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Discussion of the realty service enterprise employee training

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[Abstract] the property management industry, in the eyes of many people, property management is a low-tech, labor-intensive industries, in order to meet the needs of the market economy, in order to improve the image of the property management industry and service level, are analyzed in detail in this paper, the purpose and meaning, from the training content, training methods and the implementation of such angle and the.
[keyword] property management; enterprise; employee training;

[Abstract] Property management, property management industry, from many person 's point of view, estate management, property management is a low technology, labor-intensive industry, be adapt to the need that market economy develops, be that angles such as improving the way that the estate management, property management industry image trains with the content that the standard of service, the main body of a book train from purpose and significance, training, and being put into effect has carried out comparatively thorough analysis and expounded.

[Key words] the Property management; Enterprise; Employee; Training

Known as the sunrise industry of the property management industry, after 20 years of development, has grown to nearly 30000 enterprises, more than 300 employees in the scale, appear more and more strong vitality.
However, in the eyes of many people, property management is a low-tech, labor-intensive industries, their daily work is simple repair, cleaning, greening and security, basic does not need high quality management personnel.It is also affected by this, many small property staff generally low academic qualifications, age, lack of innovation awareness.In order to meet the need of market economy development, staff training, the realty service enterprise has become very important.

1 training purposes and significance of

1.1 employee training is the need of the realty service enterprise to participate in market competition.
Property service enterprise's competition in the final analysis, is the competition of talents.And the staff is vivid extension property company brand culture, their value to the job and they are passed directly to the owners, therefore, from this point of view, the staff is the first, company staff will affect staff treat owners way.
The realty service enterprise in addition to recruitment from the market to the appropriate personnel, more effective way is to improve the existing quality of staff through training, make it meet the demands of enterprise talent.
1.2 employee training is the method to motivate staff management property service enterprise.
Nowadays, training has become an important means of many people change their lives and the environment, almost everyone has to learn the needs and aspirations of employees, the realty service enterprise also hope to improve the skills and competencies through learning and training.
Learning atmosphere rich property service enterprise, as well as effective learning policy will be strong enough to appeal to the employees, is conducive to the stability of staff.Visionary managers even put learning training as an employee benefit for gift or reward.
1.3 employee training is the foundation of modern property management service enterprises.
With the development point of view, the property management is a need to cultivate professional, highly educated, high-quality personnel, the need of network and other advanced tools, also needs the modernization of enterprise management.Familiar with the basic social and economic laws and regulations and policies, to grasp the information collecting technology modernization, timely grasp of market dynamics, management personnel familiar with the industry the basic work flow and daily facility maintenance and repair skills, both for the real estate developers, property management services, effect also can for a specific unit of logistics management department.Property management has not only is a labor intensive industry, needs a large number of proficient management talents to promote its development.Therefore, staff training is the basis for the realization of part of the realty service enterprise management modernization and reliable guarantee.

2 the content of the training of

Property management involves more content, training is relatively complex, but in general, the training can include four aspects.
2.1 enterprises related knowledge training.
For the basic management functions, organizational culture, decision making, strategic management, organizational structure and organizational design, human resource management, innovation management, organizational behavior, motivation, communication and interpersonal communication, control system, brand planning, public relations knowledge training.
2.2 of the property management work of basic knowledge training.
Property management knowledge, knowledge of construction, electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance, environmental protection and the basic knowledge of property management basic knowledge, basic knowledge of public security management, green management basic knowledge.
The relevant regulations of 2.3 property management training.
Building regulations, relevant laws and regulations, renovation of housing decoration decoration related laws and regulations, the price law and related regulations, the public security management and fire management regulations, relevant laws and regulations, the relevant laws and regulations, electrical water sanitation management regulations, green management related laws and regulations, relevant laws and regulations of property management.
2.4 property management practitioners special skill training.
Admission procedures and norms, standards and use cleaning supplies, order maintenance, vehicle management, basic knowledge of fire rescue, green note disinfection, service etiquette and service psychology etc..Types and 3 training

3.1 property management practitioners training in accordance with the division of stages, there are generally three types: pre-job training, on-the-job training, job-transfer training.
3.1.1 pre-job training for new staff to provide basic working knowledge and skills and training, through training the qualification cognizance.The training content is the history of the company, the company's organizational structure, the work of various departments responsibility and authority, treat customers and staff management concept, the company's products and services, the expectations of employees, the company's human resources policy.
3.1.2 on-the-job training, for staff to provide learning to perform duties necessary knowledge and skill training.
3.1.3 training, job rotation for before the in-service staff training, the purpose is to let the rotation of personnel should possess the knowledge and skills are familiar with new jobs.
3.2 according to the training content and training of different objects, can adopt different training methods.Commonly used training methods include teaching, apprenticeship, management method, example method to observe the game.
3.2.1 teaching method.
Teaching is a teaching method is the most commonly used, often let a teacher for teaching some knowledge to students.The advantage of this method is to save funds, professor the object, at the same time in the face of students, a teaching can make students benefit at the same time.
3.2.2 apprenticeship.
Characteristics of apprenticeship is composed of an experienced teacher, responsible for taking a name or a few new employees, the new improve work skills through a series of process teaching, demonstration, training, inspection feedback.
3.2.3 management game method.
This party
Law education through the game, by completing the pre-designed subtle game, let the training objects to realize the management thought.For example: employees for a debate on a controversial property management events, awareness raising in the debate.
3.2.4 observation model method.
Through field visits, the use of TV, video recorders, projectors, projector, tape recorders, projectors and other equipment to present relevant information, information to the students, let the staff learning experience, found the problem, improvement.
3.2.5 Cosplay method.
Cosplay method is to make the training objects play a role at the company, and then to solve the problem of role identity.This method can make the training object be personally on the scene to analyze and solve the problems of employees, improve work skills and work habits are very helpful.

4 training implementation of

4.1 training preparation.
Before making training plan, first of all to the enterprise training needs to conduct a comprehensive analysis, training needs analysis mainly includes three aspects: the organization analysis, combined with the annual management plan, analysis of enterprises and departments need to protect what training is the implementation of the plan.The task analysis, according to the enterprise work content, analysis of individual needs to be done to ensure the training task.Individual analysis, based on the current situation of human resources of enterprises, analysis of what people need training, what is the specific content of the training.
4.2 training plan.
The training plan is to prescribe the training goal, the formulation of overall planning in order to achieve these goals; and training programs will be carried out layer by layer, so that the coordination and integration of various activities.
In order to ensure on time, according to the quality of training, training plan should include the aspects of training objectives, curriculum, training methods, training control content.
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