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Analysis on the present situation of human resources of science and technology of Xinjiang and its improvement

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[Abstract] in recent years, Xinjiang has greatly improved in the total amount of human resources of science and technology and the training scale, but there still exist some problems in science and technology human resource structure misalignment.We must strengthen the construction of scientific and technical personnel, improve the personnel salary, promote the development of Xinjiang science and technology human resource.
[keyword] human resources of science and technology; development; suggestion; Xinjiang

[Abstract] In recent years, Xinjiang had the very big enhancement in the science and technology human resources total quantity and the raise scale aspect, but still had questions and so on science and technology human resources structure being out of balance. Must strengthen the scientists and technicians troop construction, improves the talented person treatment, impels the Xinjiang Science and technology human resources the development.

[Key words] Science and technology human resources; Development; Suggestion; Xinjiang

Science and technology human resource refers to the actual or potential in engaged in scientific system, technology and knowledge development, dissemination and application of activities of the staff, is the main driving force of social and economic development.The scale and quality of human resources in science and technology has become an important index to measure the strength of science and technology and the potential of a region.

The 1 Xinjiang human resources situation analysis of

A total of 1.1 science and technology human resource.
Since the reform and open policy, the number of professional and technical personnel of Xinjiang local state-owned enterprises is rising, 412977 in 2006, the highest.Accompanied by a number of professional and technical personnel engaged in rising, number of personnel in scientific and technological activities are also on the rise.Personnel in scientific and technological activities in 2006 2.8398 people, in 2007 reached 30239, the number of scientists and engineers have significantly increased the number of 18924 people, engineers and scientists and technological activities in 2006, 20976 in 2007.
1.2 human resources in science and technology.
Xinjiang science and technology human resources cultivation mainly rely on higher education, with the rapid development of economy, more and more demand for highly qualified people.The total enrollment in 2007 the ordinary higher school is 226012, is 3.05 times that of 2000; the number of graduates in 2007 the ordinary higher school is 48372, is 4.31 times that of 2000.
Doctoral student, graduate students is a major source of high-level talent in science and technology team.From 2000 to 2007, the graduate enrollment increased by 544 to 3491, an increase of 5.42 times.The number of graduates is also increasing, in 2007 the graduate number for 2244 people, among them 110 people of doctoral degree, master's degree 2134 people.The

There are 2 Xinjiang science and technology human resource issues in the development of

Offset 2.1 science and technology human resource structure.
Statistics show that in 2007 the Xinjiang professional and technical personnel 411590 people.The teaching staff accounted for 62.08% of the total, Xinjiang is the largest number of talents in science and technology; agricultural technical staff accounted for only 8.22%, a large demand for agricultural science and technology human resource and agricultural development in Xinjiang which has prominent contradictions; at the same time, scientific research personnel proportion is too low, only accounts for 0.60%, is one of the main causes of the Xinjiang science and technology innovation insufficient stamina.
2.2 high level and complex science and technology talent shortage, the proportion of the commercialization, industrialization of achievement of science and technology of low.
In recent years, Xinjiang conscientiously implement the "science and education zone" strategy, independent innovation work and achieved remarkable results.But at present the overall economic development has not changed the extensive management situation, the enterprise independent R & D capability is not strong; scientific research institutes and production enterprises with close enough; science and technology achievement maturity difference, low conversion rate.In 2006 the total number of scientific and technological achievements into 110, but due to the lack of both technology and understand science and technology talent market complex, lead to commercialization, industrialization of achievement of science and technology is very low.In 2000 the technology market turnover of 661680000 yuan, ranking twenty-fifth nationwide; 2006 technology market turnover of 760840000 yuan, ranking the twenty-sixth in the country.
The original innovation capacity of 2.3 scientific and technical personnel is not strong, innovative talent shortage, has the independent innovation of scientific research.
Over the years, the Xinjiang science and technology talent team to continuously improve the quality, innovation and independent R & D capability is increasing.But the reality of the overall level of innovation ability, innovation ability is not strong, especially the high-tech field with independent intellectual property rights of high-end products."Fifteen" period, the only won the State Technological Invention Award 21.
2.4 inadequate investment in research funding, research facilities in poor conditions.
In 2000 the Xinjiang research and development test (R& D) funds only 320000000 yuan, to 2006, although the increase to 847640000 yuan, but ranks twenty-seventh in 2006; Xinjiang R& D expenditure proportion of Xinjiang's GDP is only 0.28%, while the R& D funds out of the equivalent of the gross domestic product (GDP a ratio of 1.42%).If compared with the international advanced level, the gap is more obvious: in 2005, Sweden's R& D expenditure proportion of GDP accounted for 3.86%; 3.48% in Finland; 2.99% in South korea.The 2006 Xinjiang R& D or full time staff of 7000 people, ranking the twenty-seventh in the country.Because the research of less investment, poor infrastructure, leading some outstanding scientific research personnel flow condition good treatment in economically developed coastal provinces, whether it is to enhance the competitive strength of Xinjiang, or the development of high-tech industry is a bigger threat.The

3 on the development and utilization of human resources of science and technology of Xinjiang's suggestions for

3.1 people, the cultivation of high level talents, enhance the innovation ability of science and technology talents.
In Colleges and universities, scientific research institutions for technical support, using various scientific research projects, accelerate the innovation of science and technology, the cultivation of high-quality compound.To further play the role of high-level experts leading, efforts to train a new generation of academic leaders and leaders.At the same time, pay attention to the cultivation of master, phd.
3.2 take effective measures to support enterprises to attract talents.
To strengthen intellectual property management, and actively guide the enterprises to become the main body of independent innovation.Support enterprises to hire high-level scientific and technological talents, promote the enterprises to establish R & D center and postdoctoral scientific research workstation.Make feasible policies, attract Multi-National Corporation R & D center located in, stability and retain a number of outstanding core R & D personnel.The implementation of tax incentives, financial support and government procurement, a series of independent innovation incentive policies and measures, improve enterprise talent incentives and subsidies, the initiative to help enterprises attract innovative science and technology human resource.
3.3 network play role, constructing the talents "virtual team".
Virtual team is a kind of organization mode in the age of information refers to: from scattered in different places, people working group.The target is to solve a problem, also in order to complete a project.In the economic development of Xinjiang
The process can be based on the "virtual team" role, set up not for all but the "flexible" talent view, promotes the Xinjiang human resources development level.
3.4 more R & D funds, improve the environment of scientific research work.
First, increase investment of science and technology makes the R & D expenditure growth faster than the growth of R & D personnel, in order to increase the per capita investment intensity, and gradually narrow the gap between Xinjiang and developed areas, so as to improve the scientific and technological resources matching, let science and technology human resources more fully play its role in different fields, to become a distinguished talent in science and technology.Secondly, improve the scientific research environment to ensure the use function, allow researchers to enjoy first-class research conditions, to create a superior comfortable, relaxed and harmonious working conditions for them, to maximize the role of.
3.5 R & D personnel income, enhance the humanistic care for talents.
In the current science and technology talent competition is very fierce in the environment, Xinjiang is to retain talent and make full use of talents of science and technology, in addition to providing superior conditions to increase scientific research personnel income, must further solve the treatment problem of scientific and technical personnel, so that they can settle down to, devote oneself heart and soul to engage in scientific research and innovation.The formation of "respect for talent, respect for knowledge" social atmosphere, the human care personnel, establish scientific research can become rich, innovation can become rich style, so that scientific research and technological innovation has become the envy of the occupation and social work.The only way to narrow the gap with the developed areas, conducive to attracting more, more outstanding scientific and technological human resources input R& D activity.
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