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On the software project management are the main factors determine the quality of software products

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Paper Keywords: software project management software product quality factors
Abstract: The core of the software project management is total customer satisfaction. Management system include: strategic management, scope management, cost management, time management, human resources management, communication management, risk management and quality management.
In software and information technology industry, project management often determines the success of a product or company. Project management to get the attention of more and more enterprises and government departments, such as China held in April 2002, the first International Symposium on project management. Specific operations and projects the most fundamental difference is that the specific operation continuity and repetitive, and the project is time-limited and uniqueness. The project is one in order to create a unique product or service time limit. The time limit is that each project has a clear beginning and a definite end; so-called unique is the product or service compared with similar products or services with significantly different in some respects. Various levels of organization can undertake project work. The project sometimes involving only a part of an organization, sometimes you may need to across several organizations. The project is key to the implementation of the organization's business strategy.
First, the importance of project management software products
1980s - 1990s, many large-scale enterprise management information system M IS development ended in failure. Why is this? An important reason for software project management do not increase the level of demand do not increase the level of analysis and management, the project is about acceptance or delivery, but a big problem: either the user needs access to inaccurate or found user needs have changed, resulting in the system can not do or does not work well. The early 1990s, the Shanghai company in Qingdao, a port M IS project, a unit in Beijing in Tianjin a port M IS projects are not in place, making the project management because both parties basic knowledge of software engineering does not have unsuccessful, resulting in two large-scale projects. Software applications unprecedented broad, deep into all aspects of the social and scientific fields. Software needs more than ever, the design of software systems of unprecedented complexity. Software project management problems will be generated. Mid-1990s, remains a serious problem in the software project mismanagement. According to the U.S. software engineering survey, only 10% of the project can be delivered in a predetermined cost and schedule. So the software project management software project development, the most important core problem. In order to make software development projects to be successful, the scope of work of software development projects, the possible risks, required resources (people, hardware, software), to achieve the task, experienced a milestone, spent workload (cost) and schedule to be aware of. The purpose of the software project management is to provide this information, analyze information, and to make adjustments based on the analysis of the project. Software project management began in the technical work, in the whole process of software development for the last stop at the end of the software process.
Second, the software project management system
With the software and hardware technology and communication technologies become more sophisticated, software technology can be combined with all the traditional industries, promote the upgrading of substantial increase in the value of the products, improve labor productivity, to promote the adjustment of industrial structure and product mix. Therefore, software development and applications is not just the task of software development organizations, more deeply involve the vital interests of the users of the software, especially as management information system MIS to (Managcment Information System), Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems CIMS (Computer ; Integration Manufacturing System), enterprise resource planning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and business intelligence BI (Business Intelligence) and other large, complex software is a comprehensive management science, computer science, communication technology, and mathematics and other aspects of knowledge, the coordination of the needs of all categories of personnel to complete. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the development and operation of the software from the perspective of project management. From the user's perspective, the life cycle of the software project should include pre-project feasibility studies, project planning, software development, operation, maintenance, and project evaluation. This shows that the software project management scope includes not only traditional software development process should also include the preparatory work before the development and the operation of the maintenance work and summing up the work of the project. At the same time, there are many activities in the software project life cycle. According to the correlation between the activities, the various activities of the software project can be divided into nine categories.
(1) Strategic Management. Strategy to develop a software project based on the user's business objectives, in order to provide guidance for other activities. Should fully consider the actual needs of the users and other stakeholders and market factors in the development of the project strategy. In addition to creating harmonious project environment and continuous improvement of strategic management tasks
(2) the scope of management. Its purpose is to control all the activities of the software project are within the range of needs in order to ensure the efficient use of resources of the project various. Successful project management can not be separated from the user, the software development team and project manager consistent understanding and coordination (3) cost management. Include not only the cost of the software project development costs, including the development stage as well as software running costs before the project. The cost of training of the operator and that are used by a variety of hardware facilities costs are also part of the cost of the entire project. These costs need to be well planned and controlled.
(4) Time Management. The time correlation between the activities identified in its content; estimated the duration of the activities, tracking the progress of the activities dynamically adjusted time coordination between the activities of the chopsticks.
(5) Human Resource Management. Software projects for software development and management personnel, and other types of project personnel should create a harmonious and good working atmosphere. So that they can feel the grasp of the success of the project and positive work attitude, to ensure the stability and continuity of the project team.
(6) Communication Management. Communication management is a collection, storage, configuration and release a variety of information in the project life cycle process in order to allow each project to receive timely information, a good solution when, to what ceremony reported the problem, in addition to the communication between the software development team and the user is also communication management is an important work.
(7) Risk management. Due to a software project there are a lot of uncertain factors., Will necessarily exist in a variety of risks and risk possible adverse results of risk analysis and monitoring throughout the entire software project life cycle.
(8) Quality Management. The quality of the software is still a vague concept and difficult to measure software quality in the development phase, so the quality of software project management focus should be placed on the system analysis, system design and coding phase, walkthroughs, reviews, debug and test It is an important means to ensure software quality Software Engineering Capability Maturity Model CMM (Capability Maturity Model) better solution to the problem of quality management in the software development process.
Integrated management. Integrated management task is to coordinate and control the various management activities discussed earlier, these activities complement each other. Its core mission is to evaluate the various programs, to coordinate all aspects of the conflict of interest to ensure that the overall project subject of the ultimate realization.
Third, the core of software project management is total customer satisfaction
At present, many software industry managers believe that software development mainly in engineering software development, standardization and software development management system. They build their management system in accordance with the CMM (Capability Maturity Model), IS09002 standard. There is a business competition factors at play. However, they ignore the commercial competition to win the most important factor - customer satisfaction. They do not take into account their ability to meet customers' changing needs. In the long run, the real success of software projects is a comprehensive customer satisfaction. The quality of customer satisfaction as the center is required. Ignore the quality or are only interested in the product / service meets the need was no longer sufficient to retain and access to customers. Therefore, software development project organization must first determine what products / services allows customer satisfaction, and then strive to meet the needs and expectations of customers. To achieve this goal, the organization must identify the various characteristics of the software product which is decisive role in customer satisfaction from the elements. For example, a server operating system software, you need to be stable for a long time of continuous work. Stability is a key element of the software product. The development and management of the system around the key elements to expand. While many organizations understand the customers of an organization can not survive and develop, or no customers no organization, but in the process of project implementation, there are still barriers to customer satisfaction:
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