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Performance management Multi-National Corporation under the cultural difference

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[Abstract] this paper studied the performance management of large enterprise groups transnational culture, first analyzes the transnational cultural characteristics of high performance groups, and then put forward the construction strategy of high performance concrete enterprise's transnational culture.
[keyword] large enterprise groups transnational culture; performance management;

[Abstract] This article has studied under the large enterprise group transnational culture achievements management games, first has analyzed the high achievements enterprise group 's transnational cultural characteristic, then proposed the concrete high achievements enterprise group' s transnational culture construction strategy.

[Key words] Large enterprise groups; Transnational culture; The achievement effect is managed

In the development of the world economy, the economic development of countries is not balanced, market maturity is different, some countries because of the huge market, good environment has become the focus of international investment.Great differences contain the unlimited business opportunities and broad market, but the difference is a double-edged sword, in multinational enterprises use their competitive advantage at the same time, also set up the barrier of cultural differences in business management.According to the statistics of transnational business in the global scope, because of technical, financial or strategic leads to the stranded account for only 30%~70% of the failure is due to the culture of poor communication, cross-cultural management inefficiency leads.Employees of different cultural background, the cultural differences become one of the important factors to influence the Multi-National Corporation management effect, brought difficulty to performance management.Performance management is based on system management, efforts to change the behavior of employees, improve business performance; and let the enterprise performance is improved and sustained, and only from the cultural management point of view, to guide and change their ideas, make high performance enterprise culture to form a strong driving force.High performance enterprise culture on staff code of conduct and values to adjust, to enable them to take the right actions under certain conditions, to promote the improvement of the performance of the organization.One of the principles of performance management implementation is fairness and efficiency, it must have the staff's participation, decisions and colleagues trust, which are closely related to the enterprise culture.Therefore, only by building an honest, mutual trust, a high performance culture, to lay a good foundation for the effective implementation of performance management.Therefore, to set up transnational high performance culture, with outstanding corporate culture to guide the staff thought, standardize the behavior of employees, improve employee performance level, so as to improve the performance of enterprises, has become a necessary condition for successful operation of multinational enterprises.

1 high performance transnational cultural characteristics of

A high performance Multi-National Corporation's enterprise culture, is the enterprise development essence, beyond a alloy culture of national culture, multinational enterprises alloy culture should contain the following characteristics:
1.1 culturally inclusive: multinational enterprises operating in the face of the global market, its employees, customers, distributors, suppliers are the world, the object of enterprise management and also of the world, which requires the enterprise culture must have the very strong inclusive, to adapt to different geographical and cultural requirements.
1.2 to encourage innovative ideas: change rapidly in the global market, success is often those who dare to break the traditional rules of the game, daring and innovative people.Innovation is the life source of enterprise, so the enterprise from top to bottom, from every pore, must be full of innovation, through the determination of its main innovation to cope with the uncertainty of tomorrow.Innovation culture covers all products, management, service and other aspects, should become the leading cultural enterprises.
The 1.3 guide the establishment of learning organization: the starting point of innovation is to learn, adapt to the environment depend on learning, strain ability comes from learning, which requires a focus on learning, good at learning culture.High performance enterprise culture to guide, encourage members of the organization learning, establish a good learning atmosphere in the enterprise, to guide the "learning organization" construction.
1.4 has strong adaptability: the era of information revolution and economic globalization, the Multi-National Corporation's enterprise culture must have strong adaptability, in order to meet the needs of Companies in various regions to carry out a wide range of business.Adaptive culture enterprise, team and each employee, have to adapt to the international society in various regions of different operating environment, including cultural environment, language environment, natural environment and technology environment.2 high performance transnational cultural construction of

2.1 based on the integration of enterprise value.
American scholar Peters and Wortmann once pointed out, all the great companies are very clear about what they claim, the lack of a clear concept of value or value is not correct enterprise is difficult to succeed.They are doing a lot of research found, these outstanding companies espoused values: believe in yourself is the best managers, pay attention to people's attention, to recognize the importance of quality service and high quality, pay attention to communication etc..For example, the values of IBM is "IBM is service", "focus on customer service, strive to customer satisfaction", this kind of viewpoint of value on the people-oriented ideology, reflects the people, pay attention to the essence of.Enterprise value is the important foundation of the enterprise culture, is the core content of the enterprise culture.Value of the existing multinational enterprises deal with the enterprise concept of integration, factors in the short-term, narrow, hinder transnational management of enterprises from the enterprise values, factors of innovation absorption inclusive, open, and outstanding transnational enterprise value essence, and combining the characteristics of the industry, form an alloy enterprise values.This kind of alloy values should reflect the company's resources, is the formation of enterprises in the long-term practice, learning, reference, other business enterprise unique, not imitation, which members of the unified organization of the thought has a great influence.
2.2 to absorb the essence of foreign culture.
The first face of transnational enterprise management is the cultural conflict.The conflict of exotic culture refers to the transnational enterprise in the process of entering the market in various countries, produced in different countries, different regions, different ethnic and cultural contacts, exchanges in the mutual collision, confrontation and competition.In the cultural conflict period, multinational companies as a foreign culture, and subsidiary conflict of local culture first performance in psychology, on the other side of the foreign culture of rejection and resistance, which is inevitable.This conflict from the cooperation between the two sides began to occur, such as the negotiation process, sign the agreement, even in business decision-making and daily management, will appear in a variety of discord.Conflict is an inevitable response to different culture period "initial contact", this period of cultural conflict management well, will affect the enterprise management work smoothly, will also affect the intersection and fusion of two cultures.During the conflict, enterprise management personnel from different cultural backgrounds to recognize the difference each other culture and our culture, to know to respect each other's culture is to respect each other, thus showing on the other side of cultural understanding and respect.Respect each other's culture is a bridge, the heart communication of cultural communication, with the bridge, to be on the other side of the national character, national character, behavior, values, customs and habits have further understanding, can we truly respect each other's personality, body and capture each other's point of view and the way of expression in the guide of different cultures under the principle of sincere cooperation, achieve.
2.3 to carry out the innovation of enterprise culture.
Multinational companies after the collision, integration of foreign culture, people can accept and approve each other to culture, concept and behavior from different cultural background managers expressed understanding, understanding and support.Not only can see the advantages of their own culture and other culture, and can recognize the defects, their own culture each other cultural strengths, learn from each other, learn from each other to form
The situation.Experience the full integration of two cultures, Multi-National Corporation has the culture conditions for innovation, Multi-National Corporation should seize the opportunity, carrying out the innovation of enterprise culture, formed for the transnational operation of high performance enterprise culture, forming a multicultural existence, coexistence and common prosperity, and the unity of value pursuit of common staff values and norms of behavior of enterprise culture.Panasonic entered China in the past 20 years, gained huge success.The successful operation of Panasonic Corp, in addition to the company and give full play to its management and technical expertise, but also benefited from the company attaches great importance to the building of enterprise culture, in the absorption, reference to cultural innovation, gives birth to its own cultural characteristics.Panasonic Corp in China business, the distinctive Panasonic culture to a joint venture in China, gradually integrated into the Chinese culture, learn from each other, learn from each other, the initial formation of the rich Chinese characteristics of enterprise culture.Can strongly feel the corporate culture in many Panasonic Chinese companies investing in Multi-National Corporation, enterprise culture construction of the classic.
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