive to use the most reasonable salary to recruit suitable staff, retain the talents with the most reasonable human resource cost.
3.1.2 attention to team rewards and elite cadre, establish team incentives in salary structure, can prevent between the upper and lower levels because of the salary gap is too large resulting in low layer personnel mentality imbalance, promote mutual cooperation between team members.According to the team's responsibility, make the reward assigned specific forms, such as saving cost based reward, staff will be multiplied by a certain percentage of the cost savings, to reward staff team, or in the form of dividends, to share in the profits based reward.
3.2 to implement the comprehensive salary system concept, diversified incentive.
The salary is not the single wage, is not a purely monetary forms of compensation, it also includes spiritual incentive, such as excellent working conditions, good working atmosphere, training opportunities, promotion opportunities, take these aspects well into the compensation system, the combination of internal and external salary compensation perfect, make matter and spirit of both, that is the comprehensive salary system.In the development of staff incentive policy, not only for the money to meet the staff, but should make compensation incentive mode diversification, multi-directional, multi-angle to motivate staff.
3.3 the use of broadband salary structure.
Broadband salary structure to break the traditional salary structure system maintenance level, the wage level is reduced, which can cross between various job grade wage.It helps enterprises to guide the staff will focus on promotion or pay grade promotion to personal development and ability, to give performance outstanding big pay rise space.Secondly, broadband salary structure to the market as the guidance, to cooperate closely with changes in supply and demand of the labor market.Furthermore, the implementation of broadband salary structure is conducive to good work performance.
3.4 using the flexible welfare plan.
Employee preferences on welfare is differ from man to man, very personalized.Let the staff in the gauge
To choose their own like welfare mix within specified limits.The flexible benefits plans confirmed the people-oriented modern management ideas, respect the staff personal demand value.Compared with the original lack of initiative and sense of being respected welfare plan, make it easier for employees to realize flexible benefits plans new fun, promotes between the staff and the enterprise communication, strengthen mutual trust between the organization and employees, so as to improve employee job satisfaction.
The focus of tilt compensation and development direction of the 3.5 clear enterprise.
The introduction of, and reserve to senior management personnel and senior technical personnel training work, on this basis, establish the compensation strategy matched with the.According to the incentive of enterprises adjust compensation structure, increase the salary bonuses, the bonus as the performance of staff and the post responsibility can change salary, positive association outstanding performance and compensation.
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