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The reform of the personnel system in Higher Vocational Colleges

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[Abstract] the reform of personnel system is a complicated system engineering, which focuses on the system and reform of the distribution system of appointment.The reform of the personnel system is to strengthen the construction of teachers team training in higher vocational colleges, vocational and technical education to promote the basic guarantee for smooth integration into the overall economic and social development.
[keyword] personnel system reform; appointment system; distribution system; Higher Vocational Colleges

[Abstract] Reforming the personnel system is complicated system engineering, the person concentrates on being the appointment system and reform of the distribution system. Reforming the personnel system is that the ranks of teachers trains the technical education building, promoting good duty the fundamental guarantee melting smoothly to enter economic and social development general situation strengthen tall duty universities and colleges.
[Key words] Reform the personnel system; The appointment system; Assign system; The quality universities and colleges

Deepening the reform of the personnel system in higher vocational colleges, perfecting the talent competition mechanism, incentive mechanism and the corresponding security measures, to maximize the mobilization of the general staff's enthusiasm and creativity, is the fundamental talent strong school, is to enhance the vitality of the school, an important measure to improve the benefit of running a school of higher vocational colleges, but also can do a level, do a key characteristics of the.

1 a correct understanding of the current reform of the personnel system in Higher Vocational Colleges of the new features of

1.1 with new mechanism reform.
At present the relevant policies and conditions, it is difficult to achieve the true sense of the appointment system."The old methods, the new approach", implementing the personnel agency system on the part of the couple, by signing a contract with the employee talent exchange center.
The new orientation of the 1.2 reform of personnel and distribution system.
Closely around the subject construction and teachers team construction, establish a "talent resources are the first resources concepts and guiding ideology", attract, cultivate and bring up high level creative talents.
New ideas and new initiatives to introduce 1.3 talents.
The spirit of "not for all, but to use", a variety of ways, Zhuchaoyinfeng open talents.As taking a subject group or team for the introduction of object "Group Introduction"; no relationship to work part-time "flexible Introduction"; in the domestic and foreign both maintain the "dumbbell" and subject group transverse with domestic and foreign units for academic research cooperation "ball and chain".
The new trend of 1.4 allowance distribution system reform.
To establish post salary, 15, income, based on post salary and allowance for the main contents of the school assignment, staff salary increase, high level talented person treatment increased significantly.Distribution of subsidies tilted to the teaching research first, prominent discipline, echelon construction, the subject group and the echelon of disciplines to determine the developing direction of the subject, establishment of high level as the core content of the reform of personnel distribution system, the outstanding young and middle-aged academic people into the discipline echelon responsible person position.

There are 2 personnel system reform problems and Countermeasures in the

There are 2.1 problems in the reform of personnel system.
In recent years, college to promote employment system and distribution system as the focus of the reform of the personnel system, made many achievements, but also encountered some difficulties.How to improve the supporting conditions of the reform of the personnel system reform, overcoming the difficulties in the process, must be carefully consider and solve the problems in the personnel system reform of colleges and universities.
2.1.1 in the reform of personnel system, adhere to and implement the people-oriented educational philosophy.
Occupation colleges should be "based on the local, people-oriented, advocating quality, distinctive" for the idea of running a school, the reform of the personnel system, to implement the people-oriented, take the teacher as the reform of personnel system in Colleges and universities; the aim is to build a high level of teachers, in the final analysis, is to a reasonable allocation of internal resources, better to attract talented people, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of teachers.Therefore, the implementation of appointment the full post not to simply be lifelong system to a flow system, it is necessary to emphasize the efficiency, but not eager for quick success, the pursuit of short-term goals, but in accordance with the law of higher education to work.
2.1.2 employing mechanism matching problem.
Fundamentally speaking, the implementation of appointment is in order to establish the benign competition mechanism, to form a flexible situation staff actively, to enter and exit, the construction of high-quality teachers and management team, to promote the rapid development of higher education.But judging from the current actual situation, but is influenced by many factors, the good will is not fully implemented.
2.1.3 distribution mechanism matching problem.
In the process of the reform of distribution system, the first is to have sufficient funds to support.Funds is the material foundation of distribution mechanism, capital adequacy or not, directly related to the reform of the distribution system can be smoothly; secondly also need to create a favorable environment for a people-oriented, respect for talent.
2.2, deepen the reform of the personnel system in Higher Vocational Colleges advice.
2.2.1 to promote the reform, enhance the mechanism of human activity.
Many problems relating to the reform of the personnel system of vocational colleges, is a complex system engineering.Promoting the teacher appointment system is "Teachers Law", "Higher Education Act" of the law, is an urgent requirement to implement the party's sixteen big and national talent work conference spirit, accord with the personnel system reform of national institutions of direction, is the implementation of the "talent strong school" strategy, an important measure to strengthen the construction of high school teachers, is an important issue in the educational reform and development strategy of global.2.2.2 increase the distribution system reform, perfect incentive mechanism of allocation of Higher Vocational colleges.
The reform of the distribution system is an important link of our advance reform of the personnel system.The reform of this link, "touched the past equalitarianism distribution policy, touched the practical interests of individuals, will cause vibration.But without reform of the distribution system, it is very difficult to set up to meet the requirements of the new era of development personnel rules".Therefore, we need to post salary.All jobs into teaching positions, management positions, teaching assistant position (administrative, supplementary and other staff positions, professional and technical posts), workers post four categories.The teaching post and refinement for academic leaders, professional person in charge, or the person in charge of the core curriculum of training base, instructor, assistant teachers, teachers and other 7 kinds of; management position subdivision level for the hospital, hospital level, Department, assistant deputy director, division, vice section 6; teaching assistant position is subdivided into advanced technology (staff) a gang, advanced technology (staff) two gang, a gang of intermediate technology (staff), intermediate (staff) two posts, the primary technology (staff) a gang, the primary technology (staff) two posts 6.Workers in the post wage or salary system, determine the corresponding treatment according to the capability and technology level.The wage structure teaching posts, management and auxiliary teaching posts by the basic wages, seniority, title allowance, allowance and performance allowance of five parts.
2.2.3 improve the Allowance Distribution System Based on post allowance, from general to improve the treatment of teachers, to emphasize more incentive, broaden the spiritual realm, in line with the characteristics of the growth of talent to create a humanistic environment and free academic environment development.
That the theory of human resource management, salary distribution basis mainly includes the post value, technical ability and
The performance, in fact this is the internal structure of the distribution basis.The present stage of China state-owned unit total wages depend on financial allocation, this is an insurmountable constraint conditions of reform.Wage reform will meet the control of total wages and how to break through; how to evaluate the value of teachers; difficult to establish different salary etc..In addition, but also to break the original grade wage system in accordance with the distribution system of "equalitarianism" low small, mainly according to the structure of the salary system of post responsibility and workload payment, carry out an able man is always busy., more pay for more work, not on cap, not at the end of the salary payment, floating, reasonable difference principle and method, the staff of personal income and my work quantity and quality closely together, effectively mobilize staff enthusiasm for work.
2.2.4 proposed the establishment of standards in line with the situation of college enrollment and management measures, for colleges and universities to provide a reasonable allocation of human resources policy.
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