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Analysis of causes and Countermeasures of brain drain of construction enterprises

Author: HuangGang LiLiWei LiShiXing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 05:18:50 Read:
the loss of human talent

All along, the construction enterprises are mainly labor-intensive, professional qualifications of construction organization intelligence technology by.In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic construction market, new technology and new materials are more and more widely used in construction, professional and technical level management plays a more and more important role in the construction of.However, loss of rich experience in the construction and management personnel are in different extent with the construction enterprise.
Loss of talent construction enterprise, existing vacancy shows construction enterprise human resource management of anomie and fulfilling, also has the profound changes in the external environment.From the construction enterprise itself, basic crux problems mainly has the following several aspects:
(1) management knowledge is not in place.Although more and more enterprise management and decision-makers aware of human resources in the production management and the subsequent development of enterprises plays an indispensable role, also put forward the "people-oriented, respect for talent" slogan, but in the implementation process, especially in the production line, seniority, appoint people by favouritism phenomenon still widespread.
(2) employing mechanism is not flexible.In the management of the reserve, since there is no established scientific personnel training mechanism, employees are underemployed, caused by the professional waste of talent; the lack of internal system of professional training, the overall quality of staff to enhance.No reasonable mechanism of employing, difficult for talents to provide effective space to display their talent and good environment, resulting in a lot of senior management personnel disunity and so.
(3) the salary system is not reasonable.Labor remuneration is consistent with the staff judge basis of its value.Despite a few years of most of the construction enterprises made some positive exploration on the reform of salary system, but not big, effect and influence is very limited.Construction enterprise low salaries, serious egalitarianism, salary and labor value management and technical positions deviate from the larger, can not fully mobilize the enthusiasm of production and creative staff, which has become the main cause of loss of talents for construction enterprises.
(4) the enterprise culture atmosphere is not strong.Enterprise culture construction and human resource construction phase out of touch, so that employees and enterprises do not have common values and goals, enterprises lack of charisma and attractive to employees, employees lack the sense of attachment and loyalty to the enterprise, once the employees feel their value was not effective when, leave the enterprise, find another job will become employees behoove. Select.
The problems of loss of construction enterprise talent, and the external environment also has the very big relations.The construction enterprise production and living conditions, low pay, this is an indisputable fact, as other related enterprise construction projects such as consulting, design department, the work environment, labor intensity is cannot be mentioned in the same breath compared with the salary and welfare and the construction enterprise.These enterprises are in urgent need of talent engineering has rich theoretical knowledge and work experience and be in the full vigour of life.There are several years working experience in the construction enterprises in the university graduates, has become a most welcome to them, construction enterprises are no choice but to become a professional and technical personnel training base.Enterprise's brain drain, not only make the enterprise investment in personnel training all one's efforts wasted, but also make a lot of information of the industry and scientific and technological achievements were taken away.
Human resource is the most potential enterprise resources, most valuable energetic resources, strengthen enterprise human resources management, in order to optimize the management of human resources to drive and promote the comprehensive construction enterprises, should do the following work:
(1) the concept of human resources management innovation.Firmly establish the "human resource is the first resource", "talent is wealth, talent is competitive" management concept, the establishment of a people-oriented, only is the modern human resources management mode, fully tap the human potential, make human resource management focus on the strategic function of human resources.The implementation of enterprise human resources management through the formulation and planning, rational flow and achieve the optimal allocation of enterprise development strategy and human, material resources, financial resources, and promote the enterprise comprehensive strength continuously improve.(2) increase the introduction of talents and human resources development.Talent is a valuable resource, give full play to the professional technical personnel of one's ability and cleverness, is fundamental to the development and expansion of enterprises.Therefore, one is to respect and use of talents.Respect for and use of talents is to respect their knowledge, respect their technology, respect the fruits of their labor, achieve only with people, use.The two is to boldly introduce talent.Some of the important positions in the enterprise and specialized talents, through the implementation of various preferential policies and other forms, to attract enterprises need talent to join in enterprise.Three is to pay attention to retain talent.To establish a "focus on performance, competitive" with that idea, perfect to "the system stay the cause, treatment to keep people, keep people feeling, mechanism to keep the person", the enterprise management and staff's personal development goals organically, in pursuit of mutually beneficial development of employees and enterprises at the same time, the maximum to attract and retain talent.
(3) improve education and training system for staff.The employee training in enterprise important schedule, all-round, multi-level training, not only means that the staff to improve the comprehensive ability, but also means to enhance human resources regeneration.Perfect employee training system, mainly to do three aspects: the first to grasp the whole process of training, adhere to the training of the staff through to the employees in the whole process of enterprise work, actively encourage the professional and technical personnel to participate in the examination for the qualifications, encourage employees to accept continuing education; second to grasp the diversity training, adhere to the pre-job training and on-the-job training the combination, special training and knowledge training, training and the combination of long-term and short-term training combination of road; third to increase the internal training, the training content to corporate culture, rules and regulations, operation process and professional skills, training, professional technicians and management personnel for enterprises.In short, through the systematic training of employees, enterprises fully tap the potential of existing manpower, improved synchronously the utilization rate of the overall quality of the staff and human resources.
(4) to deepen the reform of salary system in enterprises.The compensation system is an important means of substance in the motivation, in relation to the staff's initiative and enterprise efficiency.By strengthening the post responsibility and performance appraisal, implement the responsibility and income, performance and compensation chain., allocation of stimulating knowledge, technology, capacity investment option, to encourage technology, patent, achievements and other production factors participate in the distribution of.To establish and improve the knowledge, ability, performance and other factors to human resources evaluation index system basis, improve the evaluation mechanism, increase evaluation efforts, strict rewards and punishments, truly reflect the incentive function of performance appraisal of rationality, fairness.
(5) focus on the use of the concept of strengthening enterprise cohesion.The enterprise culture in the final analysis is a kind of human culture, but also a lasting enterprise competitiveness.To this end, we should vigorously strengthen the building of enterprise culture, to create a cultural atmosphere with emphasis on enterprise development goals, common values, enterprise spirit, business philosophy, advocating loyalty concept, strengthen the team spirit, and constantly enhance their cohesion and centripetal force; pay great attention to the talents of Shi Zhancai Hua Dajian arena, adhere to the talent in the right position to exercise growth, efforts to form a "good atmosphere of respect labor, respect knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation" in the enterprise; to provide the necessary conditions for the personnel working life, to strengthen and enterprises at all levels of people's communication, through the continuous improvement of living conditions, raising the level of income, solve their practical difficulties in life, human ecology in order to create a good environment for talents of people, healthy and harmonious.
Only a correct understanding of the important role of human resources in the construction enterprises, and actively take effective measures to cope with the increasingly complex environment of human resources, to make human resource management of construction enterprises into the healthy development track, remain invincible competition and development of enterprises in the end come in.
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