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Current situation and policy omit to study new product market diffusion of WISCO

Author: ChenTao ZhangJunFeng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-05-30 01:30:56 Read:

Abstract: summarized the Wuhan Iron and steel in recent 5 years, the new product market diffusion current situation, analyzes the characteristics and Strategies of new product introduction of WISCO period and the growth period, to propose the corresponding countermeasure to the problems existing in different period of new product diffusion.
Keywords: paper WISCO; new product diffusion; present situation; strategy analysis of

Since 1996, China's annual steel output exceeded 100000000 of T by 2004, China's steel output reached 270000000 T, the highest level, a fundamental change in the relationship between supply and demand of the steel market, the structural contradiction is increasingly outstanding, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.In order to obtain the survival and development of enterprises, must continue to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.Therefore, as China's iron and steel enterprises "national team" of the Wuhan Iron and steel to focus on production and operation of the transfer to the national economic construction need the products in short supply, continue to promote the development of new products and market diffusion, gradually develop and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the Wuhan Iron and steel to become a large-scale iron and steel enterprise competitive.From 1996 to 2004, Wuhan Iron and steel company new product diffusion involves 85 series, 301 new products, the formation of the Wuhan Iron and steel works of famous product matrix and cluster.In 2004, Wuhan Iron and steel invested 6450000000 yuan for technical reformation, optimize breed structure, the new test new contract volume reached 1360000 T, new product development record.Annual steel new product sales revenue growth rate as high as 52%, new product sales growth rate showed higher, market competitiveness of new products to keep the Wuhan Iron and steel has played a tremendous role in.
is a new product, the Wuhan Iron and steel market situation of
Data shows, the Wuhan Iron and steel new product market diffusion amount by 1996 76000 t to above 1200000 t in 2002, the new product output accounted for the proportion of sales increased from 1.7% to more than 20%, almost double the rate of increase in the year.
Data shows, new product and normal product sales revenue and profit of new products for: average price per ton of steel than conventional products average price higher than 600 - 900 yuan per ton, new product average profit than the average profit conventional products up to 200 yuan.Wuhan Iron and steel products production and sales of high growth in the "Nine Five" period, and make a significant contribution to the company's overall economic stability.In 5 years, the Wuhan Iron and steel bridge steel, pipeline steel railway vehicles and containers, steel, pressure vessel steel, household appliances, steel, automobile steel, high-speed wire rod and other varieties, has developed the new products of 72 series, 172 with strong market competitiveness of high-tech content, high value-added, which most of the products to fill gaps in the domestic, to meet the demand for steel products and the shortage of national economic construction.
Series of steel bridge.Development is about 140000 T, achieved sales revenues of 527000000 yuan, the creation of enterprise benefit is 140000000 yuan.This paper has become China's fourth generation of bridge steel, and incorporated into the Ministry of railway bridge manufacturing specification.
Pipeline steel.Resistance to sulfide stress corrosion of X60 and high performance X70 steel developed, has contributed to the localization of high performance pipeline steel in urgent need of the national key project.J55 steel casing is developed, the quality has reached the international advanced level.The above products have been successfully applied to a series of major national petroleum, natural gas transportation project.Especially in 2004, continuous to undertake the Sultan pipeline, China-Kazakhstan pipeline, Shaanxi-Beijing pipeline, the pipeline, Ji-Ning pipeline of more than 10 pipeline supply right, the contract amount of more than 70 t, the market share of 45%, ranking first in domestic.Pressure vessel steel."Nine Five" period, the cumulative production of high performance steel plate for pressure vessels of more than 6.5 T, creates the enterprise benefit more than 8000 yuan.Among them, steel WH610D2 succeeded in building 4 1O million M crude oil storage tank using the first large line energy welding, broke the same tank in China steel long relied entirely on into the passive situation of 13, and achieved good economic and social benefits, has become a recognized brand products.
Steel for railway vehicles and containers."Nine Five" during the production of railway vehicles of 4 varieties of steel, the cumulative production rate of 567000 t.For Chinese container manufacturing group company, Shanghai Pacific container Co., Ltd. and other 12 major users, for the enterprise benefit 143000000 yuan.
