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The problem of incentive mechanism of human resources management in Colleges and universities in the new period

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[Abstract] in the new century, Chinese universities faced with characteristics of the times, the new China's economic and social development in the new stage and the new situation after the expansion of new problems.The problem of incentive mechanism of human resource management in Colleges and universities has an important significance to the development of colleges and universities, is an urgent problem in the reform of colleges and universities.University human resources management incentive mechanism has its own special characteristics, which makes its construction must follow some basic requirements.The design of incentive mechanism of university human resources management should not only focus on material composition, but also on mental composition, and keep balance between the two.
[keyword] University; human resource management; incentive mechanism of

[Abstract] Entering the new century, China 's colleges and universities are facing some new situation such as characteristic of the times, the new stage of China' s economic and social development, and the problem after expansion. Incentive Mechanism means not only a lot for the development of University Human Resources Management, but also an urgent issue of the University reform. It has its own uniqueness, which makes the construction of University Human Resources Management incentive mechanism must take some of the basic compliance requirements. It is necessary for the design of University Human Resources Management incentive mechanism not only to focus on material composition, but also on mental composition, and keep balance between them.

[Key words] Colleges and universities; Human resources management; Incentive mechanism

Enter since twenty-first Century, Chinese economic and social development has entered into a new stage, the background of profound influence on human resource management in Colleges and universities work environment.In the new era, human resources management in Universities in China is faced with a new situation, there are many new problems, encountered a series of new challenges, in this case, all colleges and universities should go upstream, be enthusiastic and press on, carry out reform.

questions faced by the 1 colleges and universities in the new era of human resources management

Since entering the new century, Chinese universities are facing a series of new condition, mainly include the following several aspects: the characteristics of the new era of China; into the new stage of economic and social development; the expansion of colleges and universities in China after the new situation.
1.1 new characteristics of the times.
The new characteristics of the times facing the colleges and universities in China, is that the world has entered the era of knowledge economy.Knowledge economy is a "knowledge-based economy", is a new economic form is different from the agricultural economy, industrial economy.It refers to the knowledge and the information production, the assignment and the use, depending on the creative human resources, to the high-tech industry and intelligence as the pillar of the economy.The [1] world has entered the era of knowledge economy has put forward higher requirements on the science and technology as well as the talents who master science and technology, and the higher school main base as an important support to the development of science and technology and training to master the science and technology talents are facing new challenges and opportunities.
The 1.2 China entered the new stage of economic and social development.
Entering the new century, China's reform and opening up has entered a new stage of development, after 20 years of reform and opening up of the baptism of the whole economic society has entered a new stage of development, whose symbol is Chinese Communist Party's Sixteenth National Congress on the establishment of the "well-off society" task and the new Central Committee Leaders "scientific outlook on development" the guiding ideology; the former proposed to concentrate in the first 20 years of this century, a well-off society of a higher level, the overall construction of the benefit of over one billion people, which is the first prerequisite is the development, the core is people-oriented, the basic requirement is to coordinate and sustainable, fundamental approach is holistic.
1.3 Chinese Universities after enrollment expansion in new situation.
Since 1999, China's college itself into a new period: from the beginning of 1999, Chinese universities began to large-scale expansion, entered into the stage of popularization of higher education.Guidelines for the 1999 meeting of the third National Conference on education and the development of higher education to make a big decision, "the CPC Central Committee and State Council on deepening education reform and promoting quality education decision" proposed: to expand the scale of higher education, the positive development of higher education, 2010 through various forms, our children enrollment rate of higher education from the nine percent now increased to fifteen percent.Chinese universities facing an important task, which itself to deepen reform, human resource management in Colleges and universities become important issues in the reform of colleges and universities, and the problem of incentive mechanism of human resource management in Colleges and universities is one of the important subjects in the.

The importance of incentive mechanism of 2 colleges and universities in the management of human resources and the urgency of

Since the Third Plenary Session of eleven, China's reform and opening up has gone through thirty years of college, but did not have the substantive reform thorough, basically still remain in the traditional mode of management, human resource management is not to the modern management mode transformation.What is more, many colleges and universities are not aware of the importance of human resources management.
Human resources management of the 2.1 traditional, although it is also stressed that the introduction and cultivation of talents, but the lack of the concept of human capital, only from the business management and development of the University's perspective, not on the formation of human and intellectual input, output, innovation and development ideas.Universities are institutions, neglect the cost management, focuses on the preparation of management in personnel management, neglect of human capital management, the personnel rank and treatment with both a government civil servant management, with the scientific and technological personnel management research unit color, job seniority, not the good atmosphere of talents growth, contusion. Many people's enthusiasm, so that they have lost the initiative and enterprising spirit.[2]
The drawbacks of the 2.2 China in the current personnel management system still exist many and the society and the development of higher education can not meet the demands of the.Due to long-term influence of planned economy system, teachers in Colleges and universities are in a closed and static, mainly to the "identity management" personnel management system environment.This model heavy form, light, heavy degree, light ability, personnel can not, can not post, treatment can not lower the phenomenon still exists.In the irrational allocation of human resources, a waste of human resources is also quite common.There are many talents in Colleges and universities in the use of "fragmentation" and "inbreeding coefficient" phenomenon, reduce the efficiency of human resources development.To measure the level of teacher education and academic level of the main signs is still one of the titles and the level of education.College teachers title evaluation mechanism is established in the evaluation mechanism of teachers' teaching and scientific research work, but lack of objective justice teacher evaluation mechanism of a single, weight light, a mere formality.[3]
In view of the importance of human resource management in Colleges and universities, more because of the existence of many problems of our current university personnel management, human resources management reform in universities and colleges, especially the establishment of incentive mechanism is particularly urgent.>

Incentive mechanism of University Human Resource Management in 3

3.1 college is different from general enterprises, itself has many special characteristics, therefore, human resources of colleges and universities have a certain particularity compared with other general human resources, mainly in the following aspects of [4].
3.1.1 high intelligence: the subject of human resources of colleges and universities teachers and researchers.Their culture level is high, generally accepted the professional knowledge of education and training, to master the advanced knowledge of science and technology, through the teaching and scientific research work, the maximum to explore new technology and new knowledge, therefore, they are good at innovation, work originality, tend to judge things have insights, which determines their difficult to accept the administrative order management.Independence of the 3.1.2 teaching research and personality: the nature of the work of university teachers, content determines the characteristics of their work is independent, creative.Staff in universities especially those with profound knowledge of teachers require greater freedom and autonomy, their pursuit of an independent personality, work creatively, cooperative spirit is weak, pay more attention to the realization of self-worth.
Diversity and dynamics of 3.1.3 demand: compared with other groups, college teachers because of their cultural level, social status is relatively high, so most people's psychological need for the "hierarchy of needs theory" top or the top hierarchy of needs, but also need to have more complex, they often exhibit a value judgment and value orientation is different from that of others, forming diversified demand.In addition, the school is a mass organization, different staff have different needs, even with a member of his demands, but also dynamic, is changing with the development of the growth of the age, the accumulation of knowledge and career.Therefore, the traditional isolated static personnel management mode of human resources management of colleges and universities is not applicable.
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