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Broadband salary analysis application in petrochemical enterprises

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[Abstract] "broadband" is a kind of new salary management pattern, is gradually being introduced into China's enterprises.At first it discusses the meaning and characteristics of the broadband salary, then analyzes the characteristics and present situation of petrochemical enterprises, the implementation of broadband salary conditions of petrochemical enterprises, finally points out that the petrochemical enterprises may be in the use of broadband compensation problems and countermeasures.
[keyword] broadband salary petrochemical enterprise application

For enterprises, how to attract and retain employees, especially enterprise the core staff has become the key to business success and competitive advantage.In order to attract and retain employees, enterprises must pay competitive salaries, design scientific salary management system, to obtain the sustainable development of enterprises.Broadband salary is the rise in the international business community nineteen ninties salary management pattern, in recent years has been gradually introduced into China's enterprises.Many enterprises begin to implement broadband pay system, in order to help the enterprise to realize the strategic target of the new period.This paper will focus on the applicability of broadbanding petrochemical enterprises.

The basic meaning and characteristic of
1 broadband salary
The so-called broadband salary, wage level range is within the organization with a handful of large-span salary range to replace a large number of, cancel the obvious grade difference between the original narrow wage level of work, at the same time, the corresponding to each compensation level compensation range widening, thus forming a new compensation management system.The "belt" refers to the salary levels of broadband, broadband salary range is relatively large, and the corresponding is salary management mode narrowband, namely the salary range small, level is more.At present, most domestic enterprises is the implementation of the salary management mode narrowband.
Compared with the level of remuneration of traditional pattern, broadband compensation mode has the following features:
First, broadband compensation system to support the flat organization structure.Flat organizational structure is becoming more and more popular and recognized.Broadband compensation have been successful in the hope and reduces the implementation level, organization level of the organization flat.
Second, breaking the maintenance and strengthening the traditional salary structure hierarchy.Broadband salary mode reduces the work between the grades, will help enterprises to improve efficiency and create a learning enterprise culture, and help enterprises to maintain their own organizational flexibility and ability to adapt to the external environment effectively.
Third, to guide the staff to pay attention to the growth of the personal skills and ability.In the broadband pay system, even in the same salary broadband, scope of compensation change enterprise provides for employee may also than employees in the salary range for the original five or more salary grade may get bigger.So that employees can take time and energy into those enterprises need skills.
Fourth, is conducive to job rotation.To reduce the number of broadband salary level, in the past in different salary levels of jobs into the same salary broadband now, so the staff encountered parallel even move down the resistance will be reduced.
Fifth, there is the overall performance for the upgrading of enterprises.Broadband salary structure and highlights the performance by weakening the promotion of competition among staff, sharing, and common progress through cooperation among employees and knowledge, to achieve optimal efficiency, help to foster a culture of team performance and enhance the overall performance of positive.

2 petrochemical enterprise characteristics and introduction of broadband compensation conditions of
Petrochemical enterprise is a typical process production company, its core business process is usually around the crude oil processing and production of value-added process started, has the characteristics of continuous production process.In recent years, the petrochemical enterprises increasingly recognize only enterprises according to market changes and requirements, timely organization and adjustment of product structure, production, business process optimization of the whole, to enhance the enterprise competition ability, can get good economic benefits in the market competition.Compared with the developed countries have developed petrochemical industry, at present China's petrochemical enterprises is relatively small, the low level of technology, is still in the period of transition from extensive management to intensive management.
Features: (1) the petrochemical industry and other industries with high degree of association.(2) the capital and technology intensive industry.(3) has a monopoly.(4) the presence of periodic.This needs to be combined with the actual situation of Sinopec industry, the introduction of international, the domestic advanced management system, so that enterprises in the concept, organization and business operation is realized by state-owned enterprises under the planned economy to the market-oriented, regard customer as the center, to change of market transition of enterprise organization, which requires the petrochemical enterprises should learn from the international advanced management experience and technology, improve the management and operation level, especially salary management level, enhance the overall competitiveness of their own, in order to achieve fall this synergism.
From the above analysis of petrochemical in addition to have some basic conditions: one is the technology, innovation, management, intelligence factors for the development of enterprises in the advantage of supporting role; two is a sound human resources management system, the employment system and the salary system of higher degree of market; three is the basic work of enterprise management more solid, with the implementation of broadband pay model of technical conditions and data base, also meet the following some into broadband salary condition:
(1) the organizational structure of the enterprise support.The organizational structure is the carrier of enterprise management, so enterprises before the use of broadband pay, must examine its own organizational structure.The organization structure of China's most petrochemical enterprises tend to flat, wide band salary can be said to be tailored to fit the characteristics of flat organization, the structure can adapt to change, and new technology, improve the ability of performance and salary together.It is because in the transformation period most petrochemical enterprises targeted for optimization and transformation of the hierarchical structure of enterprise management and organization, prepare suitable soil.
(2) the support of enterprise culture.The use of broadband pay requirements of enterprise culture.Important reasons of the effective management methods can not play a role in our enterprise is the enterprise culture problems.Broadband salary is not only used to cut the pay grade tool, it relates to corporate culture, values and business strategy.Broadband salary requirements enterprises to form a performance culture, communication culture, team culture, in the culture, especially in the later emphasizes the ability and performance, the same level of different employees are likely to form a larger gap, which requires employees to accept the differences from the cultural level.Petrochemical enterprises before the introduction of broadband salary first carried out the following activities to adapt to the transition to market economy organization: the definition of new value creation; training and development plan new; from the new definition of leadership and management role; grant employees in order to simplify the process of real rights; the reform of compensation.
(3) the smooth communication channel.Introducing the broad-banding compensation system to make the management and employees timely, comprehensive communication, so that all staff can clearly understand the enterprise's reward determinants and enterprise development strategy, to activate the staff to the consistency of the individual and enterprise development.One of the characteristics of broadband salary to actively participate in the management style of the is department manager will have more space to participate in its staff salary decision.Petrochemical is based on technology, innovation, management, intelligence factor dominant supporting enterprises, has a mature management team, and promote active participation in cultural atmosphere, the future direction of development make employees clear understanding of business leadership, human resources management departments to make payment decision-making and enterprise, incentive employee personal development and enterprise development as a whole, and allow employees to see their own future, to improve the working enthusiasm.
(4) human resources support system.As the core content of human resource management, salary management, design changes, introduction of broadband pay system, other content of enterprise human resources management to match, including job analysis and qualification assessment, performance appraisal, training etc..

Encounter 3 problems in the implementation of
and Countermeasures
Our implementation of broadband salary petrochemical enterprises, we should first make clear the enterprise human resources.The ultimate goal of salary system is to promote the human resource management, and service to the enterprise strategic target.In introducing the new model, strategy, plan, scheme design, the payment of salaries, employee communication, should the human resources strategy to enterprises, for the enterprise human resources strategy and help to improve the enterprise core competitive advantage position, to focus more on salary.In addition, enterprises may also encounter the following problems:
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