Electronic steel."Nine Five" period, the Wuhan Iron and steel was developed first in steel frame, inner magnetic shield steel, explosion-proof strip of high difficulty of color steel, gradually batch production, import substitution.Cold rolled silicon steel sheet iron and steel products, "Nine Five" period, through constant technological transformation, steel output and varieties have been developed.The steel is widely used in TV industry.By introducing the initial yield an annual output of 70000 T, expanded to the current 400000 t.Cultivar development from low grade to high grade, thin and high performance, developed 12 new varieties in the introduction of the basis, and to the foreign output.
Steel for automobile.Implementation of a series of steel plate for automobile.The hot rolled steel series of research has made a major breakthrough, was named the "Nine Five" national key scientific and technological program for outstanding achievements in science and technology.Among them, wL510 steel for automobile crossbeam, with forming performance and excellent low temperature toughness, its product quality has reached the international advanced level, has been successfully applied to the Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the First Automobile Group Corp and other over 10 automobile manufacturers, to meet the needs of various truck, light truck frame.Super deep drawing cold rolled steel plate WIF stable quality, excellent formability, physical properties of the steel plate to reach the advanced level of similar foreign products.
Strategy analysis of diffusion two, iron and steel products market
Generally speaking, the steel new product market diffusion mainly in new product introduction period and growth period, generally have the following characteristics.Introduction: the import market characteristics of successful new products, rapid growth, high success rate; competitive and influential certain.But in the introduction period sales rose not fast, restricted by various conditions, have a certain failure rate.While the growth period is: time is longer, lower growth rate; product permeability is not high, the product from growing to maturity in the process, sales can not be maintained at a high level.Therefore, the Wuhan Iron and steel to take different marketing strategies in the new product market diffusion.
1 new product market diffusion stage strategy of
From the introduction, new product market diffusion is the key to grasp the following 4 points: first, the formation of differentiated advantage; second, there is a systematic listing plan; third, do a good job market pilot; fourth, focus resources, the establishment of base areas.
(1) the difference strategy.The difference strategy includes product differentiation, differences of channels, promotional methods differentiation.Look for opportunities vacancies from competitors and the market, from product differentiation, differentiation, selling appeal channel differentiation, price differentiation strategy, sales promotion means difference to establish their own advantage.Diversity strategy is not only the main strategy of new product market diffusion, and is also an important way to form the core competence of the corporation.
(2) listed and research.Introduction of market behavior in new product is unified, planned, continuous.Preliminary investigations, import market strategy, timing, policy making, selling expenses control, advertising design, promotional activities deployment prior have plans, as much as possible, quantify, and things have monitoring, ex-post evaluation.
The new product market research work is mainly based on product strategy and tactics.The main contents of market research should include the investigation of the current market environment, the behavior of users, competitors, existing channel characteristics.One is the product development according to the demand of the market; the second is the listing of new products test period, continue to solicit customers at all levels of the quality of the products, prices, make the necessary adjustments; the third is investigated and analyzed the competition of regional market brand, using the SWOT analysis method, the advantages and disadvantages of products, market opportunities and the threat of an in-depth analysis, to find a suitable example market.After in-depth understanding of the market and familiar with their respective advantages and disadvantages, making the market into the instruction manual, do the work planned.A clear product positioning, market segmentation and consumer choice, the marketing and financial index to stage and quantification, and each sales person, timing, fixed, fixed, fixed costs.
New product launch area selection.According to the choice of enterprise's own characteristics, product characteristics and market, if the target has very strong impetus and demonstration, but often more intense competition, vulnerable to direct attack competing products; some market threshold low, but the front is longer, need a lot of manpower, material resources, the influence is not strong, the market radiation is not enough.Once selected the target market, to promote, quick start.
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